Conner, William H.

Ecology of Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands of the Southeastern United States

Conner, William H. - Ecology of Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands of the Southeastern United States, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Tidal Freshwater Swamps of the Southeastern United States: Effects of Land Use, Hurricanes, Sea-level Rise, and Climate Change
Thomas W. Doyle, Calvin P. O’Neil, Marcus P.V. Melder, Andrew S. From, Monica M. Palta

2. Hydrology of Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands of the Southeastern United States
Richard H. Day, Thomas M. Williams, Christopher M. Swarzenski

3. Soils and Biogeochemistry of Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands
Christopher J. Anderson, B. Graeme Lockaby

4. Plant Community Composition of a Tidally Influenced, Remnant Atlantic White Cedar Stand in Mississippi
Bobby D. Keeland, John W. McCoy

5. Sediment, Nutrient, and Vegetation Trends Along the Tidal, Forested Pocomoke River, Maryland
Daniel E. Kroes, Cliff R. Hupp, Gregory B. Noe

6. Vegetation and Seed Bank Studies of Salt-Pulsed Swamps of the Nanticoke River, Chesapeake Bay
Andrew H. Baldwin

7. Tidal Freshwater Swamps of a Lower Chesapeake Bay Subestuary
Richard D. Rheinhardt

8. Biological, Chemical, and Physical Characteristics of Tidal Freshwater Swamp Forests of the Lower Cape Fear River/Estuary, North Carolina
Courtney T. Hackney, G. Brooks Avery, Lynn A. Leonard, Martin Posey, Troy Alphin

9. Ecology of Tidal Freshwater Forests in Coastal Deltaic Louisiana and Northeastern South Carolina
William H. Conner, Ken W. Krauss, Thomas W. Doyle

10. Ecology of the Coastal Edge of Hydric Hammocks on the Gulf Coast of Florida
Kimberlyn Williams, Michelina MacDonald, Kelly McPherson, Thomas H. Mirti

11. Ecological Characteristics of Tidal Freshwater Forests Along the Lower Suwannee River, Florida
Helen M. Light, Melanie R. Darst, Robert A. Mattson

12. Community Composition of Select Areas of Tidal Freshwater Forest Along the Savannah River
Jamie Duberstein, Wiley Kitchens

13. Ecology of the Maurepas Swamp: Effects of Salinity, Nutrients, and Insect Defoliation
Rebecca S. Effler, Gary P. Shaffer, Susanne S. Hoeppner, Richard A. Goyer

14. Selection for Salt Tolerance in Tidal Freshwater Swamp Species: Advances Using Baldcypress as a Model for Restoration
Ken W. Krauss, Jim L. Chambers, David Creech

15. Assessing the Impact of Tidal Flooding and Salinity on Long-term Growth of Baldcypress Under Changing Climate and Riverflow
Thomas W. Doyle, William H. Conner, Marceau Ratard, L. Wayne Inabinette

16. Conservation and Use of Coastal Wetland Forests in Louisiana
Stephen P. Faulkner, Jim L. Chambers, William H. Conner, Richard F. Keim, John W. Day, Emile S. Gardiner, Melinda S. Hughes, Sammy L. King, Kenneth W. McLeod, Craig A. Miller, J. Andrew Nyman, Gary P. Shaffer

17. Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetlands: Future Research Needs and an Overview of Restoration
William H. Conner, Courtney T. Hackney, Ken W. Krauss, John W. Day

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Ecosystems, Landscape Ecology, Terrestial Ecology, Forestry

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