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Modern Meteor Science An Interdisciplinary View

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Table of contents

1. Possible Meteoroid Streams Associated with (69230) Hermes and 2002 SY50
T. J. Jopek, G. B. Valsecchi, Cl. Froeschlé

2. Are Asteroid 2003 EH1 and Comet C/1490 Y1 Dynamically Related?
Iwan P. Williams, G. O. Ryabova, A. P. Baturin, A. M. Chernitsov

3. The Problem of Linking Minor Meteor Showers to Their Parent Bodies: Initial Considerations
Paul Wiegert, Peter Brown

4. Evolution of the Geminids Observed Over 60 Years
Jürgen Rendtel

5. Advantages of Searching for Asteroids from Low Earth Orbit: The NEOSSat Mission
A. R. Hildebr, R. D. Cardinal, K. A. Carroll, D. R. Faber, E. F. Tedesco, J. M. Matthews, R. Kuschnig, G. A. H. Walker, B. Gladman, J. Pazder, P. G. Brown, S. M. Larson, S. P. Worden, B. J. Wallace, P. W. Chodas, K. Muinonen, A. Cheng

6. Dynamical Relation of Meteorids to Comets and Asteroids
S. Starczewski, T. J. Jopek

7. Meteor Streams and Comets
Jun-Ichi Watanabe

8. Meteoric Activities of the Last Millennium
Sang-Hyeon Ahn

9. A Fine Structure of the Perseid Meteoroid Stream
Ján Svoren, Luboš Neslušan, Zuzana Kanuchová, Vladimír Porubcan

10. Meteoroid Streams Asociated to Comets 9P/Tempel 1 and 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
J. Vaubaillon, P. Lamy, L. Jorda

11. The Core of the Quadrantid Meteoroid Stream is two Hundred Years Old
Paul Wiegert, Peter Brown

12. The Meteor Flux: It Depends How You Look
Lars P. Dyrud, Kelly Denney, Julio Urbina, Diego Janches, Erhan Kudeki, Steve Franke

13. Latitudinal Variations of Diurnal Meteor Rates
Csilla Szasz, Johan Kero, Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, John D. Mathews, Nick J. Mitchell, Werner Singer

14. Modeling the Sporadic Meteoroid Background Cloud
V. Dikarev, E. Grün, V. Dikarev, E. Grün, J. Baggaley, D. Galligan, M. Landgraf, R. Jehn

15. Meteoroid Engineering Model (MEM): A Meteoroid Model for the Inner Solar System
H. Mcnamara, R. Suggs, B. Kauffman, J. Jones, W. Cooke, S. Smith

16. Msfc Stream Model Preliminary Results: Modeling Recent Leonid and Perseid Encounters
Danielle E. Moser, William J. Cooke

17. Microshower Structure of the Meteor Complex
V. Sidorov, S. Kalabanov, S. Sidorova, I. Filin

18. Associations of Meteor Microshowers or as the Kazan Radar “sees” Radiants on Northern Celestial Hemisphere
V. Sidorov, S. Kalabanov, S. Sidorova, I. Filin, T. Filimonova

19. Fragmentation of Leonids in Space and a Model of Spatial Distribution of Meteoroids within the Leonid Stream
J. Tóth, J. Klacka

20. Mass Flux of Asteroidal Origin Meteoroids on Periodic Comet Nuclei
R. L. Hawkes, R. A. Eaton

21. Interstellar Dust in the Solar System
W. J. Baggaley

22. Development of an Advanced Dust Telescope
R. Srama, A. Srowig, M. Rachev, E. Grün, S. Kempf, G. Moragas-Klostermeyer, A. Srowig, T. Conlon, D. Harris, E. Grün, S. Auer, A. Glasmachers, S. Helfert, H. Linnemann, V. Tschernjawski

23. A Search for Interstellar Meteoroids Using the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR)
R. J. Weryk, P. Brown

24. Complex of Meteoroid Orbits with Eccentricities Near 1 and Higher
Svitlana V. Kolomiyets, Boris L. Kashcheyev

25. Optical Predictions for High Geocentric Velocity Meteors
L. A. Rogers, K. A. Hill, R. L. Hawkes

26. Elemental Abundances in Leonid and Perseid Meteoroids
Jirí Borovicka

27. Radiants of the Leonids 1999 and 2001 Obtained by LLTV Systems Using Automatic Software Tools
Detlef Koschny, Jorge Diaz Rio, Rodrigue Piberne, Marek Szumlas, Joe Zender, André Knöfel

28. Video and Photographic Spectroscopy of 1998 and 2001 Leonid Persistent Trains from 300 to 930 nm
Shinsuke Abe, Noboru Ebizuka, Hideyuki Murayama, Katsuhito Ohtsuka, Satoru Sugimoto, Masa-Yuki Yamamoto, Hajime Yano, Jun-Ichi Watanabe, Jirí Borovicka

29. Altitudinal Distribution of 20 Persistent Meteor Trains: Estimates Derived from Metro Campaign Archives
Masa-Yuki Yamamoto, Masayuki Toda, Yoshihiro Higa, Kouji Maeda, Jun-Ichi Watanabe

30. Searching for Light Curve Evidence of Meteoroid Structure and Fragmentation
A. J. Faloon, J. D. Thaler, R. L. Hawkes

31. Arietid Meteor Orbits Measurements
M. D. Campbell-Brown

32. Meteoroid Ablation Models
Olga Popova

33. Interplanetary Dust and Carbonaceous Meteorites: Constraints on Porosity, Mineralogy and Chemistry of Meteors from Rubble-Pile Planetesimals
Frans J. M. Rietmeijer

34. Preparing for Hyperseed Mac: An Observing Campaign to Monitor the Entry of the Genesis Sample Return Capsule
Peter Jenniskens, Paul Wercinski, Joe Olejniczak, George Paiche, Dean Kontinos, Gary Allen, Prasun N. Desai, Doug Revelle, Jason Hatton, Richard L. Baker, Ray W. Russell, Mike Taylor, Frans Rietmeijer

35. Physical Properties of Meteorites and Interplanetary Dust Particles: Clues to the Properties of the Meteors and their Parent Bodies
George J. Flynn

36. Spectroscopy of a Geminid Fireball: Its Similarity to Cometary Meteoroids and the Nature of its Parent Body
J. M. Trigo-Rodríguez, J. Llorca, J. Borovicka, J. Fabregat

37. Classical Meteor Light Curve Morphology
Martin Beech, Megan Hargrove

38. A Model of Single and Fragmenting Meteoroid Interaction with Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Atmosphere
D. Yu. Khanukaeva, G. A. Tirskiy

39. Sputtering and High Altitude Meteors
K. A. Hill, L. A. Rogers, R. L. Hawkes

40. Application of an Equilibrium Vaporization Model to the Ablation of Chondritic and Achondritic Meteoroids
Laura Schaefer, Bruce Fegley

41. Predicting Martian and Venusian Meteor Shower Activity
Apostolos A. Christou

42. Calculation of Variable Drag and Heat-Transfer Coefficients in Meteoric Physics Equations
D. Yu. Khanukaeva

43. Recent Advances in Bolide Entry Modeling: A Bolide Potpourri
D. O. Revelle

44. Fragmentation Model Analysis of En270200 Fireball
Pavel SpurnÝ, Zdenek Ceplecha

45. A New Analysis of Fireball Data from the Meteorite Observation and Recovery Project (MORP)
M. D. Campbell-Brown, A. Hildebrand

46. Bolide Energy Estimates from Infrasonic Measurements
Wayne N. Edwards, Peter G. Brown, Douglas O. Revelle

47. The Modeling of Bolide Terminal Explosions
G. A. Tirskiy, D. Yu. Khanukaeva

48. Optical Observations of Meteors
M. D. Campbell-Brown

49. Meteor44 Video Meteor Photometry
Wesley R. Swift, Robert M. Suggs, William J. Cooke

50. Results from the AIM-IT Meteor Tracking System
Peter S. Gural, Peter M. Jenniskens, George Varros

51. The Development of the Spanish Fireball Network Using a New All-Sky CCD System
J. M. Trigo-RodrÍguez, A. J. Castro-Tirado, J. Llorca, J. Fabregat, V. J. MartÍnez, V. Reglero, M. JelÍnek, P. KubÁnek, T. Mateo, A. Ugarte Postigo

52. Multi-Instrument Observations of Bright Meteors in the Czech Republic
Pavel SpurnÝ, JiRÍ BoroviCka, Pavel Koten

53. Optical Trail Width Measurements of Faint Meteors
N. Kaiser, P. Brown, R. L. Hawkes

54. High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Optical Search for Evidence of Meteoroid Fragmentation
R. L. Hawkes, P. G. Brown, N. R. Kaiser, A. J. Faloon, K. A. Hill, L. A. Rogers

55. TV Observation of the Daytime Meteor Shower; the Arietids
Y. Fujiwara, M. Ueda, M. Sugimoto, T. Sagayama, S. Abe

56. Techniques for Measuring Radar Meteor Speeds
W. J. Baggaley, J. Grant

57. The Velocity Distribution of Meteoroids at the Earth as Measured by the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR)
P. Brown, J. Jones, R. J. Weryk, M. D. Campbell-Brown

58. The Hyperthermal Ionization and High Absolute Meteor Velocities Observed with HPLA Radars
Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, Edmond Murad, Gudmund Wannberg, Assar Westman

59. Power Fluctuations in Meteor Head Echoes Observed with the Eiscat VHF Radar
Johan Kero, Csilla Szasz, Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, Gudmund Wannberg, Assar Westman

60. Meteoroid Bulk Density Determination Using Radar Head Echo Observations
K. Drew, P. G. Brown, S. Close, D. Durand

61. Radar Measurements of Meteoroid Decelerations
W. J. Baggaley, J. Grant

62. Radar Measurements of Macro Fragmentation in Meteoroids
W. J. Baggaley, J. Grant

63. Radar Campaign to Determine the Dependence of Initial Radii of Meteor Plasma Trains on Trajectory and Orbit
W. J. Baggaley, G. E. Plank, L. Tomlinson, J. Grant

64. Experimental Radar Studies of Anisotropic Diffusion of High Altitude Meteor Trails
W. K. Hocking

65. Radar Observations of Taurid Complex Meteor Showers in 2003: Activity and Mass Distribution
P. Pecina, D. Pecinová, V. Porubcan, J. Toth

66. Radar Meteors Range Distribution and Some Parameters of Meteoroids: Application to ? Perseids and ß Taurids Showers
D. Pecinová, P. Pecina

67. Associations Between Asteroids and Meteoroid Streams
V. Porubcan, L. Kornoš, I. P. Williams

68. Single and Multi-Station Radar Observations of the Geminid/Sextantid Meteor Stream System
A. R. Webster, J. Jones

69. On the Future Prospects of Meteor Detections (Invited Review)
Peter Jenniskens


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