Celletti, A.

Periodic, Quasi-Periodic and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics: Theory and Applications

Celletti, A. - Periodic, Quasi-Periodic and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics: Theory and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On the variational approach to the periodic n-body problem
S. Terracini

2. On families of periodic solutions of the restricted three-body problem
Alexander D. Bruno, Victor P. Varin

3. Hip-hop solutions of the 2N-body problem
Esther Barrabés, Josep Maria Cors, Conxita Pinyol, Jaume Soler

4. Double choreographical solutions for n-body type problems
V. Barutello, S. Terracini

5. From the circular to the spatial elliptic restricted three-body problem
J. F. Palacián, P. Yanguas

6. Stability of axial orbits in galactic potentials
Cinzia Belmonte, Dino Boccaletti, Giuseppe Pucacco

7. KAM tori for N-body problems: a brief history
A. Celletti, L. Chierchia

8. Analysis of the chaotic behaviour of orbits diffusing along the Arnold web
Claude Froeschlé, Elena Lega, Massimiliano Guzzo

9. The scattering map in the planar restricted three body problem
E. Canalias, A. Delshams, J. J. Masdemont, P. Roldán

10. On final evolutions in the restricted planar parabolic three-body problem
Martha Alvarez, Josep Maria Cors, Joaquin Delgado

11. Quaternions and the perturbed Kepler problem
Jörg Waldvogel

12. The 3:2 spin-orbit resonant motion of Mercury
Anne Lemaitre, Sandrine D’Hoedt, Nicolas Rambaux

13. Symmetric and asymmetric librations in extrasolar planetary systems: a global view
John D. Hadjidemetriou

14. The influence of mutual perturbations on the eccentricity excitation by jet acceleration in extrasolar planetary systems
F. Namouni, J. L. Zhou

15. Symmetric and asymmetric 3:1 resonant periodic orbits with an application to the 55Cnc extra-solar system
George Voyatzis, John D. Hadjidemetriou

16. Estimations of orbital parameters of exoplanets from transit photometry by using dynamical constraints
Zsolt Sándor

17. Critical inclination in the main problem of a massive satellite
S. Breiter, A. Elipe

18. Long-term effects of the Galactic tide on cometary dynamics
Marc Fouchard, Christiane Froeschlé, Giovanni Valsecchi, Hans Rickman

19. Dependence on the observational time intervals and domain of convergence of orbital determination methods
Alessandra Celletti, Gabriella Pinzari

20. Collision risk against space debris in Earth orbits
A. Rossi, G. B. Valsecchi

21. On target for Venus — set oriented computation of energy efficient low thrust trajectories
Michael Dellnitz, Oliver Junge, Marcus Post, Bianca Thiere

22. Weak stability boundary trajectories for the deployment of lunar spacecraft constellations
Christian Circi, Paolo Teofilatto

23. Aero-gravity assist maneuvers: controlled dynamics modeling and optimization
R. Armellin, M. Lavagna, A. Ercoli-Finzi

24. Analytical theory of a lunar artificial satellite with third body perturbations
Bernard Saedeleer

25. Precise measurement of the solar gravitational red shift
Alessandro Cacciani, Runa Briguglio, Fabrizio Massa, Paolo Rapex


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