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Forest Diversity and Management

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
David L. Hawksworth

2. Dynamics in natural mixed-beech forest of the Upper Vosges
D. Closset-Kopp, A. Schnitzler, D. Aran

3. The effects of climate change on the long-term conservation of Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana, an important species of the Cloud Forest in Eastern Mexico
Oswaldo Téllez-Valdés, Patricia Dávila-Aranda, Rafael Lira-Saade

4. Genetic diversity of Dalbergia monticola (Fabaceae) an endangered tree species in the fragmented oriental forest of Madagascar
Olivarimbola Andrianoelina, Hery Rakotondraoelina, Lolona Ramamonjisoa, Jean Maley, Pascal Danthu, Jean-Marc Bouvet

5. Forest management and plant species diversity in chestnut stands of three Mediterranean areas
Hélène Gondard, François Romane, Ignacio Santa Regina, Salvatore Leonardi

6. Spatial diversity of dry savanna woodlands
Friedrich Patrick Graz

7. Assessment of threat status and management effectiveness in Kakamega Forest, Kenya
Bärbel Bleher, Dana Uster, Thomas Bergsdorf

8. Influence of forest types and effects of forestry activities on species richness and composition of Chrysomelidae in the central mountainous region of Japan
Masashi Ohsawa, Takuo Nagaike

9. The banana forests of Kilimanjaro: biodiversity and conservation of the Chagga homegardens
Andreas Hemp

10. Biodiversity hotspots and conservation priorities in the Campo-Ma’an rain forests, Cameroon
M. G. P. Tchouto, M. Yemefack, W. F. Boer, J. J. F. E. Wilde, L. J. G. Maesen, A. M. Cleef

11. Tree diversity in western Kenya: using profiles to characterise richness and evenness
R. Kindt, P. Damme, A. J. Simons

12. Vascular plant species inventory of a Philippine lowland rain forest and its conservation value
Gerhard Langenberger, Konrad Martin, Joachim Sauerborn

13. Status and conservation of Trigonobalanus doichangensis (Fagaceae)
Weibang Sun, Yuan Zhou, Chunyuan Han, Chunxia Zeng, Xiaodong Shi, Qibai Xiang, Allen Coombes

14. Ghyll woodlands of the Weald: characterisation and conservation
Niall G. Burnside, Dan J. Metcalfe, Roger F. Smith, Steve Waite

15. Effects of fragmentation of evergreen broad-leaved forests on genetic diversity of Ardisia crenata var. bicolor (Myrsinaceae)
Ai-Lian Zhao, Xiao-Yong Chen, Xin Zhang, Dong Zhang

16. Diversity patterns in the flora of the Campo-Ma’an rain forest, Cameroon: do tree species tell it all?
M. G. P. Tchouto, W. F. Boer, J. J. F. E. Wilde, L. J. G. Maesen

17. Impacts of selective logging and agricultural clearing on forest structure, floristic composition and diversity, and timber tree regeneration in the Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo
Jean-Remy Makana, Sean C. Thomas

18. Forest management considerations for conservation of Black Woodpecker Dryocopus martius and White-backed Woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos populations in Quinto Real (Spanish Western Pyrenees)
Alfonso Garmendia, Susana Cárcamo, Oscar Schwendtner

19. A reconsideration of the reproductive biology of the Atlantic forest in the Volta Velha Reserve
Steven M. Vamosi

20. Patterns of rodent species diversity and abundance in a Kenyan relict tropical rainforest
Alessio Mortelliti, Luigi Boitani

21. The role of landscape patterns of habitat types on plant species diversity of a tropical forest in Mexico
J. Luis Hernandez-Stefanoni

22. Distribution, habitat and Red List status of the New Caledonian endemic tree Canacomyrica monticola (Myricaceae)
Jane Herbert

23. Composition of woody species in a dynamic forest-woodland-savannah mosaic in Uganda: implications for conservation and management
Grace Nangendo, Hans Steege, Frans Bongers

24. Do Orthoptera need human land use in Central Europe? The role of habitat patch size and linear corridors in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland
Jörn Theuerkauf, Sophie Rouys

25. Species Composition, diversity and local uses of tropical dry deciduous and gallery forests in Nicaragua
Benigno González-Rivas, Mulualem Tigabu, Karin Gerhardt, Guillermo Castro-Marín, Per Christer Odén

26. Identifying conservation priority zones for effective management of tropical forests in Eastern Ghats of India
B. Balaguru, S. John Britto, N. Nagamurugan, D. Natarajan, S. Soosairaj

27. Comparison of bird communities in primary vs. young secondary tropical montane cloud forest in Guatemala
Swen C Renner, Matthias Waltert, Michael Mühlenberg

28. Effects of habitat structure and adjacent habitats on birds in tropical rainforest fragments and shaded plantations in the Western Ghats, India
T. R. Shankar Raman


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