Harrison, Terry

Neanderthals Revisited: New Approaches and Perspectives

Harrison, Terry - Neanderthals Revisited: New Approaches and Perspectives, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Neanderthals revisited
K. Harvati, T. Harrison

2. The distinctiveness and systematic context of Homo neanderthalensis
I. Tattersall, J. H. Schwartz

3. Saccopastore 1: the earliest Neanderthal? A new look at an old cranium
E. Bruner, G. Manzi

4. Inquiries into Neanderthal craniofacial development and evolution: “accretion” versus “organismic” models
A. Rosas, M. Bastir, C. Martínez-maza, A. García-Tabernero, C. Lalueza-Fox

5. Neanderthals and modern humans — chimps and bonobos: similarities and differences in development and evolution
M. S. Ponce León, C. P. E. Zollikofer

6. Cranial growth models: heterochrony, heterotopy, and the kinematics of ontogeny
C. P. E. Zollikofer, M. S. Ponce LeÓn

7. Bioenergetic perspectives on Neanderthal thermoregulatory and activity budgets
S. E. Churchill

8. How different were Neanderthals' habitual activities? A comparative analysis with diverse groups of recent humans
O. M. Pearson, R. M. Cordero, A. M. Busby

9. Neanderthal hands in their proper perspective
W. A. Niewoehner

10. Did Neanderthals make the Châtelperronian assemblage from La Grotte du Renne (Arcy-sur-Cure, France)?
S. E. Bailey, J. J. Hublin

11. The fate of European Neanderthals: results and perspectives from ancient DNA analyses
D. Serre, S. Pääbo

12. Selection Selection on mitochondrial DNA and the Neanderthal problem
J. Hawks

13. Reliability of cranial morphology in reconstructing Neanderthal phylogeny
K. Harvati, T. D. Weaver

14. Non-metric variation in recent humans as a model for understanding Neanderthal-early modern human differences: just how “unique” are Neanderthal unique traits?
J. C. M. Ahern

15. Earliest Upper Paleolithic crania from Mladec, Czech Republic, and the question of Neanderthal-modern continuity: metrical evidence from the fronto-facial region
G. Bräuer, H. Broeg, C. B. Stringer

16. Neanderthals and modern humans: an example of a mammalian syngameon?
T. W. Holliday

17. Speciation by distance and temporal overlap: a new approach to understanding Neanderthal evolution
J. L. Voisin

18. The Neanderthal-H. sapiens interface in Eurasia
C. B. Stringer


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