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Advances in Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering

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Table of contents

1. A Method for Enabling Proactive Fault Monitoring in High-End Computer Servers
A.V. Usynin, A.M. Urmanov

2. Selection of Mill Cutter and Cutting Parameters through an Expert System
L. Rubio, M. De la Sen

3. Stability and Performance of Interconnected DC/DC Converter Systems

4. Texture Segmentation Using Kernel-based Techniques
Yu-Long Qiao, Zhe-Ming Lu, Sheng-He Sun

5. A Blur Reducing Adaptive Filter for the Removal of Mixed Noise in Images
S.Saraswathi janaki, D. Ebenezer

6. Signal Modeling Using Singular Value Decomposition
Sobia Baig, Fazal-ur-Rehman

7. An Approach to Distributed Remote Control Based on Middleware Technology, MATLAB/Simulink - LabMap/LabNet Framework
Cecil Bruce-Boye, Rüdiger zum Beck, Dmitry A. Kazakov

8. An Analog Computer to Solve any First Order Differential Equation
T. ElAli, A. Sopeju, A. Fapohunda, O. Olorode

9. Product Traceability Integration Within Process for More Precise Diagnosis
P. Vellemans, B. Riera, P. Billaudel

10. Voltage Control Measures by Using STATCON through PSS/E in WAPDA Power System
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Choudhry, Kashif Naeem Bangash, Tahir Mahmood, Aamir Hanif

11. Decentralized Kalman Filter in Wireless Sensor Networks – Case Studies
Vesa Hasu, Heikki Koivo

12. Numerical Modeling Of GMAW ARC
J. Hu, H.L. Tsai, P.C. Wang

13. A Self-repairable MEMS Comb Accelerometer
Xingguo Xiong, Yu-Liang Wu, Wen-Ben Jone

14. Preservation of Stability and Passivity in Irrational Transfer Functions
Guillermo Fernàndez-Anaya, Josè Àlvarez-Ramìrez, Josè-Job Flores-Godoy

15. Resource Management in Cellular Networks
Adeel Akram, Shahbaz Pervez, M. Nadeem Majeed, M. Zafrullah

16. Real-time Vehicle Detection Using Information of Shadows Underneath Vehicles
Yoichiro Iwasaki, Hisato Itoyama

17. Invariant Control of Wastewater Aeration
A. A. Sniders, A. D. Laizans

18. Denoising of Infrared Images by Wavelet Thresholding
Dietmar Wippig, Bernd Klauer, Hans Christoph Zeidler

19. Intelligent Technologies for the Conformity Assessment in the Chain of Agricultural Production
G.A. Moskvin, E.G. Spakovica

20. IEC 61499 in Factory Automation
K. Thramboulidis

21. Experimental Investigation on Transverse Vibration Characteristic of Laminate Square Plates by ESPI
Soóa Rusnàkovà, Juraj Slabeycius, Pavel Koštial, Vladimìr Rusnàk

22. FEM Modeling of Electromechanical Impedance for the Analysis of Smart Damping Treatments
C. P. Providakis, M. E. Voutetaki, M. E. Stauroulaki, D.- P. N. Kontoni

23. Spectral Characteristics of Quantum Associative Memories
G.G. Rigatos, S.G. Tzafestas

24. Virtual Navigation System for the Disabled by Motor Imagery
Dongjun Suh, Hyun Sang Cho, Jayoung Goo, Kyung S. Park, Minsoo Hahn

25. Density Function Based Medical Image Clustering Analysis and Research
SONG Yuqing, XIE Conghua, ZHU Yuquan, LI Cunhua, CHEN Jianmei

26. Hierarchical Secret Sharing in Ad Hoc Networks through Birkhoff Interpolation
E. Ballico1, G. Boato, C. Fontanari, F. Granelli

27. An Analysis Format for Client-Server Performance using GEO & LEO Satellite Networks (Inmarsat vs. Globalstar)
Terry C. House

28. Queueing Behavior of Hashing Methods Used to Build URL Routing Tables
Zornitza Genova Prodanoff

29. FASMAC: A Low Latency and Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor
Ali Abu-El Humos, Bassem Alhalabi

30. Multilayer Traffic Engineering Based on Transmission Quality and Grooming in the Next Generation Optical Internet
W. Colitti, L. Tran, A. Nowè, K. Steenhaut

31. A Remote Online Monitoring and Diagnosis System Incorporated with Wireless Sensor Network
Liu Youyuan, Deng Anqing

32. Online Privacy Principles
Kostas Zotos, Andreas Litke, George Stephanides

33. Efficient Support of Wireless Video Multicast Services in 3G and Beyond
Kostas E. Psannis, Marios Hadjinicolaou, Yutaka Ishibashi

34. Designing a Pervasive Architecture for Car Pooling Services
Kostas E. Psannis, Marios Hadjinicolaou, Yutaka Ishibashi

35. Design, Analysis and Implementation of a Cyber Vote System
Khaled Elleithy, Ihab Rimawi

36. DNPSec: Distributed Network Protocol Version 3 (DNP3) Security Framework
Munir Majdalawieh, Francesco Parisi-Presicce, Duminda Wijesekera

37. Approximate Algorithms in Mobile Telephone Network Projects

38. Sensor Network Applications: A Module for Monitoring and Remote Control of Physical Variables Using Mobile Devices
A. F. Muñetòn, J. M. Saldarriaga, A. de J. Montoya, D. L. Aristizàbal

39. A New Method for Steganography in HTML Files
Mohammad Shirali Shahreza

40. Dynamic Admission Control for Quality of Service in IP Networks
J. Kasigwa, V. Baryamureeba, D. Williams

41. Design of a Priority Active Queue Management
Hattab Guesmi, Belgacem Bouallegue, Ridha Djemal, Habib Youssef, Rached Tourki

42. Enhancing QoS Support in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Nityananda Sarma, Sukumar Nandi

43. The Design, Modeling and Simulation of Switching Fabrics for an ATM Network Switch
Dmitriy Molokov, Muhammad Shaaban, James Heliotis, Andreas Savakis

44. Reliability of Telecommunications Laws and Regulation
Jack Freund

45. Improving Authentication in Voice Over IP Infrastructures
Francesco Palmieri

46. Adoption of Hot Spot Game Playing
Anita Garling

47. Research and Implementation of Telecommunication System Based on Inmarsat
Shen Yi-ting, Cao Yan, Jiang Bu-yuan

48. A Scheduler Based Architecture for QoS Provisioning in IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol
Kiran Anna, Mostafa Bassiouni

49. An Integrated Environment for Network Design and Simulation
Muhammad Azizur Rahman, Algirdas Pakštas, Frank Zhigang Wang

50. Bringing DRM Interoperability to Digital Content Rendering Applications
Carlos Serrão, Miguel Dias, Jaime Delgado

51. Design of an Educational Software for Servomechanism Experiments Using C-Based Graphical Programming
Mirza Tariq Hamayun

52. The MIS Course and the Curriculum of IMIS Specialty in China
Jindong Li

53. Can a Game put Engineering Students in an Active Learning Mode? A First Experiment in Sustainable Agriculture Teaching
M. Michelin

54. Brain Wave Interactive Learning Where Multimedia and Neuroscience Converge
Paras Kaul

55. The Modern Science Lab: Integrating Technology into the Classroom is the Solution
Meetu Walia, Edwin Yu, Magued Iskander, Vikram Kapila, Noel Kriftcher

56. A Novel Computer Aided Learning Technique in Engineering Education
Habibullah Jamal, M. Zafrullah, M.M.I. Hammouda

57. Language Test for Accreditation: the experience of C.L.A.M. (Language University Centre, Messina).
Francesco Stagno d’Alcontres

58. Use of a Web-based Teaching Collaborative Platform at Third Level: A Qualified Success?
A. Mullally, A. Jennings, C. O’Connor, D. Dolan, A. Parkinson, J.A Redmond

59. Multilingual Technology for Teaching Mathematics
Olga Caprotti, Wanjiku Nganga, Mika Seppälä

60. Engineering Education and Errors
Rein Mägi

61. Technology Enabled Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning (IPBL)
Osama K. Alshara, Fawaz A. Masoud

62. Approach to an Adaptive and Intelligent Learning Environment
Dalia Baziukaitë

63. Radio-Chat: Interaction Scenarios for Distance Education in Latin America
Jorge Ramìrez;, Vladimir Burgos

64. Assessing Senior Engineering Students with Regard to Radio Communication Principles
James Swart, Ruaan Schoeman, Henk De Jager

65. Technology Student Attitudes Regarding Privacy Scenarios
Jack Freund

66. The ITESM Redesigned Model. Outcomes at Campus Estado de Mexico: Engineering and Architecture Division
Aurora Gonzàlez, Blanca Garza, Ruben D. Santiago

67. A Framework for Exploring the Relationships Among Pedagogy, Ethics & Technology

68. Modern Sensing and Computerized Data Acquisition Technology in High School Physics Labs
Sookram Sobhan, Nerik Yakubov, Vikram Kapila, Magued Iskander, Noel Kriftcher

69. Design & Development of a Remote Temperature Monitor System of Web Using Virtual Instruments
Fan yang, Guoping Li, Huipeng Li

70. Visual Modeling Using ICT in Science and Mathematics Education
Eugeny I. Smirnov, Vitali Bogun

71. Software for Self-learning on the Subjects of Cylindrical Involute Gear Meshing
P. Nenov, V. Anguelova, S. Ivanov

72. The Influence of Cultural Preferences on User Interface Design – Polish Case Study
Adam Wojciechowski, Danuta Zakrzewska

73. Deploy a Successful E-learning Strategy
Joseph Bih

74. Tools for Student Engagement that Facilitate Development of Communication Skills
E. Joseph Derrick

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computer Communication Networks, Educational Technology, Industrial and Production Engineering, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics

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