Demaison, Jean

Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere for Environmental Security

Demaison, Jean - Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere for Environmental Security, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Spectroscopic Measurements of Tropospheric Composition from Satellite Measurements in the Ultraviolet and Visible: Steps Toward Continuous Pollution Monitoring from Space
Kelly Chance

2. ESA Spectroscopy Studies in Support of Spaceborne Atmospheric Composition Sounding
Jörg Langen

3. The MIPAS Experiment Aboard ENVISAT: Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Composition
Herbert Fischer

4. Performances of the Operational Retrieval Code for MIPAS on Envisat and Possible Improvements of Retrieval Techniques for Environment and Climate
Bruno Carli, Claudio Belotti, Samuele Bianco

5. New Measurements of Trace Species in the Upper Troposphere from Infra-Red Spectra of the Atmosphere
J. J. Remedios, D. P. Moore, P. Meacham, G. Allen, A. M. Waterfall, H. Sembhi

6. Remote Sensing of the Non-LTE Atmosphere
M. López-Puertas, B. Funke

7. Quantitative Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Measurements
J. -M. Flaud, A. Perrin, B. Picquet-Varrault, A. Gratien, J. Orphal, J. -F. Doussin

8. Quantitative Laboratory Spectroscopy of Atmospheric Trace Gases
Jean Vander Auwera

9. Global Modeling of High-Resolution Spectra of Linear Molecules CO2, N2O and C2H2
V. I. Perevalov, S. A. Tashkun, O. M. Lyulin, J.- L. Teffo

10. CDSD-296, The High-Precision Carbon Dioxide Spectroscopic Databank: Version for Atmospheric Applications
S. A. Tashkun, V. I. Perevalov, J. -L. Teffo

11. Theoretical Quantitative Spectroscopy: Computer Simulation of Molecular Spectra
Sergei N. Yurchenko, Jingjing Zheng, Walter Thiel, Miguel Carvajal, Hai Lin, Per Jensen

12. Recent Results on Infrared Molecular Line Broadening and Shift Parameters
Mary Ann H. Smith

13. Half-Widths and Line Shifts of Water Vapor for Atmospheric Applications: Measurement and Theory
Robert R. Gamache, Bobby K. Antony

14. Quantitative Rotational Spectroscopy for Atmospheric Research
Georges Wlodarczak, Jean-Marcel Colmont, Francois Rohart

15. Pressure-Broadening of the 22.2 GHz Line of Water: Basic Results for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
Gabriele Cazzoli, Cristina Puzzarini, Giovanni Buffa, Ottavio Tarrini

16. Rotational Spectroscopy at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Brian J. Drouin

17. Correlation Between Precipitable Water and Rainfall Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Technique
Abdelali Fadil, Driss Ben Sari

18. Extreme Variability of Aerosol Optical Properties: The Cairo Aerosol Characterization Experiment Case Study
Stephane C. Alfaro, Magdy Abdel Wahab

19. Urban Air Pollution and Its Photochemistry Studied by Laser Spectroscopic Methods
Zdenek Zelinger, Pavel Kubát, Michal Strižík, Klára Bezpalcová, Zbynek Janour, Pavel Danihelka, Sylva Drábková, Milada Kozubková, Pavel Berger, Alexandr Cerný, Pavel Engst

20. The Atmospheric Chemistry Ether Group: Expertise and Database
Philippe Ricaud, Robert Delmas, Francoise Girod, Thierry Phulpin, Cathy Boonne

21. An Integrated Approach to Study the Chemistry-Climate Interactions in the Atmosphere
Paul C. Simon, Martine Mazière, Michel Roozendael, Jean-Christopher Lambert


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