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International Handbook of Urban Education

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Table of contents

1. Africa

1. Urban Education in Africa: Section Editors' Introduction
Kevin Brennan, Julius Nyang’oro

2. Urbanization and Schooling in Africa: Trends, Issues, and Challenges from Ghana during the Colonial Era
Kwabena Dei Ofori-Attah

3. Language Education in Cameroon: From the Colonial Era to the 21st Century
Funwi F. Ayuninjam

4. The Politics of National Culture and Urban Education Reforms in Post-Independent Zimbabwe
Douglas Mpondi

5. Reforming the City School in South Africa: Mapping the History from Apartheid Durban to Post-Apartheid eThekwini
Jenni Karlsson

6. Urban Primary Schooling in Malawi: Opportunities and Challenges
Samson MacJessie-Mbewe, Dorothy Cynthia Cynthia Nampota

7. Ethnicity, Politics, and State Resource Allocation: Explaining Educational Inequalities in Kenya
Alwiya Alwy, Susanne Schech

8. Dimensions of Diversity: Educating Urban Township Learners, a Case of Umlazi Township School in Durban, South Africa
Thabisile Buthelezi

9. The Middle School Climate in Senegal: The Case of the Diourbel Middle School1
Abdou Karim Ndoye

10. Urban Education Differentials and Marginalization: The Case of Educating the Youth in Nairobi's Informal Settlements
Kinuthia Macharia

2. Asia Pacific

11. Urban Education in Asia Pacific: Section Editors'Introduction
Allan Luke, Masturah Ismail

12. Urban-Rural Disparities in Educational Equality: China's Pressing Challenge in a Context of Economic Growth and Political Change
Rui Yang

13. Equity and Social Justice in Australian Education Systems: Retrospect and Prospect
Jill Blackmore

14. The Urban and the Peripheral: New Challenges for Education in the Pacific
Priscilla Qolisaya Puamau, G. Robert Teasdale

15. Ducked or Bulldozed? Education of Deprived Urban Children in India
Anita Rampal

16. Withering the State? Globalization Challenges and Changing Higher Education Governance in East Asia
Ka Ho Mok

17. Madrasah and Muslim Education: Its Interface with Urbanization
Sa'eda Buang

18. Women in East Asian Education and Society: Whose Gains in Whose Perspectives?
Grace C. L. Mak

19. Framing Lives: Longitudinal Research on Life Planning and Pathways in Singapore
David Hogan, Trivina Kang, Melvin Chan

20. New Urban Terrains: Literacies, World Kids, and Teachers
Karen Dooley, Cushla Kapitzke, Carmen Luke

3. Western Europe

21. Urban Education in Europe: Section Editors'Introduction
Elisabet Öhrn, Gaby Weiner

22. Globalisation and Glocalisation in Northern Spain: Urban Education, Ethnicity and Multicultural Issues
Benjamín Zufiaurre, Alicia Peñalva

23. School Differentiation and Segregation in the Parisian Periphery: An Analysis of Urban Schools' Logics of Action and their Effects
Agnes Zanten

24. Urban Citizenship
Tuula Gordon

25. Territorial Stigmatisation, Hip Hop and Informal Schooling
Ove Sernhede

26. Between the Road and the Town: An Ethnographic Study of the Education of Traveling Attractionists
Francesca Gobbo

27. The Limits of Compensatory Education in Spain: A Comparative Analysis of Some Autonomous Governments
Xavier Rambla, Xavier Bonal

28. Dutch Urban Schools and Teachers' Professionalism
Yvonne Leeman

29. Urban Regions and their Potential for Teacher Education: The Hamburg Example
Eva Arnold, Johannes Bastian, Wilfried Kossen

4. Latin America

30. Urban Education in Latin America: Section Editor's Introduction
Belmira Oliveira Bueno

31. History of Brazilian Urban Education: Space and Time in Primary Schools
Luciano Mendes Filho, Diana Gonçalves Vidal

32. Learning Cycles: Transition Policies for a New Logic of Compulsory Schooling in Brazil
Elba Siqueira Barretto, Sandra Zákia Souza

33. School Failure and Public Schools: Theoretical and Pedagogical Challenges in Brazil
Denise Trento Rebello Souza, Marilene Proença Rebello Souza

34. Chilean Educational Reform: The Intricate Balance Between a Macro and Micro Policy
Dagmar Raczynski, Gonzalo Muñoz-Stuardo

35. Public Policies and Educational Equity in the City of Bogota
Gloria Calvo

36. Primary Education: Changing Mainstay of Uruguay
Juan A. Bogliaccini

37. Educational Policies and Realities: Teachers' Initial Education in Mexico
Etelvina Sandoval

38. Learning to Work in an Industrial Mexican City in Transition (1990–2000)
María Ibarrola

39. The Fragmented Composition of the Argentinean Educational System
Guillermina Tiramonti

5. North America

40. Urban Education in North America: Section Editor's Introduction
Michele Foster

41. Imagining the Urban: The Politics of Race, Class, and Schooling
Zeus Leonardo, Margaret Hunter

42. Persuasive, Pervasive, and Limiting: How Causal Explanations Shape Urban Educational Research and Practice
Joseph Flessa, Diane Ketelle

43. The New Immigrants: Shaping the Urban Educational Landscape
Lisa Konczal

44. Urban Schooling in Suburban Contexts: Exploring the Immigrant Factor in Urban Education
Carl E. James, Roger Saul

45. Urban School Reform: To What End?
James H. Lytle

46. Success Stories in Urban Education: A Critical Look at the Ethic of Care in Programs, Projects, and Strategies that Work from the Classroom to Community
Tryphenia B. Peele-Eady, Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Valerie Ooka Pang

47. Rebuilding Schools, Restoring Communities: A Vision of Urban Educational Evaluation
Rodney K. Hopson, Jennifer C. Greene, Katrina L. Bledsoe, Trinidad M. Villegas, Tanya A. Brown

6. United Kingdom

48. Urban Education in the United Kingdom: Section Editors' Introduction
Carol Campbell, Geoff Whitty

49. History of Urban Education in the United Kingdom
Gary McCulloch

50. Urban Education Theory Revisited: From the Urban Question to End of Millennium
Gerald Grace

51. Combating Racism in Schooling: A Critical Perspective on Contemporary Policy and Practice
David Gillborn

52. Reforming Urban Education Systems
Martin Johnson

53. Urban Learning and the Need for Varied Urban Curricula and Pedagogies
Richard Riddell

54. Leading Schools in High Poverty Neighborhoods: The National College for School Leadership and Beyond
Pat Thomson

55. Urban School Improvement
Barbara MacGilchrist

56. Urban Schools: Performance, Competition and Collaboration
Philip A. Wood

57. The Governance of Urban Education in the UK: A Public, Private or Partnership Future?
Carol Campbell, Geoff Whitty

58. Multi-Agency Working in Urban Education and Social Justice
Lyn Tett

59. Future Directions for Urban Education in the UK
Leisha Fullick, Tim Brighouse

60. Coda: An Urban Education Dystopia
George W. Noblit, William T. Pink

61. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050
Allan Luke

62. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050: A Response from Africa
Kevin Brennan

63. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050: A Response from the Asia Pacific
Masturah Ismail

64. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050: A Response from Europe
Elisabet Öhrn, Gaby Weiner

65. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050: A Response from Latin America
Belmira Oliveira Bueno

66. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050: A Response from North America
Michele Foster

67. Urban Education Dystopia, 2050: A Response from the United Kingdom
Carol Campbell, Geoff Whitty


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