Yanko-Hombach, Valentina

The Black Sea Flood Question: Changes in Coastline, Climate, and Human Settlement

Yanko-Hombach, Valentina - The Black Sea Flood Question: Changes in Coastline, Climate, and Human Settlement, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Oxic, suboxic, and anoxic conditions in the Black Sea
Keith Stewart, Steven Kassakian, Marta Krynytzky, Doug DiJulio, James W. Murray

2. Molluscan paleoecology in the reconstruction of coastal changes
Daniela Basso, Cesare Corselli

3. Climate modeling results for the Circum-Pontic Region from the late Pleistocene to the mid-Holocene
Alexander V. Kislov, Pavel M. Toropov

4. Status of the Black Sea flood hypothesis
William B. F. Ryan

5. The Marmara Sea Gateway since ~16ky BP: non-catastrophic causes of paleoceanographic events in the Black Sea at 8.4 and 7.15ky BP
Richard N. Hiscott, Ali E. Aksu, Peta J. Mudie, Michael A. Kaminski, Teofilo Abrajano, Doğan Yaşar, André Rochon

6. The late glacial great flood in the Ponto-Caspian basin
Andrei L. Chepalyga

7. Controversy over Noah's Flood in the Black Sea: geological and foraminiferal evidence from the shelf
Valentina V. Yanko-Hombach

8. On the post-glacial changes in the level of the Black Sea
Pavel N. Kuprin, Valentin M. Sorokin

9. The post-glacial transgression of the Black Sea
Valery I. Shmuratko

10. Climate dynamics, sea-level change, and shoreline migration in the Ukrainian sector of the Circum-Pontic Region
Yuri Shuisky

11. The Middle Paleolithic and early Upper Paleolithic in the northern Black Sea region
Viktor P. Chabai

12. Environment, sea-level changes, and human migrations in the northern Pontic area during late Pleistocene and Holocene times
Pavel M. Dolukhanov, Konstantin K. Shilik

13. Holocene Mediterranization of the southern Crimean vegetation: paleoecological records, regional climate change, and possible non-climatic influences
Carlos E. Cordova

14. Pontic-Caspian Mesolithic and Early Neolithic societies at the time of the Black Sea flood: a small audience and small effects
David W. Anthony

15. Fluctuations in the level of the Black Sea and Mesolithic settlement of the northern Pontic area
Vladimir N. Stanko

16. The northwestern Black Sea: climatic and sea-level changes in the Late Quaternary
Nicolae Panin, Irina Popescu

17. Sea-level fluctuations and coastline migration in the northwestern Black Sea area over the last 18ky based on high-resolution lithological-genetic analysis of sediment architecture
Evgeny G. Konikov

18. Water-level fluctuations in the Black Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum
Gilles Lericolais, Irina Popescu, Francois Guichard, Speranta-Maria Popescu, Laurence Manolakakis

19. Archaeological and paleontological evidence of climate dynamics, sea-level change, and coastline migration in the Bulgarian sector of the Circum-Pontic Region
Mariana Filipova-Marinova

20. Dendrochronology of submerged Bulgarian sites
Peter Ian Kuniholm, Maryanne W. Newton, Bernd Kromer

21. The Neolithization of the north Pontic area and the Balkans in the context of the Black Sea floods
Valentin A. Dergachev, Pavel M. Dolukhanov

22. Holocene changes in the level of the Black Sea: Consequences at a human scale
Douglass W. Bailey

23. Morphotectonic development of the southern Black Sea region and the Bosphorus channel
Yücel Yilmaz

24. Sea-level changes modified the Quaternary coastlines in the Marmara region, northwestern Turkey: What about tectonic movements?
Hayrettin Koral

25. Sea-level changes during the late Pleistocene-Holocene on the southern shelves of the Black Sea
Oya Algan, Mustafa Ergin, Şeref Keskin, Erkan Gökaşan, Bedri Alpar, Demet Ongan, Elmas Kirci-Elmas

26. The frozen Bosphorus and its paleoclimatic implications based on a summary of the historical data
Vural Yavuz, Naki Akcar, Christian Schlüchter

27. Coastal changes of the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara in archaeological perspective
Mehmet Özdoğan

28. Submerged paleoshorelines in the southern and western Black Sea–Implications for inundated prehistoric archaeological sites
Dwight F. Coleman, Robert D. Ballard

29. New evidence for the emergence of a maritime Black Sea economy
Owen P. Doonan

30. Holocene sea-level changes of the Black Sea
Igor P. Balabanov

31. Sea-level changes and coastline migrations in the Russian sector of the Black Sea: Application to the Noah's Flood Hypothesis
Alexander Yu. Glebov, Sergey K. Shel'ting

32. Language dispersal from the Black Sea region
Johanna Nichols

33. Timing of the last Mediterranean Sea Black Sea connection from isostatic models and regional sea-level data
Kurt Lambeck, Dorit Sivan, Anthony Purcell

34. Climatic changes in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Last Glacial Maximum to the late Holocene
Arie S. Issar

35. Climate, sea level, and culture in the Eastern Mediterranean 20ky to the present
Avraham Ronen

Keywords: Geosciences, Geosciences, general, Climate Change, Geochemistry, Oceanography, Paleontology, Archaeology

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