Bergstrom, D. M.

Trends in Antarctic Terrestrial and Limnetic Ecosystems

Bergstrom, D. M. - Trends in Antarctic Terrestrial and Limnetic Ecosystems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Trends in Antarctic Terrestrial and Limnetic Ecosystems: Antarctica as a Global Indicator
A. H. L. Huiskes, P. Convey, D. M. Bergstrom

2. The Physical Setting of the Antarctic
D. M. Bergstrom, D. A. Hodgson, P. Convey

3. Colonisation Processes
K. A. Hughes, S. Ott, M. Bölter, P. Convey

4. Biogeography
S. L. Chown, P. Convey

5. Biogeographic Trends in Antarctic Lake Communities
J. A. E. Gibson, A. Wilmotte, A. Taton, B. Vijver, L. Beyens, H. J. G. Dartnall

6. Life History Traits
P. Convey, S. L. Chown, J. Wasley, D. M. Bergstrom

7. Physiological Traits of Organisms in a Changing Environment
F. Hennion, A. H. L. Huiskes, S. Robinson, P. Convey

8. Plant Biodiversity in an Extreme Environment
M. L. Skotnicki, P. M. Selkirk

9. The Molecular Ecology of Antarctic Terrestrial and Limnetic Invertebrates and Microbes
M. I. Stevens, I. D. Hogg

10. Biological Invasions
P. Convey, Y. Frenot, N. Gremmen, D. M. Bergstrom

11. Landscape Control of High Latitude Lakes in a Changing Climate
A. Quesada, W. F. Vincent, E. Kaup, J. E. Hobbie, I. Laurion, R. Pienitz, J. LÓPez-MartÍNez, J.-J. DuráN

12. Antarctic Climate Change and its Influences on Terrestrial Ecosystems
P. Convey

13. Antarctic Lake Systems and Climate Change
W. B. Lyons, J. Laybourn-Parry, K. A. Welch, J. C. Priscu

14. Subantarctic Terrestrial Conservation and Management
J. Whinam, G. Copson, J.-L. Chapuis

15. Antarctic Terrestrial and Limnetic Ecosystem Conservation and Management
B. B. Hull, D. M. Bergstrom

16. The Ant Arctic: Local Signals, Global Messages
D. M. Bergstrom, A. H. L. Huiskes, P. Convey


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Natural Sciences

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