Gdoutos, E. E.

Fracture of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures

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Table of contents

A.. Invited Papers

1. Deformation and Fracture at the Micron and Nano Scales
E. C. Aifantis

2. Statistical Mechanics of Safety Factors and Size Effect in Quasibrittle Fracture
Z. P. Bazant, S. -D. Pang

3. “Nanoreliability” — Fracture Mechanics on the Way from Micro to Nano
B. Michel

4. Fracture Mechanics and Complexity Sciences
A. Carpinteri, S. Puzzi

5. Failure of Composite Materials
I. M. Daniel

6. Interactions of Constrained Flow and Size Scale on Mechanical Behavior
W. W. Gerberich, W. M. Mook, M. J. Cordill, D. Hallman

7. Space Shuttle Columbia Post-Accident Analysis and Investigation
S. McDanels

8. The Role of Adhesion and Fracture on the Performance of Nanostructured Films
Neville Moody, Megan J. Cordill, Marian S. Kennedy, David P. Adams, David F. Bahr, William W. Gerberich

9. Assessment of Weldment Specimens Containing Residual Stress
K. M. Nikbin

10. MEMS: Recent Advances and Current Challenges
R. J. Pryputniewicz

11. Fracture, Aging and Disease in Bone and Teeth
R. O. Ritchie, R. K. Nalla

12. Laboratory Earthquakes
A. J. Rosakis, K. Xia, H. Kanamori

13. A Historical Retrospective of the Beginnings of Brittle Fracture Mechanics - The Period 1907–1947
H. P. Rossmanith

14. Dynamic Crack Propagation in Particle Reinforced Nanocomposites and Graded Materials
A. Shukla

15. Spatial and Temporal Scaling Affected by System Inhomogeneity: Atomic, Microscopic and Macroscopic
G. C. Sih

B.. Tracks

16. Channeling Effect in Fracture of Materials with Nanostructured Surface Layers
V. E. Panin, A. V. Panin

17. Atomistics and Configurational Forces in Gradient Elasticity
P. Steinmann, E. C. Aifantis

18. Tensile Behavior and Fracture of Carbon Nanotubes Containing Stone-Wales Defects
K. I. Tserpes, P. Papanikos

19. Atomic-Scale Investigation on Fracture Toughness in Nanocomposite Silicon Carbide
M. Ippolito, A. Mattoni, L. Colombo, F. Cleri

20. Multiscale Modeling and Computer Simulation of Stress-Deformation Relationships in Nanoparticle-Reinforced Composite Materials
L. V. Bochkaryova, M. V. Kireitseu, G. R. Tomlinson, V. Kompis, H. Altenbach

21. The Mechanical Parameters of Nanoobjects (Theory and Experiment)
E. Ivanova, N. Morozov, B. Semenov

22. Advanced Manufacturing Design Concepts and Modelling Tools of the Next Generation Nanoparticle-Reinforced Damping Materials
M. V. Kireitseu, G. R. Tomlinson, R. A. Williams, V. Kompis

23. Fracture of Nanostructured Ionomer Membranes
Yue Zou, X. Huang, K. L. Reifsnider

24. Deformation and Limit States of Carbon Nanotubes Under Complex Loading
A. V. Chentsov, R. V. Goldstein

25. Interaction of Domain Walls with Defects in Ferroelectric Materials
D. Schrade, R. Mueller, D. Gross, T. Utschig, V. Ya. Shur, D. C. Lupascu

26. Microstructure and Internal Stresses in Cyclically Deformed Al and Cu Single Crystals
M. E. Kassner

27. Determination of Equilibrium Configurations of Atomic Lattices at Quasistatic Deformation
S. N. Korobeynikov

28. Multiscale Mechanics of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Composites
X. -Q. Feng

29. In-Situ Scanning Electron Microscope Indentation of Gallium Arsenide
C. Pouvreau, K. Wasmer, J. Giovanola, J. Michler, J. M. Breguet, A. Karimi

30. Fracture of Nanostructured Lithium Batteries
K. E. Aifantis, J. P. Dempsey, S. A. Hackney

31. Analytical and Experimental Characterization of a Micromirror System
E. J. Pryputniewicz, C. Furlong, R. J. Pryputniewicz

32. A Metal Interposer for Isolating MEMS Devices from Package Stresses
R. J. Pryputniewicz, T. F. Marinis, J. W. Soucy, P. Hefti, A. R. Klempner

33. Computational Modeling of Nanoparticles in Biomicrofluidic Devices
R. J. Pryputniewicz, Z. Sikorski, M. Athavale, Z. J. Chen, A. J. Przekwas

34. Characterization of a MEMS Pressure Sensor By a Hybrid Methodology
R. J. Pryputniewicz, C. Furlong

35. New Approach to Synthesis of Laser Microwelding Processes for Packaging
R. J. Pryputniewicz, W. Han, K. A. Nowakowski

36. Thermal Management of RF Mems Relay Switch
R. J. Pryputniewicz

37. Buckling and Delamination of Thin Layers on a Polymer Substrate
A. A. Abdallah, D. Kozodaev, P. C. P. Bouten, J. M. J. Toonder, G. With

38. Carbide Coated Cutting Tool Properties Investigation by Nano-Mechanical Measurements under 250–500°C
B. Vasques, D. Joly, R. Leroy, N. Ranganathan, P. Donnadieu

39. Diamond Coating Debounding in Tool Application
David Moulin, Pierre Chevrier, Paul Lipinski, Thierry Barré

40. Interfacial Strength of Ceramic Thin Film on Polymer Substrate
M. Omiya, K. Kishimoto

41. Delaminate Behavior of PVD/CPVD Thin Film
S. Doi, M. Yasuoka

42. Experimental Study of Microhardness and Fracture of Implanted Gállium Nitride Films
P. Kavouras, M. Katsikini, E. Wendler, W. Wesch, H. M. Polatoglou, E. C. Paloura, Ph. Komninou, Th. Karakostas

43. Crack Tip Strain Field and Its Propagation Characteristics in a Polymer Foam
Fu-pen Chiang, Sheng Chang, Yi Ding

44. How to Toughen Ceramics — Nanocomposites
H. Awaji, S. -M. Choi

45. Deformation and Fracture Behaviour of Nanocomposites
S. Dunger, J. K. W. Sandler, K. Hedicke, V. Altsadt

46. Fracture Mechanisms in Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Composites
E. T. Thostenson, T. -W. Chou

B.. Tracks

47. Fractal Approach to Crack Problems with Non-Root Singularity
A. Kashtanov

48. New Method for Analysing the Magnetic Emission Signals During Fracture
Gy. B. Lenkey, N. Takacs, F. Kun, D. L. Beke

49. Electromagnetic Radiation Method for Identification of Multi-Scale Fracture
Yu. K. Bivin, A. S. Chursin, E. A. Deviatkin, I. V. Simonov

50. Micromechanical Modeling of Grain Boundary Resistance to Cleavage Fracture Propagation
M. Stec, J. Faleskog

51. Microstructure of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Close to the Fracture Surface
M. Karlik, P. Hausild, C. Prioul

52. Brittle Fracture in Heat-Affected Zones of Girth Welds of Modern Line Pipe Steel (X100)
A. S. Bilat, A. F. Gourgues-Lorenzon, J. Besson, A. Pineau

53. Cleavage Fracture of Steels at Very Low Temperatures
R. Rodriguez-Martin, I. Ocana, A. Martin-Meizoso

54. New Formulation of The Ritchie, Knot and Rice Hypothesis
A. Neimitz, M. Graba, J. Galkiewicz

55. The Effect of the Rate of Displacement on Crack Path Stability
D. A. Zacharopoulos, P. A. Kalaitzidis

56. Scratching and Brittle Fracture of Semiconductor In-Situ Scanning Electron Microscope
K. Wasmer, C. Pouvreau, J. Giovanola, J. Michler

57. Cracks in Thin Sheets: When Geometry Rules the Fracture Path
Pedro M. Reis, Basile Audoly, Benoit Roman

58. Cleavage Mechanisms in a Ship Plate Steel
R. Cuamatzi, I. C. Howard, J. Yates

59. Failure Behavior of Hybrid-Laser Welds
A. Bajric, W. Dahl

60. Fracture of Plastic Bodies. Deformations Concentrators
A. I. Khromov, A. A. Bukhanko, S. L. Stepanov, E. P. Kocherov

61. 3D Ductile Tearing Analyses of Bi-Axially Loaded Pipes with Surface Cracks
Andreas Sandvik, Erling Ostby, Christian Thaulow

62. New Model Materials for Ductile Fracture Studies
A. Weck, D. S. Wilkinson

63. Fatigue Threshold Computation Model Based on the Shakedown Analysis
M. A. Belouchrani, D. Weichert, A. Hachemi

64. Void Coalescence in Metals Involving two Populations of Cavities
D. Fabregue, T. Pardoen

65. Effects of Characteristic Material Lengths on Ductile Crack Propagation
E. Radi

66. Ductile Fracture by Void Nucleation at Carbides
J. Giovanola, D. Cannizzaro, R. Doglione, A. Rossoll

67. The Significance of Maximum Load on a Load-Displacement Curve with Stable Crack Extension
J. R. Donoso, J. D. Landes

68. 3D Visualization of Ductile Fracture Using Synchrotron X-ray Computer Tomography
L. Qian, H. Toda, T. Ohgaki, K. Uesugi, M. Kobayashi, T. Kobayashi

69. Non-Local Plastic-Damage Model for Failure Analysis of Sheet-Metals
M. Brunet, F. Morestin, H. Walter-Leberre

70. A Novel Technique for Extracting Stretch Zone Features from Fractographs
M. Tarafder, Swati Dey, S. Sivaprasad, S. Tarafder

71. Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth by Crack Tip Blunting
P. Hutar, M. Sauzay

72. Loading Rate Effect on Ductile Fracture
R. Chaouadi

73. Experimental Investigation of Slant Crack Propagation in X100 Pipeline Steel
S. H. Hashemi, I. C. Howard, J. R. Yates, R. M. Andrews

74. ESIS TC8 — Numerical Round Robin on Micro Mechanical Models: Results of Phase III for the Simulation of the Brittle to Ductile Transition Curve
C. Poussard, C. Sainte Catherine

75. Closure of a Rectangular Skin Defect Via the Advancement Flap
C. Antypas, C. Borboudaki, V. Kefalas, D. A. Eftaxiopoulos

76. Similarity Solutions of Creep — Damage Coupled Problems in Fracture Mechanics
L. V. Stepanova, M. E. Fedina

77. Impact Fracture Toughness Determination of Ductile Polymers by SPB Method
J. Wainstein, L. A. Fasce, P. M. Frontini

78. A Micro-Toughness Model for Ductile Fracture
K. Srinivasan, Thomas Siegmund, Otmar Kolednik

79. Crack Coalescence Modelling of FSW Joints
A. Ali, M. W. Brown, Chris A. Rodopoulos

80. Fatigue Crack Initiation in a Two Phase B-Metastable Titanium Alloy: Influence of Microstructural Parameters
A. Lenain, P. J. Jacques, T. Pardoen

81. Effects of Specimen Type, Size and Measurement Techniques on FCGR
B. Kumar, J. E. Locke

82. The Effect of Stress Ratio on Fatigue Short Cracking
C. A. Rodopoulos, S. -H. Han

83. Dwell-Fatigue Behaviour of a Beta-Forged Ti 6242 Alloy
P. Lefranc, C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, V. Doquet

84. Investigation into Fatigue Lifeof Welded Chemical Pipelines
Cz. Goss, L. Sniezek

85. Different Analytical Presentations of Short Crack Growth Under Rotation-Bending Fatigue
D. Angelova, A. Davidkov

86. Variable Amplitude Load Interaction in Fatigue Crack Growth for 2024-T3 Aluminium Alloy
D. Kocanda, S. Kocanda, J. Torzewski

87. An Investigation on the Fatigue Performance of Hydraulic Gate Wheels
D. Polyzois, A. N. Lashari

88. A Micromechanical Model for Crack Initiation in High Cycle Fatigue of Metallic Materials
Vincent Monchiet, Eric Charkaluk, Djimedo Kondo

89. Comparative Analysis of two Models for Evaluating Fatigue Data
Enrique Castillo, Antonio Ramos, Manuel Lopez-Aenlle, Alfonso Fernandez-Canteli, Roland Koller

90. Assessment of Damage at Notch Root of Thick Plates
E. C. G. Menin, J. L. de A. Ferreira

91. Fatigue Strength Prediction of Spot-Welded Joints Using Small Specimen Testing
Eisuke Nakayama, Manabu Fukumoto, Mitsuo Miyahara, Kazuo Okamura, Hiroki Fujimoto, Kiyoyuki Fukui

92. A Thermo-Mechanical Model for Random Braking of Machine Components
F. Loibnegger, H. P. Rossmanith, R. Huber

93. Lifetime Calculation of Railway Wheel Steels Based On Physical Data
F. Walther, D. Eifler

94. Fatigue Crack Propagation of Super-Duplex Stainless Steel at Different Temperatures
G. Chai, S. Johansson

95. Transitions of Fatigue Crack Initiation from Surface, Subsurface to SNDFCO
G. Chai

96. Surface Fatigue of Gear Teeth Flanks
G. Fajdiga, M. Sraml, J. Flasker

97. Fatigue and Fracture Processes in High Performance PM Tool Steels
G. Jesner, S. Marsoner, I. Schemmel, R. Pippan

98. Notch and Defect Sensitivity of Adi in Torsional Fatigue
B. Atzori, G. Meneghetti

99. Multi Axial Fatigue in Welded Components
G. Mesmacque, B. Wu, C. Robin, D. Zakrzewski, X. Decoopman

100. Enhanced Fatigue Life by Mechanical Surface Treatments — Experiment and Simulation
H. P. Gaenser, I. Goedor, H. Leitner, W. Eichlseder

101. Analysis of Repaired Aluminum Panels in General Mixed-Mode Conditions
H. Hosseini-Toudeshky, M. Saber, B. Mohammadi

102. Effect of Strain Rate on Fatigue Behavior of Ultrafine Grained Copper
P. Gabor, H. J. Maier, I. Karaman

103. Lubricant Effects on Propagation of Surface-Breaking Cracks Under Rolling Contact Loading
J. Lai, S. Ioannides

104. Computational Modelling of Crack Initiation in a Mixing Tee Subjected to Thermal Fatigue Load
I. Varfolomeyev

105. Estimation of Critical Stress Intensity Factor in Steel Cracked Wires
J. Toribio, F. J. Ayaso, B. Gonzalez, J. C. Matos, D. Vergara

106. Low-Cycle Fatigue of DIN 1.2367 Steels in Various Treatments
C. C. Liu, J. H. Wu, C. C. Kuo

107. Impact Testing a Capable Method to Investigate the Fatigue Resistance
K. David, P. Agrianidis, K. G. Anthymidis, D. N. Tsipas

108. Comparative Assessment of Fatigue-Thresholds Estimated by Short and Long Cracks
K. K. Ray, N. Narasaiah, S. Tarafder

109. Scanning Electron Microscope Measurements of Crack-Opening Stress on Fatigue Cracks Exposed to Overloads
L. Jacobsson, C. Persson

110. Propagation Path and Fatigue Life Predictions of Branched Cracks Under Plane Strain Conditions
M. A. Meggiolaro, A. C. O. Miranda, J. T. P. Castro, L. F. Martha

111. Short Crack Equations to Predict Stress Gradient Effects in Fatigue
M. A. Meggiolaro, A. C. O. Miranda, J. T. P. Castro, J. L. F. Freire

112. Fatigue Behaviour of Pre-Strained Type 316 Stainless Steel
Masayuki Akita, Masaki Nakajima, Keiro Tokaji, Yoshihiko Uematsu

113. The Influence of Constraint on Fitting Fatigue Crack Growth Data
M. Carboni, M. Madia

114. Atomic Force Microscopy of Local Plastic Deformation for Tempered Martensite
Masao Hayakawa, Saburo Matsuoka, Yoshiyuki Furuya

115. Improvement of Fatigue Strength Due to Grain Refinement in Magnesium Alloys
Mitsutoshi Kamakura, Keiro Tokaji, Hideaki Shibata, Norikatsu Bekku

116. A Unified Fatigue and Fracture Model Applied to Steel Wire Ropes
M. P. Weiss, R. Ashkenazi, D. Elata

117. Correlation Between Paris’ Law Parameters Based on Self-Similarity and Criticality Condition
A. Carpinteri, M. Paggi

118. Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Lifetime Assessment with Damage-Parameters, Energy-Criterions and Cyclic-J-Integral Concepts
M. Riedler, R. Minichmayr, G. Winter, W. Eichlseder

119. Predicting Fatigue Crack Retardation Following Overload Cycles
Marcos V. Pereira, Fathi A. Darwish, Arnaldo F. Camarao, Sérgio H. Motta

120. Fatigue Crack Growth at Notches Considering Plasticity Induced Closure
Jutta Bruening, Olaf Hertel, Michael Vormwald, Georgios Savaidis

121. Influence of Microstructure on Fatigue Properties of Nibase Superalloy at Elevated Temperature
Q. Y. Wang, Y. Matsuyama, N. Kawagoishi, M. Goto, K. Morino

122. Moddelling Fatigue Crack Closure Using Dislocation Dipoles
P. F. P. Matos, D. Nowell

123. Comparison Between Fatigue Crack Growth Modelled by Continous Dislocation Distributions and Discrete Dislocations
P. Hansson, S. Melin, C. Persson

124. Fatigue Evaluation Considering the Environmental Influence Using A Monitoring System
R. Cicero, I. Gorrochategui, J. A. Alvarez

125. Thermal Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior of Steels for Boiler
S. Aoi, T. Marumiya, R. Ebara, T. Nishimura, Y. Tokunaga

126. Recent Developments in Fatigue Crack Growth
R. Jones, S. Pitt, E. Siores

127. Crack Closure Effects in a Cracked Cylinder Under Pressure
J. Zhao, R. Liu, T. Zhang, X. J. Wu

128. An Experimental Study of Tearing-Fatigue Interaction
Peter Birkett, Michael Lynch, Peter Budden

129. SIF Solutions for Cracks in Railway Axles Under Rotating Bending
S. Beretta, M. Madia, M. Schode, U. Zerbst

130. Mechanical Characterization of Single Crystal Bars with Capacitor Discharge Welding and Laser Cladding
Samanta Chiozzi, Vito Dattoma, Francesco W. Panella

131. Fractal Dimension Analysis of Fracture Toughness Used High Strength Cast Iron
S. Doi, M. Yasuoka

132. Investigating Gap Effects in Fatigue Life of Spot Welded Joints
M. Zehsaz, S. Hasanifard

133. Fatigue of PMMA Bone Cement
S. L. Evans

134. Influence on Thermal Barrier Coating Delamination Behaviour of Edge Geometry
H. Brodin, X. H. Li, S. Sjoestroem

135. Low Cycle Fatigue and Fracture of a Coated Superalloy CMSX-4
S. Stekovic

136. Thermomechanical Fatigue of Open-Cell Aluminium Sponge
T. Guillen, A. Ohrndorf, U. Krupp, H. J. Christ, S. Derimay, J Hohe, W Becker

137. The Influence of Alternate Block Loading on the Fatigue Lifetime
M. Kohut, T. Lagoda

138. Fatigue Design and Inspection Planning of Welded Joints Based on Refined Physical Modelling
T. Lassen, N. Recho

139. A Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Model Including the Residual Stress Effect Due to Weld
S. Ma, X. B. Zhang, N. Recho, J. Li

140. Effects of Shot Peening on Fatigue Property in SiCp/Al-MMC
Yasuo Ochi, Kiyotaka Masaki, Takashi Matsumura, Tatsuhiko Hamaguchi

141. Fatigue Behaviour of Friction Stir Welded 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Yoshihiko Uematsu, Keiro Tokaji, Yasunari Tozaki, Hideaki Shibata

142. Transformation of a Nonproportional Multiaxial Loading to an Equivalent Proportional Multiaxial Loading
A. Chamat, Z. Azari, M. Abbadi, F. Cocheteux

143. Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Delamination Growth in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Matrix Composites
A. J. Brunner, M. Barbezat

144. Fracture Mechanics Versus Strength Concepts for Evaluation of Adhesion Quality
B. Lauke

145. Alternative Approaches for the Evaluation of the Slow Crack Growth Resistance of Polyethylene Resins Used in the Production of Extruded Water Pipes
F. M. Peres, C. G. Schon

146. A Stereoscopic Method for Fractographic Investigations of Ordinary Ceramics
C. Manhart, H. Harmuth

147. Modelings of Fiber Deformation During Machining Aramid-FRP
Eitoku Nakanishi, Masao Fukumori, Yutaka Sawaki, Kiyoshi Isogimi

148. Quality Control and the Strength of Glass
Fred Veer, Christiaan Louter, Ton Romein

149. Experimental Study of Cracked Laminate Plates by Caustics
G. A. Papadopoulos, E. Sideridis

150. Fracture of Composites in Military Aircraft
Robert Pell, Nick Athiniotis, Graham Clark

151. Analysis of 7005/Al2O3/10P MMC Sheets Joined by FSW by Thermoelasticity
P. Cavaliere, G. L. Rossi, R. Sante, M. Moretti

152. Surface Modification of Lightweight Aggregate and Properties of the Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
T. Y. Lo, H. Z. Cui

153. Finite Element Based Prediction of Failure in Laminated Composite Plates
H. Hosseini-Toudeshky, B. Hamidi, B. Mohammadi, H. R. Ovesi

154. An Embedded Cylindrical PZT with Electroded Imperfect Interface
H. M. Shodja, S. M. Tabatabaei

155. Characterization of Composites for the Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier
J. Degrieck, W. Paepegem, L. Schepdael, P. Samyn, P. Baets, E. Suister, J. S. Leendertz

156. Weight Function, J-Integral and Material Forces Approach to Ceramic Multilayers
Javier Pascual, C. R. Chen, O. Kolednik, F. D. Fischer, R. Danzer, T. Lube

157. Assessment of Matrix Fatigue Damage in CFRP
K. J. Cain, A. Plumtree

158. Progressive Failure of Composite Materials Under Dynamic Loading
Liqun Xing, Xinyu Huang, Ken Reifsnider

159. Aging Aircraft Transparencies: A Case History from Italian Air Force Fleet
Lt. Col. M. Bernabei, Lt. D. Caucci, Capt. L. Aiello

160. Fatigue Crack Growth in Quenched Amorphous Polymers PC and PET
M. Kitagawa, D. Nishi

161. Thermo-Mechanical State of Bimaterial with an Interface Crack
R. Martynyak, M. Matczynski, K. Honchar

162. Thermo-Mechanical State of Bimaterial with an Interface Crack
M. Tarfaoui, S. Choukri, A. Neme, M. Mliha-Touati

163. Indentation Response of Fibre Reinforced Composite Laminates
P. Bourke, I. Horsfall

164. Analysis of Tubular Composite Cylindrical Shells
Reza Mohammadzadeh Gheshlaghi, Mohammad Hassan Hojjati, Hamid Reza Mohammadi Daniali

165. Analysis of Composite Pressure Vessels
Reza Mohammadzadeh Gheshlaghi, Mohammad Hassan Hojjati, Hamid Reza Mohammadi Daniali

166. Gradients Influence on Damage and Cracking in Crystalline Polymers
S. Castagnet, J. -C. Grandidier

167. An Elasto-Plastic Shear-Lag Model for Single Fiber Composite
Souta Kimura, Jun Koyanagi, Hiroyuki Kawada

168. Progressive Failure of Composite Laminates; Analysis vs Experiments
Veera Skytta, Olli Saarela, Markus Wallin

169. A Temperature Dependent Viscoelastic-Damage Model for Ceramics Failure
Vassilis P. Panoskaltsis, Lynn M. Powers, Dario A. Gasparini

170. Avalanche Mechanics: Lefm vs. Gradient Model
A. Konstantinidis, N. Pugno, P. Cornetti, E.C. Aifantis

171. Influence of Austempering on Fracture Mechanics Parameters of 65 Si 7 Steel
Dragan Pustai, Franjo Cajner, Martina Lovreni

172. Modelling the Evolution of Elastic Symmetries of Growing Mixed-Mode Cracks
H. Schutte, K. M. Abbasi

173. Effect of Aging on the Microstructure and Fracture of Aluminum-Lithium
J. M. Fragomeni

174. Buckling of Multicracked Columns
Christian Carloni, Cristina Gentilini, Lucio Nobile

175. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Interactions Between Stress Corrosion Cracks
M. Lamazouade, M. Touzet, M. Puiggali

176. An Improved Upper Bound Limit Load Solution for Weld Strength Anisotropic Overmatched Cracked Plates in Pure Bending
N. Kontchakova, S. Alexandrov

177. Fracture Parameter Estimation of Alloy Steel Reinforced with Maraging Steel
Sunil Bhat, Vijay.G Ukadgaonker, Mahendra Jha, S. M Nirgude

178. Incorporation of Length Scales in Plane Stress Fracture Analysis
V. P. Naumenko

179. Mode III Crack in a Functionally Graded Piezoelectric/Piezomagnetic Half Plane
W. -H. Hsu, C. -H. Chue

180. Electro-Mechanical Field of a Piezoelectric Finite Wedge Under Antiplane Loading
W. -J. Liu, C. -H. Chue

181. Sensitivity of Crack Nucleation Parameters to the Geometric Imperfection
V. P. Naumenko, Yu. D. Skrypnyk

182. An Experimental Evaluation of a Local Approach Model for Graded Materials
B. Bezensek, J. Flasker, J. W. Hancock

183. A Stochastic Model for Crack Growth
C. -R. Chiang

184. Stochastic Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation
G. S. Wang

185. A Weibull-Based Method to Predict the Strength of Adhesively Bonded Joints of Pultruded FRPS
Till Vallée, João R. Correia, Thomas Keller

186. The Lateral Constraint Index as a New Factor to Assess the Influence of the Specimen Thickness
Alfonso Fernandez-Canteli, Daniel Fernandez-Zuniga, Enrique Castillo

187. Analysis of Crack Propagation in Alumina-Glass Functionally Graded Materials
V. Cannillo, L. Lusvarghi, T. Manfredini, M. Montorsi, C. Siligardi, A. Sola

188. Numerical Solution of Integro-Differential Equations for Fracture Mechanics Problems
A. V. Andreev

189. Analytical Method of Generating DA/DN Curve for Aerospace Alloys
B. Farahmand

190. Thermo-Elastic Fracture of Edge Cracked Plate Under Surface ‘Shock’ Loading
B. P. Fillery, X. Hu, G. Fisher

191. Failure Prediction of IC Interconnect Structures Using Cohesive Zone Modelling
B. A. E. Hal, R. H. J. Peerlings, M. G. D. Geers, G. Q. Zhang

192. Non-Local Damage Simulation in Composites Using Crack Propagation and Mesh Adaptivity
Frederik Reusch, Christian Hortig, Bob Svendsen

193. Elastic Wave Motion in a Cracked, Multi-Layered Geological Region under Transient Conditions
P. S. Dineva, T. V. Rangelov, G. D. Manolis

194. Wood Beam Strengthened with Glass/Epoxy Composite Sheets
G. E. Papakaliatakis, G -S. P. Diamantopoulos, P. A. Kalaitzidis, E. M. Marinakis

195. Computation of Dynamic Stress Intensity Factors Using Enriched Finite Elements
M. Saribay, H. F. Nied

196. Partly Cracked XFEM Interface for Intersecting Cracks
J. L. Asferg, Ted Belytschko, P. N. Poulsen, Leif Otto Nielsen

197. On the Evaluation of Elastic Compliance Tensor Due to Growing Mixed-Mode Microcracks
K. M. Abbasi, H. Schutte

198. On the Problem of Determination of Safety Factors for Machine-Building Parts Using the Finite Element Computations
L. B. Getsov, B. Z. Margolin, D. G. Fedorchenko

199. Dynamic Explicit Cell Model Simulations in Porous Ductile Metals
L. Siad, M. O. Ouali

200. Numerical Evaluation of Energy Release Rates for Bimaterials Interface Cracks
M. Belhouari, B. Bachir Bouiadjra, B. Boutabout, K. Kaddouri

201. Inclusion Effect on The Plastic Zone Size in Confined Plasticity
M. Benguediab, M. Elmegueni, M. Nait-Abdelaziz, A. Imad

202. Modified Key-Curve-Method for Determination of Dynamic Crack Resistance Curves
U. Muhlich, A. Emrich, M. Kuna

203. A Coupled Computational Framework for Ductile Damage and Fracture
Ron H. J. Peerlings, Jesus Mediavilla, Marc G. D. Geers

204. Marble Discs under Distributed Loading: Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Study
Ch. Markides, E. Sarris, D. N. Pazis, Z. Agioutantis, S. K. Kourkoulis

205. Simulation of the Mechanical Behaviour of the Lumbar Intervertebral Disc
M. Satraki, E. A. Magnissalis, G. Ferentinos, S. K. Kourkoulis

206. The Pull-Out Strength of Transpedicular Screws in Posterior Spinal Fusion
P. Chazistergos, G. Ferentinos, E. A. Magnissalis, S. K. Kourkoulis

207. Mechanical Behavior Simulation of Hip Prostheses Stress Distributions Analysis
M. Kadi, R. Boulahia, K. Azouaoui, N. Ouali, A. Ahmed-benyahia, T. Boukharouba

208. DBEM Analysis of Axisymmetric Crack Growth in a Piston Crown
T. Lucht

209. Residual Shear Stresses and K II Computation
W. Cheng, I. Finnie

210. Quantitative Interpretation of Crack Tip Strain Field Measurements
A. M. Korsunsky

211. Mixed Mode (I+II) Stress Intensity Factor Measurement Using Image Correlation
A. Shterenlikht, P. López-Crespo, P. J. Withers, J. R. Yates, E. A. Patterson

212. Fracture of Turbine Blades under Self-Exciting Modes
C. A. Sciammarella, C. Casavola, L. Lamberti, C. Pappalettere

213. Predicting Crack Arrest Behaviour of Structural Steels Using New Procedures
C. Gallo, J. A. Alvarez, F. Gutierrez-Solana, J. A. Polanco

214. Mechanical Properties of Large Plastic-Mold Steel Blooms
M. Chiarbonello, D. Firrao, R. Gerosa, A. Ghidini, M. G. Ienco, P. Matteis, G. Mortarino, A. Parodi, M. R. Pinasco, B. Rivolta, G. Scavino, G. Silva, E. Stagno, G. Ubertalli

215. Non-Linear Photoelastic Method for Study Fracture Problems
G. Albaut

216. Fatigue Crack Length Measurement Method with an Ion Sputtered Film
Gang Deng, Koutarou Nasu, Tilahun Daniel Redda, Tsutomu Nakanishi

217. Individual Fracture Events in Cellular Foods
Hannemieke Luyten, Eva M. Castro-Prada, Eefjan Timmerman, Wim Lichtendonk, Ton Vliet

218. Exfoliation Fracture Mode in Heavily Drawn Pearlitic Steels
J. Toribio, F. J. Ayaso

219. Investigation of Crack Closure by Using Thermoeastic Stress Analysis
L. Marsavina, R. A. Tomlinson, E. A. Patterson, J. R. Yates

220. Fracture Toughness Investigations of Severe Plastic Deformed Tungsten Alloys
M. Faleschini, W. Knabl, R. Pippan

221. Photoelastic Analysis of Mode I Stress Intensity Factor in Beams with Angular Notches
M. Tabanyukhova, V. Pangaev

222. Full-Scale Experimental Investigations on Pressure Tubes Rupture of RBMK
Natalya Yu. Medvedeva, Andrey V. Andreev, Sergey V. Timkin, Igor A. Peshkov, Vladislav N. Zhilko, Dmitri Ye. Martsiniouk, Olga A. Poshtovaya

223. Study of Fracture Mechanism of Composite Material Buildings by Photoelasticity and Photoelasitc Coating Methods
Olga Ivanova, Galina Albaut, Valerij Mitasov, Vladimir Nikiforovskij, Marina Tabanyukhova

224. Fracture Energy in Mode I and Mode II of Textile Reinforced Wood
R. Putzger, P. Haller

225. Measurement Based Performance Prediction of the Europabrucke Against Traffic Loading
R. Veit, H. Wenzel

226. The Effect of the Laboratory Specimen on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate
S. C. Forth, W. M. Johnston, B. R. Seshadri

227. Validity of the Caustics Method for Plates with Circular Hole
P. Tsirigas, G. Kontos, D. N. Pazis, S. K. Kourkoulis, Z. Agioutantis

228. An Enhanced Normalization Method for Dynamic Fracture Toughness Testing
S. M. Graham, D. J. Stiles

229. The Potential Drop Technique for Measuring Crack Growth in Shear
V. Spitas, P. Michelis

230. A Modified DCB Geometry for CTOA Measurement in Thin Sheet 2024-T3 Aluminium Alloy
Y. H. Tai, S. H. Hashemi, R. Gay, I. C. Howard, J. R. Yates

231. Could Cod Serve as Fracture Criterion in Case of Marble?
A. Marinelli, S. K. Kourkoulis, I. Vayas

232. Creep Rupture of a Lead-Free Sn-Ag-Cu Solder
C. -K. Lin, D. -Y. Chu

233. Quantitative Evaluation of Acceleration Creep in Magnesium-Aluminum Alloys at 0.65TM
H. Sato

234. Long-Term Creep Rupture Prediction in Unidirectional Composites
Jun Koyanagi, Fumio Ogawa, Hiroyuki Kawada

235. A Computational Model for Cardboard Creep Fracture
Julia Schonwalder, Gideon P. A. G. Zijl, Jan G. Rots

236. Creep Fracture of Binary and Ternary Commercial Aluminum Alloys
K. Ishikawa

237. Analysis of Creep Crack Initiation and Growth in Laboratory Specimens
K. Wasmer

238. Temperature Gradient Effects on the Creep Behaviour of Structures
F. Vakili-Tahami, S. Hasanifard

239. A Surgical Implant Crevice-Assisted Corrosion Fatigue Inbody Failure
Hossein Amel-Farzad, Mohammad-Taghi Peivandi, S. Mohammad-Reza Yosof-Sani

240. Asymptotically Stable Growth of Delaminations under Hydrogen Embrittlement Conditions
A. V. Balueva

241. Corrosion and Mechanical Strength of Russian Light Water Reactors
B. T. Timofeev

242. Corrosion Fatigue Characteristics of CF8A Steel Degraded at High Temperature
Seong-Cheol Jang, Dong-Ho Bae, Gyou-Young Lee, Seong-Yeb Baek

243. Modeling Environment-Assisted Fatigue Crack Propagation
J. -A. Ruiz-Sabariego, S. Pommier

244. Measuring the Fracture Resistance of Composites and Adhesively Bonded Joints at High Test Rates
B. R. K. Blackman, D. D. R. Cartie, A. J. Kinloch, F. S. Rodriquez-Sanchez, W. S. Teo

245. Quasistatic and Dynamic Fracture of Pearlitic Steel
B. Strnadel, P. Hausild, M. Karlik

246. Fragmentation in the Expanding Ring Experiment
H. Zhang, K. Ravi-Chandar

247. Influence of Friction on Results of an Instrumented Impact Test
I. V. Rokach

248. Influence of Moisture Content on the Dynamic Behaviour of Concrete
I. Vegt, J. Weerheijm

249. Strength and Toughness Properties of Steels under Dynamic Loading
J. Fang

250. Rubber Particle Size Effect on Impact Characteristics of PC/ABS (50/50) Blends
M. Nizar Machmud, Masaki Omiya, Hirotsugu Inoue, Kikuo Kishimoto

251. Effect of Strain Rate on Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Polyolefins
Marcus Schossig, Christian Bieroegel, Wolfgang Grellmann, Reinhard Bardenheier, Thomas Mecklenburg

252. Fracture Related Mechanical Properties of Aircraft Cast Aluminum Alloy A357
N. D. Alexopoulos

253. Shear Failure of Ti-6Al-4V by Direct Impact and Analyse of the Process of Elastic and Plastic Wave Propagation
P. Chwalik, A. Rusinek, J. R. Klepaczko

254. Evaluating of Fracture Mechanics Properties at Intermediate Strain Rates, Transferable to Components
Peter Trubitz, Annette Ludwig, Gerhard Pusch, Hans-Peter Winkler

255. Crack Resistance Determination from the Charpy Impact Test
R. Chaouadi

256. A Stochastic Interface Model for the Fracture of Bars
S. Nagy, F. Kun

257. The Anti-Penetration Properties of Space Armor
Tso-Liang Teng, Cho-Chung Liang, Cheng-Chung Lu

258. Key Curve Methods for Dynamic Fracture Mechanics of Cast Iron
W. Baer

259. Dynamic Tensile Behavior of Aramid FRP Using Split Hopkinson Bar Method
Yutaka Sawaki, Jun Watanabe, Eitoku Nakanishi, Kiyoshi Isogimi

260. Detection of Low-Velocity Impact Damage in Carbon-Epoxy Plates Using NDT
A. M. Amaro, M. F. M. S. Moura, P. N. B. Reis

261. Damage Accumulation at High Temperature Creep of a Single-Crystal Superalloy
A. Staroselsky, B. Cassenti

262. Asymptotic Homogenisation for Heterogeneous Media with Evolving Microcracks
E. K. Agiasofitou, C. Dascalu, J. L. Auriault

263. On the Analysis of Damage Localization as Precursor of Macro-Cracks
H. Stumpf, K. Hackl

264. Fatigue Assessment Based on Statistical Analysis of Theoretical Parameters
J. Cacko

265. Determination of Ductile Damage Parameters by Local Deformation Fields
M. Kuna, M. Springmann

266. Fracture of Concrete Due to Corrosion
N. Thanh, A. Millard, Y. Berthaud, S. Care, V. L’Hostis

267. Experimental Study of Sprayed Concrete Strength Using Marble Aggregates
A. Sotiropoulou, Z. G. Pandermarakis

268. Analysis of the Behaviour of Interface Cracks in Gravity Dam
B. Bachir Bouiadjra, A. Bachir Bouiadjra, M. Belhouari, B. Serier

269. Application of Composite Mechanics to Composites Enhanced Concrete Structures
C. C. Chamis, P. K. Gotsis

270. Initiation and Coalescence of Locals Damages on Blanco de Macael Marble
Kais Mehiri, Pascal Vieville, Paul Lipinski, Albert Tidu, Valentin Tijeras

271. Influence of Concrete’s Mineralogical Components on Fracture Compressive and Tractive
M. P. Morales Alfaro, F. A. I. Darwish

272. Constitutive Model for Description of High-Strain Rate Behavior of Concrete
I. R. Ionescu, O. Cazacu

273. Hydraylic Fracturing in Weak Rocks
P. Papanastasiou

274. Application of Fracture Mechanics on Unreinforced Concrete Walls
Thomas Eck, Bong-Gu Kang, Wolfgang Brameshuber

275. Subcritical Crack Growth in Rocks Under Water Environment
Yoshitaka Nara, Hirofumi Kurata, Katsuhiko Kaneko

276. Stress Analysis and Prediction of Failure in Structurally Graded Sandwich Panels
Anders Lyckegaard, Elena Bozhevolnaya, Ole Thybo Thomsen

277. Debonding and Kinking in Foam-Core Sandwich Beams
D. A. Zacharopoulos, V. D. Balopoulos, Z. S. Metaxa, P. A. Kalaitzidis, E. E. Gdoutos

278. Modeling Core Failure by the Tsai-Wu Criterion in the Design of Foam-Core Sandwich Beams
E. E. Gdoutos, V. D. Balopoulos, P. A. Kalaitzidis, M. Konsta

279. Numerical Investigation of Crack Propagation in Sandwich Structures
E. E. Theotokoglou

280. Local Effects in Sandwich Beams: Modelling and Experimental Investigation
M. Johannes, J. Jakobsen, V. Skvortsov, E. Bozhevolnaya, O. T. Thomsen

281. Typical In-Plane Response Surfaces Forprismatic Foam-Core Sandwich Beams
V. D. Balopoulos, P. A. Kalaitzidis, D. A. Zacharopoulos, E. E. Gdoutos

282. Non-Destructive Evaluation of Yield Strength Using a Novel Miniature Dumb-Bell Specimen-An Empirical Approach
G. Partheepan, D. K. Sehgal, R. K. Pandey

283. 3D Measurement of the Strain Field Surrounding Crack Tip
Daniel Vavrik, Jan Bryscejn, Jan Jakubek, Jaroslav Valach

284. Radiographic Observation of Damage Zone Evolution in High Ductile Specimen
D. Vavrik, T. Holy, J. Jakubek, M. Jakubek, Z. Vykydal

285. Calibration of Fracture Parameters by Instrumented Indentation and Test Simulation
Massimiliano Bocciarelli, Gabriella Bolzon, Giulio Maier

286. Internal Crack Detection and Analysis Using Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
N. Sathon, J. M. Dulieu-Barton

287. Ultrahigh-Resolution Transversal Polarization-Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography: Structural Analysis and Strain-Mapping
Karin Wiesauer, Michael Pircher, Rainer Engelke, Gisela Ahrens, Gabi Grutzner, Reinhold Oster, Christoph K. Hitzenberger, David Stifter

288. Application of Digital Shearography in Determining Opening Mode Sif in Edge Cracks
M. Ghassemieh, A. Ghazavizadeh, N. Soltani

289. Finite Element Modeling of Pulse Transient IR Thermography
M. Krishnapillai, R. Jones, I. H. Marshall, M. Bannister, N. Rajic

290. A New Technique for the Machining of Natural Cracks
N. P. Andrianopoulos, A. Pikrakis

291. Displacements Measurement in Irregularly Bounded Plates Using Mesh Free Methods
N. P. Andrianopoulos, A. P. Iliopoulos

292. Biaxial Strength Testing on Mini Specimens
Robert Danzer, Peter Supancic, Walter Harrer, T. Lube, Andreas Borger

293. Numerical Simulation of a Fracture Test For Brittle Disordered Materials
T. Auer, H. Harmuth

294. Unification of the Out-Of-Plane Constraint Loss in Centre-cracked Panels
B. Bezensek, A. Baron, J. W. Hancock

295. High Temperature Failure Assessment of Weldments
B. Dogan, B. Petrovski, U. Ceyhan

296. Post-Tensioned Glass Beams
C. Louter, J. Heusden, F. Veer, J. Vambersky, H. Boer, J. Versteegen

297. Structural Integrity of a NPP Using the Master Curve Approach
D. Ferreno, I. Gorrochategui, M. Scibetta, R. Lacalle, E. Walle, F. Gutierrez-Solana

298. FRP Consolidation for Masonry Arches by Using Bridged Crack Model
G. Ferro, M. Ipperico, V. Pignata, A. Carpinteri

299. Structural Reliability Analysis of PIPE Subjected to Reeling
Hugo A. Ernst, Richard E. Bravo, Federico Daguerre

300. Network Seismic Capability Assessment of Power High Voltage Electric Equipment
Ion Manea, Ciprian Diaconu, Constantin Radu, Mihai Negru

301. FKM Guideline “Fracture Mechanics Proof of Strength for Engineering Components” — Overview and Extension Topics
B. Pyttel, I. Varfolomeyev, M. Luke

302. Static and Dynamic Behavior of a 3D-Periodic Structure
J. Rishmany, L. Renault, C. Mabru, R. Chieragatti, F. Rezaï Aria

303. Environmental Effect on Pipeline Steels: A Fitness for Service Perspective
J. A. Alvarez, F. Gutierrez-Solana, S. Cicero

304. Finding the Australian Railway Load Spectrum Design and Assessment of Light Weight & Durable Railway Structural Components
R. Jones, J. Baker

305. Structural Integrity Assessment of Componets with Low Constraint
S. Cicero, F. Gutierrez-Solana, J. A. Alvarez

306. Life Assessment of Superheater Tubes Fabricated from 2.25CR-1MO Steel
S. Fujibayashi

307. Predicting Cleavage Fracture in Presence of Residual Stresses; A Numerical Case Study
S. Hadidi-Moud, C. E. Truman, D. J. Smith

308. A Necessary Condition for Cleavage on Laboratory Specimens and Structures
Vincent Corre, Stéphane Chapuliot, Suzanne Degallaix, Antoine Fissolo

309. Safety Assessment of Components with Crack-Like Defects
Yu. G. Matvienko, O. A. Priymak

310. Numerical Analysis of Surface Cracks in Steam Generator Tubes
Zdenko Tonkovi, Ivica Skozrit, Jurica Sori

311. Tensile Simulation of Polymeric Material Considering the Meso-Scale Structure
Akira Shinozaki, Kikuo Kishimoto, Inoue Hirotugu

312. Microfracture and Strain Localization: A Computational Homogenization Approach
C. Dascalu, G. Bilbie, R. Chambon

313. Strain and Fracture at Mesoscale of Coated Materials
S. Panin

314. Relating Cleavage Crack Nucleation to Cracked Carbides in A533B Steel
A. Kumar, S. G. Roberts

315. Micro-Energy Rates for Damage Tolerance and Durability of Composite Structures
C. C. Chamis, L. Minnetyan

316. Micromechanical Observation of Fracture Process in Mortars
E. Schlangen, O. Copuroglu

317. Micro-Fracture Maps in Progressively Drawn Pearlitic Steels
J. Toribio, F. J. Ayaso

318. A Brief History of Fractography
S. P. Lynch, S. Moutsos

C.. Special Symposia/Sessions

319. Size Effects in Lead Free Solder-Joints
A. Betzwar-Kotas, G. Khatibi, A. Ziering, P. Zimprich, V. Groeger, B. Weiss, H. Ipser

320. Micro-Scale Simulation of Impact Rupture in Polysilicon MEMS
Alberto Corigliano, Fabrizio Cacchione, Attilio Frangi, Biagio Masi

321. Nanoindentation of CNT Reinforced Epoxy Nanocomposites
Dimitris C. Lagoudas, Piyush R. Thakre, A. Amine Benzerga

322. Diffusion Kinetics and Multivariant Phase Transformation in Shape Memory Alloys
D. R. Mahapatra, R. V. N. Melnik

323. EBSD Analysis on Deformation of Nanocrystals in ECAP-Processed Copper
Hidehiko Kimura, Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Keisuke Tanaka, Takaaki Ishida

324. The Effect of Extensional Strains on Molecular Orientation, Polymer Free Volume Distribution and Crystallization
Hai Dong, Ruilan Guo, Karl I. Jacob

325. Microrotation-augmented Energy-Minimization for 3D Nanocrystalline Cu Structures
M. A. Tschopp, D. L. McDowell

326. Mechanics and Electromechanics of Single Crystalline Piezoelectric Nanowires
Min-Feng Yu, Zhaoyu Wang, Jie Hu, Abhijit Suryavanshi

327. Multiscale Simulation for High Spped Propagation of Disordered Regions
W. Yang, X. Li, Z. Guo

328. Surface-Stress-Driven Pseudoelasticity and Shape Memory Effect at the Nanoscale
W. Liang, M. Zhou

329. Thermomechanical Behavior of Zinc Oxide Nanobelts
A. Kulkarni, M. Zhou

330. Natural Modes of C60 Cage Via Carbon-Carbon Bonding Element
Pan Zeng, Xue-Gui Yang, Jing Du

331. Fracture of Nanocrystalline Aluminum
C. San Marchi, S. L. Robinson, N. Y. C. Yang, E. J. Lavernia

332. Wear and Fatigue in Silicon Structural Films for MEMS Applications
Daan Hein Alsem, Robert Timmerman, Eric A. Stach, Christopher L. Muhlstein, Michael T. Dugger, Robert O. Ritchie

333. Indentation Induced Through Thickness Film Fracture on Engineering Alloys
D. F. Bahr, K. R. Morasch, A. Alamr

334. Surface Nanostructured Aluminum by Severe Plastics Deformation
E. I. Meletis, K. Y. Wang, J. C. Jiang

335. Contribution of Localized Deformation to IGSCC and IASCC in Austenitic Stainless Steels
Gary S. Was, Zhijie Jiao, Jeremy T. Busby

336. A Study of Crack-Dislocations Interaction with 3D Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
I. N. Mastorakos, H. M. Zbib

337. Numerical Simulations and Measurements of Cracks Parallel and Near Interfaces in Graded Structures
Ivar Reimanis, Keith Rozenburg, John Berger, Matthew Tilbrook, Mark Hoffmann

338. Deformation and Failure Processes Operating in Ultra-Fine Grain Metals
K. Hattar, I. M. Robertson, J. Han, T. Saif, S. J. Hearne, D. Follstaedt

339. Simulation of Cross-Sectional Nanoindentation in Interconnect Structures with Cohesive Elements
D. Gonzalez, J. Molina, I. Ocana, M. R. Elizalde, J. M. Sanchez, J. M. Martinez-Esnaola, J. Gil-Sevillano, G. Xu, D. Pantuso, T. Scherban, B. Sun, B. Miner, J. He, J. Maiz

340. Fracture Between Two Self-Assembled Monolayers
K. M. Liechti, D. Xu

341. Nanotube Nanoactuator
Min-Feng Yu, Jie Hu, Zhaoyu Wang, Abhijit Suryavanshi

342. Nanocrack Detection in Vibrating Nanowires
R. Ruoff, L. Calabri, N. Pugno, X. Chen, W. Ding, K. Kohlhaas

343. Fracture of Atomic Layer Deposited Nanolaminate Films
N. R. Moody, J. M. Jungk, T. M. Mayer, R. A. Wind, S. M. George, W. W. Gerberich

344. Influence of Microstructure, Strength and Adhesion on Au Electrodeposits
Nancy Yang, J. Kelly, T. Headley, C. San Marchi

345. Fracture of Submicron Thin Metal Films During Cyclic Loading
S. Eve, D. Wang, C. Volkert, N. Huber, O. Kraft

346. Micromechanics of Damage Evolution in Solid Propellants
N. Aravas, F. Xu, P. Sofronis

347. Deformation and Failure Mechanisms in Metallic Nanolayered Composites
R. G. Hoagland, J. P. Hirth, A. Misra

348. Dislocation Source Sensitivity of Plasticity and Fracture in Tungsten
J. E. Talia, R. Gibala

349. Delamination of Thin Metal Films on Polymers
A. Pundt, E. Nikitin, R. Kirchheim

350. Fracture Mechanics of One-Dimensional Nanostructures
Weiqiang Ding, Lorenzo Calabri, Kevin M. Kohlhaas, Xinqi Chen, Rodney S. Ruoff

351. Effects of Structure and Bonding at Surfaces and Interfaces on Fracture
S. P. Lynch, S. Moutsos, B. Gable, S. Knight, D. P. Edwards, B. C. Muddle

352. Application of the New Static Photoelastic Experimental Hybrid Method with New Numerical Method to the Plane Fracture Mechanics
Jai-Sug Hawong, Jeong-Hwan Nam, O-Sung Kwon, Konstantin Tche

353. Risk Analysis of Buried Pipeline using Probabilistic Method
Ouk Sub Lee, Dong Hyeok Kim, No Hoon Myoung

354. Reliability Estimation of Solder Joint by Accelerated Life Tests
Ouk Sub Lee, No Hoon Myoung, Dong Hyeok Kim

355. Analysis of Engineering Plastic Behaviors in Thermal Stress Condition
Seon Il Ham, Dong Jun Choi, Sang Duck Park

356. A Mechanistic Model for the Thermal Fatigue Behavior of the Lead-Free Solder Joints
Ilho Kim, Tae-Sang Park, Soon-Bok Lee

357. Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Thin Film on Polyimide Substrate
Dong-Cheon Baek, Sung-Yeol Kim, Soon-Bok Lee

358. Macro-, Meso- and Micro-Damage Model Based on Singularity Representation for Anti-Plane Deformation
G. C. Sih, X. S. Tang

359. Multiscaling Effects in Trip Steels
G. N. Haidemenopoulos, N. Aravas

360. A Hyper-Surface for the Combined Rate and Size Effects on the Material Properties
Zhen Chen, Luming Shen, Yong Gan, H. Eliot Fang

361. A New Method for Local Strain Field Analysis Near Cracks in Micro- and Nanotechnology Applications
B. Michel, D. Vogel, N. Sabate, D. Lieske

362. Experimental Investigations for Fracture Analysis of Solder Joints in Microelectronic and MEMS Applications
H. Walter, C. Bombach, R. Dudek, W. Faust, B. Michel

363. Simulation of Interface Cracks in Microelectronic Packaging
J. Auersperg, B. Seiler, E. Cadalen, R. Dudek, B. Michel

364. AFM Based Fracture Analysis in Micro- and Nanomaterials
Jürgen Keller, Astrid Gollhardt, Dietmar Vogel, Bernd Michel

365. Simulation of Deformation and Fracture Behaviour in Microelectronic Packaging
O. Wittler, H. Walter, J. Keller, R. Dudek, D. Vogel, B. Michel

366. Mixed-Mode Fracture Modeled Through a Discrete Cohesive Zone Model-DCZM
D. Xie, A. M. Waas

367. Signifince of K-Dominance in Delamination Cracking in Composite Laminates
C. T. Sun, Z. Yang

368. Evaluation of Interface Toughness Between Submicron Island and Substrate
Hiroyuki Hirakata, Takayuki Kitamura, Shohei Matsumoto, Yoshimasa Takahashi

369. Three-Dimensional Thermal Stress Analysis Considering the Stress Singularity for Bonded Structures
H. Koguchi

370. Center of Dilatation and Penny-Shaped Crack in Viscoelastic Bimaterial
K. T. Chau, R. C. K. Wong, Y. Z. Sun

371. Fracture Analysis on Popcorning of Plastic Packages During Solder Reflow
S. W. R. Lee, D. C. Y. Lau

372. Delamination of PB-Free Flip Chip Underfill During 2nd Level Interconnect Reflow
Soonwan Chung, Zhenming Tang, Seungbae Park

373. Reliability of Interfaces Between Components in Advanced Electronic Packages under Solder Reflow Process
T. Ikeda, N. Miyazaki

374. Three-Dimensional Stress Intensity Factors Analyses of Interface Cracks Between Dissimilar Anisotropic Materials
Masaki Nagai, Toru Ikeda, Noriyuki Miyazaki

375. Molecular Dynamics of Interfacial Fracture
T. E. Tay, V. B. C. Tan, M. Deng

C.. Special Symposia/Sessions

376. Nucleation, Growth and Instability of the Cavitation in Rubber
E. Bayraktar, K. Bessri, C. Bathias

377. Engineering Fracture Mechanics for Crack Toughness Characterisation of Elastomers
Katrin Reincke, Wolfgang Grellmann, Gert Heinrich

378. Multiaxial Fatigue Crack Initiation on Filled Rubbers: Statistical Aspects
L. Laiarinandrasana, A. Bennani, R. Piques

379. Fracture Criteria of Rubber-Like Materials under Plane Stress Loadings
A. Hamdi, M. Nait-Abdelaziz, N. Ait Hocine, P. Heuillet

380. Prediction of Rubber Fatigue Life under Multiaxial Loading
A. Zine, N. Benseddiq, M. Nait-Abdelaziz, N. Ait Hocine

381. Modeling of Biaxial Fatigue of Natural Rubber
Shanyan Dong, Claude Bathias, Karine Gorjo, F. Hourlier, J. F. Vitorri

382. Modeling of Crack Propagation in Elastomeric Materials Using Configurational Forces
T. Horst, G. Heinrich

383. Determination of Inter-Fibre-Failure in Complex, Reinforced Composites
V. Trappe, H. Ivers

384. The Test Frequency Dependence of the Fatigue Behavior of Elastomers
Z. Major, Ch. Feichter, R. Steinberger, R. W. Lang

385. Nonlinear Model for Reinforced Concrete Frames Loaded by Seismic Forces
D. Kovacevic

386. Monitoring the Durability Performances of Concrete and Masonry Structures by Acoustic Emission Technique
A. Carpinteri, G. Lacidogna

387. Bifurcation Control of Parametric Resonance in Axially Excited Cantilever Beam
H. Yabuno, M. Hasegawa

388. Adaptive Properties of Dynamic Objects
I. I. Blekhman, L. A. Vaisberg

389. Influence of Addendum Modification Coefficient on the Gear’s Load Capacity
I. Atanasovska, V. Nikoli-Stanojevi

390. Micromechanical Modelling of Fracture-Induced Anisotropy and Damage in Orthotropic Materials
Vincent Monchiet, Ion-Cosmin Gruescu, Djimedo Kondo, Oana Cazacu

391. Vibration Control Devices and their Application
K. Nagaya

392. Measurements of Dynamical System Integrity and Fracture Mechanics
K. S. Hedrih

393. Modeling of the Surface Cracks and Fatigue Life Estimation
Katarina Maksimovic, Stevan Maksimovic, Vera Nikolic-Stanojevic

394. Structural Damage Detection Via the Subspace Identification Method
Marina Trajkovic, Dragoslav Sumarac, Marina Mijalkovic

395. Clock Mechanism as Base of Artillery Safety and Arming Devices
M. Ugrcic

396. Twisting Deformation Evolution of Drilling Ropes
N. P. Puchko

397. Hereditary Strain Theory of Syntetic and Steel Ropes
O. O. Goroshko

398. Brittle and Ductile Failure in Thermoviscoplastic Solids under Dynamic Loading
R. C. Batra, B. M. Love

399. Some Aspects of Dynamic Interfacial Crack Growth
R. R. Nikolic, J. M. Veljkovic

400. On Stability Problems of Periodic Impact Motions
S. Mitic

401. Dynamical Integrity of Nonlinear Mechanical Oscillators
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