Gross, Rudolf

Nanoscale Devices - Fundamentals and Applications

Gross, Rudolf - Nanoscale Devices - Fundamentals and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Surface Acoustic Wave Studies for Chemical and Biological Sensors
A. Müller, A. Darga, A. Wixforth

2. The Experience of Utilizing the Explosives Detection System on the Basis of Neutron Radiation Analysis Together with X-Ray Units at the Airport “Pulkovo” in St.-Petersburg
Y. Olshansky, A. Vishnevkin, A. Sorokin, A. Vikdorovich, A. Golovin, E. Stepanov

3. Thermodynamic Principles of Artificial Nose Based on Supramolecular Receptors
V. V. Gorbatchuk, M. A. Ziganshin

4. Molecular Detection with Magnetic Labels and Magnetoresistive Sensors
J. Schotter, M. Panhorst, M. Brzeska, P. B. Kamp, A. Becker, A. Pühler, G. Reiss, H. Brueckl

5. Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Based on Half-Metallic Oxides
Rudolf Gross

6. MEMS Tunable Dielectric Resonator
G. Panaitov, R. Ott, N. Klein

7. Ultra-Thin Spin-Valve Structures Grown on the Surface-Reconstructed GaAs Substrate
B. Aktas, F. Y?ld?z, O. Yalç?n, A. Zerentürk, M. Özdemir, L.R. Tagirov, B. Heinrich, G. Woltersdorf, R. Urban

8. Negative U Molecular Quantum Dot
A. S. Alexandrov

9. Configuring a Bistable Atomic Switch by Repeated Electrochemical Cycling
F.-Q. Xiexs, Ch. Obermair, Th. Schimmel

10. Realization of an N-Shaped IVC of Nanoscale Metallic Junctions Using the Antiferromagnetic Transition
Yu. G. Naidyuk, K. Gloos, I. K. Yanson

11. Josephson Effect in Composite Junctions with Ferromagnetic Materials
M. Yu. Kupriyanov, A.A. Golubov, M. Siegel

12. Depairing Currents in Bilayers of Nb/Pd89Ni11
A.Yu. Rusanov, J. Aarts, M. Aprili

13. Superconductor-Ferromagnet Heterostructures
A. I. Buzdin, M. Fauré, M. Houzet

14. Superconducting/Ferromagnetic Nanostructures: Spin Fluctuations and Spontaneous Supercurrents
M. Aprili, M. L. Della Rocca, T. Kontos

15. Proximity Effect and Interface Transparency in Nb-based S/N and S/F Layered Structures
C. Attanasio

16. Properties of S/N Multilayers with Different Geometrical Symmetry
S. L. Prischepa

17. Andreev Reflection in Ballistic Superconductor-Ferromagnet Contacts
L. R. Tagirov, B. P. Vodopyanov

18. Superconductor-Insulator Transition in a PbZSn1-ZTe:In Solid Solution
D. V. Shamshur, D. V. Shakura, R. V. Parfeniev, S. A. Nemov

19. Thermoelectricity of Low-Dimensional Nanostructured Materials
V. G. Kantser

20. Organic Semiconductors – More Efficient Material for Thermoelectric Infrared Detectors
A. Casian, Z. Dashevsky, V. Dusciac, R. Dusciac

21. Submillimeter Radiation–Induced Persistent Photoconductivity in Pb1-xSnxTe(In)
A. E. Kozhanov, D. E. Dolzhenko, I. I. Ivanchik, D. M. Watson, D. R. Khokhlov

22. Quasioptical Terahertz Spectrometer Based on a Josephson Oscillator and a Cold Electron Nanobolometer
M. Tarasov, L. Kuzmin, E. Stepantsov, A. Kidiyarova-Shevchenko

23. Origin of the Resistive Transition Broadening for Superconducting Magnesium Diboride
A. S. Sidorenko

24. Aharonov-Bohm Oscillations in Single Bi Nanowires
D. Gitsu, T. Huber, L. Konopko, A. Nikolaeva

25. Some Applications of Nanocarbon Materials for Novel Devices
Z. A. Mansurov

26. Nanocrystalline Iron-Rare Earth Alloys: Exchange Interactions and Magnetic properties
E. Burzo, C. Djega–Mariadassou

27. The Influence of Applied Fields on the Nucleation and Growth of Heteroepitaxial Carbon Films
B. Z. Mansurov


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