Durka, Gloria

International Handbook of the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions in Education

Durka, Gloria - International Handbook of the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions in Education, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Section One: Philosophical/Theoretical Discourses on the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Education
Gloria Durka

2. Ancient Philosophy and Religious Education: Education as Initiation into a Way of Life
John L. Elias

3. Christian Education and the Reconstruction of Christian Faith
John M. Hull

4. Religious Education and the Nation-State
Gabriel Moran

5. Religions in the Post Modernist Era
Joanmarie Smith

6. The Relevance of a Wisdom Tradition
Gary Finlay

7. The Moral Demands of Contemporary Life and Christian Moral Education
Harold D. Horell

8. The Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber and Religious Education
Anta Filipsone

9. Dialogue to Truth in Bell Hooks and Jane Roland Martin
Namulundah Florence

10. Ecofeminism—A Healing Perspective for Reshaping Religious Education
Dzintra Ilisko

11. What is Rising? The Teaching of Maria Harris
Aileen Carlin Giannelli

12. It Takes More than Angels: the Legacy of Sophia Lyon Fahs to Religious Education
Lucinda A. Nolan

13. The Educational Significances of Spirituality in the Formation of Faith
Joyce Bellous

14. From St Ignatius to Obi-wan Kenobi: An Evalauative Perspective on Spirituality for School Education
Graham Rossiter

15. Spirituality as a Bridge to Religion and Faith
David Tacey

16. Defining spirituality in education: A Post-Soviet perspective
Inga Belousa

17. Sankofa: An Inherently Religious Dimension of African Education
Roseanne McDougall

18. Religious Education and Peace Education: A Partnership Imperative for Our Day
Linda L. Baratte

19. Educating the Multicultural Adult Latino Community: An Augmentative Pedagogy for Religious Educators
Jorge Diez

20. An Overview of Orthodox Christian Religious Education
Anton C. Vrame

21. Introduction to Section Two: Religious Education and Debates about Plurality and Culture
Robert Jackson

22. Plurality and Pluralism in Religious Education
Geir Skeie

23. Plural Selves and Living Traditions: A Hermeneutical View on Identity and Diversity, Tradition and Historicity
Wilna A.J. Meijer

24. Critical Realism as a Tool for the Interpretation of Cultural Diversity in Liberal Religious Education
Andrew Wright

25. The Future of Religious Education in the Context of Postmodernity
Philip Hughes

26. Religious Education and Citizenship in Postmodern Societies
Fernand Ouellet

27. Human Rights and Religious Education: Some Postcolonial Perspectives
Liam Gearon

28. Ethnography, Religion and Intercultural Education
Eleanor Nesbitt

29. Understanding Religious Diversity in a Plural World: The Interpretive Approach
Robert Jackson

30. Dynamics of Religious Culture: Ethogenic Method
Mary Elizabeth Moore

31. Religion Education in South Africa
David Chidester

32. Religious Education Culture in Modern Turkey
Recep Kaymakcan

33. Defining and Promoting the Study of Religion in British and American Schools
Bruce Grelle

34. Teaching About Religion at School in France
Mireille Estivalèzes

35. The Contribution of Hinduism and Hindu-Inspired Spirituality to Australian Religious and Values Education
Terence Lovat

36. Islamic Nurture and Identity Management: the Lifeworld of Muslim Children and Young People in Norway
Sissel Ostberg

37. Handing on Religious Values to Young Orthodox People in a Western, Secularised Society
Richard Rymarz

38. The Treaty of Waitangi: Implications for Christian Theological Education in Aotearoa New Zealand
T. John Wright

39. Introduction to Section Three: Conversations About Religious Education
Kathleen Engebretson

40. Philosophical Approaches to the Teaching of Religion in Schools
William K. Kay

41. Religious Education in Europe: Comparative Approach, Institutions, Theories, Research
Karl Ernst Nipkow

42. Religion, Violence and Religious Education
John M. Hull

43. Catholic Church documents on religious education
G.P. Joe Fleming

44. Functional democracy and the development of doctrine: a participative approach to religious education
Graham English

45. The Essence of Education is Religious
Anne Hunt

46. Phenomenology and religious education theory
Kathleen Engebretson

47. Learning About and Learning from Religion. The Pedagogical Theory of Michael Grimmitt
Kathleen Engebretson

48. The Spiritual and Moral Dimension to the School Curriculum: A Perspective on Across-the-Curriculum Studies
Graham Rossiter

49. Religious Education and Spiritual Development: Pedagogical Insufficiency and Possibility
Clive Erricker

50. To Know Before Whom You Stand: A Philosophy for a Spiritual and Moral Liberal Jewish Education for the 21st Century
Sherry H. Blumberg

51. Changing Learning Paradigms in the Religious Education Classroom
Patricia Malone

52. Textbooks in Religious Education
Michael T. Buchanan

53. A Shared Praxis Approach to Religious Education
Thomas H. Groome

54. Leadership in Religious Education: A Critique from the Australian Perspective
Leonie Crotty

55. An Educator’s Faith
Mark Chater

56. Dimensions of Adult Religious Education
Anthony J. Kelly

57. Chaplaincy in University: A Need Not an Option
Jennie Clifford

58. Introduction to Section Four: Educational Policy and the Religious, Spiritual and Moral Dimensions of Education
Andrew McGrady

59. The Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Education: National, Regional And International Constitutional and Legal Frameworks
Peter Schreiner

60. Journeying towards the ‘Other’: a challenge for religious, spiritual and moral education
Eoin G. Cassidy

61. The Aesthetic Revelation of the World as Education’s Main Concern
Wilna A.J. Meijer

62. The Spiritual and Related Dimensions of Education: A Philosophical Exploration
Kevin Williams

63. Expanding the Theological Imagination in the Service of Inter Faith Dialogue: Impulses from Vatican II
Dermot A. Lane

64. Religious Education: An Analysis of the Perspectives of World Religions
Joseph McCann

65. Faith Schools: A Culture Within a Culture In a Changing world
John Sullivan

66. Religious Education in the Public Space: Challenges and Contestations
Anne Looney

67. Educating for Religious Citizenship: Religious Education as Identity Formation
Siebren Miedema

68. Religious Education, Citizenship and Human Rights: Perspectives from the United Nations and the Council of Europe
Andrew G. McGrady

69. The Role of The School in Promoting Inter-religious and Inter-Cultural Dialogue
Sandra Cullen

70. Agreed Syllabuses: Their History and Development in England and Wales, 1944–2004
Jack Priestley

71. Evaluating the Impact of a State Religious Education Syllabus for the Religious Education Teacher and the School Chaplain
Paul King, James Norman

72. Religion and Educational Policy in France
Kevin Williams

73. Religious Education in Contemporary Japan
Dorothea Filus

74. The School in Partnership: Co-operation with Parents and The Local community in Providing for Religious, Moral and Spiritual Growth
Mary Petersen

75. Religious Education, Gender and Equality
Caroline Renehan

76. Introduction to Section Five: The Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimension in Education: Pedagogical Implications
Marian Souza

77. Adapting to the Requirments of the Individual in the R.E. Classroom
Adrian Gellel

78. Spirituality and Identity Within/Without Religion
Daniel G. Scott

79. Rediscovering the Spiritual Dimension in Education: Promoting a Sense of Self and Place, Meaning and Purpose in Learning
Marian Souza

80. A Qur’anic Approach to the Concept of ‘Living Together’: Ta’aruf
Mualla Selçuk

81. Transforming Self and Subject: Toward an Integrative Spiritual Pedagogy
Tobin Hart

82. Should Teachers Adopt Differential Strategies for Young Boys and Girls in Relation to Spiritual Development?
Tony Eaude

83. Nurturing the Spirit in Primary Religious Education Classrooms
Brendan Hyde

84. Mary in Religious Education: Theological Foundations and Educational Frameworks
Sandra Carroll

85. Education in Prayer —Recommendations from Research
Vivienne Mountain

86. The Role of Literature in Children’s Spiritual Development
Ann M. Trousdale

87. Approaching the Teaching of Religious Education Through the Creative Arts
Peta Goldburg

88. The Images of God of Middle Secondary School Adolescents: Implications for Religious Education
Veronica Rose Duffy

89. Towards Establishing a Wisdom Dimension in Education Through Poetry: an Exploration of Some of Thomas Merton’s Ideas
Ross Keating

90. Building Bridges and Right Relations: A Study In Fostering Spiritual, Moral and Social Growth Through Groupwork Skills with Young Children
Cathy Ota, Lucia Berdondini

91. Innovative Facilitation Strategies for Religion Education1
Cornelia Roux

92. Engaging Children in Spiritual Discovery in a Multi-Faith Approach
Jane Erricker

93. Creative and Spiritual Education in the Human Development Process
Maria da Conceição Azevedo, Helena Gil da Costa

94. Soulful Learning: A Vital Component of Curriculum Development
Mary Nuttall

95. Teaching Scripture in Religious Education
Sally A. Liddy

96. The Theatre of Learning: Developing Spirituality Through Experiential and Active Techniques Which also Promote Academic Achievement in Religious Education
Sue Phillips


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