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Advances in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

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Table of contents

1. An Elastic Display Method for Visulaizing and Navigating a Large Quantity of Alarma in a Control Room of a Nuclear Power Plant
Sang Moon Suh, Gui Sook Jang, Geun Ok Park, Hee Yun Park, In Soo Koo

2. An EAI Technology Framework
Jing Liu, Lifu Wang, Wen Zhao, Shikum Zhang, Ruobai Sun

3. A Fuzzy Algorithm for Scheduling Soft Periodic Tasks in Preemptive Real-Time Systems
Mojtaba Sabeghi, Mahmoud Naghibzadeh, Toktam Taghavi

4. Parallel Construction of Huffman Codes
S. Arash Ostadzadeh, M. Amir Moulavi, Zeinab Zeinalpour, B. Maryam Elahi

5. Semantic Description of Multimedia Content Adaptation Web services
Lemma Surafel, Dawit Beckele, Girma Berhe Lab.

6. Grid Computing Communication Strategies for Cross Cluster Job Execution
Jens Mache, Chris Allick, André Pinter, Damon Tymon Tyman

7. Glue Code Synthesis for Distributed Software Programming
Jian Liu, Farokh B. Bastani, I-Ling Yen

8. Interactive Elicitation of Relation Semantics for the Semantic Web
Cartik R. Kothari, David J. Russomanno, Phillip N. Tran

9. An Improved Configuaration Similarity Retrieval Model
Lau Bee Theng, Wang Yin Chai

10. Automatic Generation of Software Component Wizards based on the Wizard Pattern
Hironori Washizaki, Shinichi Honiden, Rieko Yamamoto, Takao Adachi, Yoshiaki Fukazawa

11. Content Based Image Retrieval Using
Quadrant Motif Scan
Tsong-Wuu Lin, Chung-Shen Hung

12. Parallel Implementation of MPEG-4 Encoding over a Cluster of workstations
R Karthik Sankar, Shivsubramani.K. Moorthy, K.P Soman

13. Different Strategies for Web Mining
Michael Kernahan, Luiz F. Capretz

14. Coalesced QoS: A Pragmatic approach to a unified model for KLOS
Ashish Chawla, Yerraballi Ramesh, Amit Vasudevan

15. Method of Key Vectors Extraction Using R-Cloud Classifiers
A.A. Bougaev, A.M. Urmanov, A.M. Gross, L.H. Tsoukalas

16. Semantic Web Knowledge Management
Malik F Salesh

17. Augmented Color Recognition by Applying Erasure Capability of Reed-Solomon Algorithm
Jaewon Ahn, Cholho Cheong, Tack-Don Han

18. Decoupling of Collaboration-Based Designs
Dr. Osama Izzat Salameh, Dima Jamal Daman

19. A Location Servive for Pervasive Grids
M. Ciampi, A Coronato, G Pietro, M Esposito

20. Extending an existing IDE to create non visual interfaces
Amina Bouraoui

21. Performance Comparison of Two Identification Methods for Analysis of Head Related Impulse Responses
John Faller II Kenneth, Armando Barreto, Navarun Gupta, Naphtali Rishe

22. Reversers-A programming language construct for reversing out of code
Raphael Finkel

23. Hand-written Character Recognition Using Layered Abduction
Richard Fox, William Hartmann

24. Dynamic Pricing Algorithm for E-Commerce
Samuel B. Hwang, Sungho Kim

25. Runtime support for Self-Evolving Software
Tarek Sobh, Khaled Elleithy

26. A Mobile Location Algorithm Using Clustering Technique for NLos Environments
Cha-Hwa Lin, Juin-Yi Cheng

27. A Simplified and Systematic Technique to Develop and Implement PLC Program for a Control Process

28. Development of Mathematical Model of Blast Furnace Smelting
Andrey N. Dmitriew

29. Research and researcher implications in sustainable development projects: Muti-agent Systems (MAS) and Social Sciences applied to Senegalese examples
Alassane Bah, Jean-Max Estay, Christine Fourage, Ibra Toure

30. The Importance of modeling metadata for Hyperbook
Abdoulmajid Hakki

31. Cluster-Based Mining of Microarray Data in PHP/MYSQL Environment
E. Udoh, S. Bhuiyan

32. Grid and Agent based Open DSS
Zhiwu wang, Qianquian Wei, Xueguang Chen

33. The Design and Implementation of Elactronic Made-to-Measure System
SHI Xiu-jin, Li SUN, CHEN Jia-xun

34. Ants in text documents clustering
Lukasz Machnik

35. Optimal Control in a Monetary Union: An Application of Dynamic Game Theory to a Macroeconomic Policy Problem
Reinhard Neck, Doris A. Behrens

36. Schema Matching in the Context of Model Driven Engineering: From Theory to Practice
Denivaldo Lopes, Slimane Hammoudi, Zair Abdelouahab

37. FOXI-Hierarchical Structure Visualizaion
Robert Chudy, Jaroslav Kadlec

38. A Hands-Free Non-Invasive Human Computer Interaction System
F. Frangeskides, A. Lanitis

39. A Model for Anomalies of Software Engineering
Gertrude N. Levine

40. A Qualitative Analysis of the Critical's Path of Communication Models for Next Performant Implementations of High-speed Interfaces
Ouissem Ben Fredj, Éric Renault

41. Detailed Theoretical Considerations for a Suite of Metrics for Integration of Software Components
V. Lakshmi Narasimhan, B. Hendradjaya

42. Study on a Decision Model of IT Outsourcing
XIE Xiang, GUAN Zhong-liang

43. An Efficient Database System for Utilizing Gis Queries
Fawaz A. Masoud, Moh’d Belal Al- Zoubi

44. Effective Adaptive Plans
Kees P. Pieters

45. A Morphosyntactical Complementary Structure for Searching and Browsing
M. D. López Luise

46. Remote Monitoring and Control System of Physical Variables of a Greenhouse through a 1-Wire Network†
N. Montoya, L. Giraldo, D. Aristizá bal, A. Montoya

47. Multimedia Content's Metadata Management for Pervasive Environment
Fitsum Meshesha, Dawit Bekele, Jean-Marc Pierson

48. Data Loss Rate versus Mean Time To Failure in Memory Hierarchies
Novac Ovidiu, Gordan Mirceaast, Mihaelea Novac

49. Towards Living Cooperative Information Systems for Virtual Organizations Using Living Systems Theory
Shiping Yang, Martin Wirsing

50. Research and Application of A Integrated System
Xianggang YIN, Weidong YU*

51. Proposed Life–Cycle Modelm For Web-BAsed Hypermedia Applications Development MEthodologies.
Shaziz Arshad, M. Shoaib, A. Shah

52. Reverse Engineering Analyze for Microcontrollers’ Assembly language Projects
M. Popa, M. Macrea, L. Mihu

53. Composition Linear Control In Stirred Tank Chemical Reactors
A. Regalado Méndez, J. Álvarez Ramírez

54. Intelligent analysis to the Contamination in the city of Santiago from Chile
Delgado C. Miguel, Sanchez F. Daniel, Zapata C. Santigo, Escobar R. Luis, Goday M Jimmy

55. Designing Human-Centered User—Interfaces for Technical Systems
Salaheddin Odeh

56. Service Selection Should be Trust–and Reputation–Based
Vojislav B. Mišić

57. A short discussion about the comparison between two software quality approaches mafteah/MethodAi method and the software Capability Maturityii Integration
G.R. Kornblum

58. Using Association Rules and Markov Model for Predit Next Access on Web Usage Mining
Siriporn Chimphlee, Naomie Salim, Mohd Salihin Bin Ngadiman, Witcha Chimphlee

59. New Protocol Layer for Guaranteeing Trustworthy Smart Card Transaction
Zheng Jianwu, Liu Mingsheng, Liu Hui

60. Metadata Guided Statistical Information Processing
Wilfried Grossmann, Markus Moschner

61. Combinaorial Multi-attribute Auction (CMOA) Framework for e-auction
Tarek Sobh, Khaled Elleithy

62. Measuring of Spectral Franctal Dimension
J. Berke

63. Design and Implementation of an Adaptive LMS- based Parallel System for Noise Cancellation
Kevin S. Biswas, Jason G. Tong

64. Requirements Analysis: A Review
Joseph T. Catanio

65. Nuclear Matter Critical Temperature and Charge Balance
A. Barranón-Cedillo, J.A. Ló Gallarado, F.L. Castillo-Alvarado

66. Activation-Adjusted Scheduling Algorithms for Real-Times Systems
Alex A. Aravind, Jeyaprakash Chelladurai

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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