Sun, Q. P.

IUTAM Symposium on Size Effects on Material and Structural Behavior at Micron- and Nano-Scales

Sun, Q. P. - IUTAM Symposium on Size Effects on Material and Structural Behavior at Micron- and Nano-Scales, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Tunable Ferroelectric Phase Transition
Biao Wang, C. H. Woo, Yue Zheng

2. Multi-scale Characterizations for Ductile Thin Film Delamination
Y.-G. Wei, G.-S. Xu

3. Fractal and Scaling Phenomena on Fracture at Micro-scales
C.-S. Lu, Y.-W. Mai, Y.-L. Bai

4. Numerical Simulation of Size Effects of Microcracked Elastic Solids
X. Q. Feng

5. Morphological Instability and Kinetics of an Elastic Film on a Viscoelastic Layer
S. H. Im, R. Huang

6. A Multi-scale Model-Based Simulation of Thin Film Delamination
L.-M. Shen, Z. Chen

7. Interface Fracture: A Study Based on the Conventional Theory of Mechanism-Based Strain Gradient Plasticity
S. Qu, Y. Huang, C. Liu, K. C. Hwang

8. Deformation and Diffusion in Nano-grained Metals
W. Yang, X.-L. Ma, H. T. Wang, W. Hong

9. Multiscale Analysis of Strength Enhancement of Cellular Materials under Impact Loading
H. Zhao, S. Abdennadher

10. Particle Size Effects in Nanocomposites
A. Zaoui, V. Marcadon, E. Hervé

11. Effects of the Structural Topology and Connection Size on the Strength of Circular Honeycombs under In-Plane Compression
T. X. Yu, D. Karagiozova

12. Time-Dependent Plasticity in the Submicron Regime
A. H. W. Ngan, G. Feng, B. Tang, H. Li, P. C. Wo

13. Energy Penalties in Materials with Microstructures of Phase Transitions: Modified Gibbs Phase Rule
Y. Huo, I. Müller

14. The Cahn-Hilliard Phase-Field Model for Topology Optimization of Solids
M. Y. Wang, S. Zhou

15. An Experimental Investigation of the Relationship between Molecular Structure and Length Scales in Inelastic Deformation of an Amorphous Thermoplastic
J. Agde Tjernlund, E. K. Gamstedt, P. Gudmundson

16. Modeling of Austenite/Martensite Laminates with Interfacial Energy Effect
H. Petryk, S. Stupkiewicz, G. Maciejewski

17. Mechanism-Based Strain Gradient Crystal Plasticity
C.-S. Han, H. Gao, Y. Huang, W. D. Nix

18. Size Effect Down to Nanoscales: Function over Strength
W.-L. Guo, Y.-F. Guo

19. Micromechanics of Micropolar Composites
G.-K. Hu

20. Asymptotic Model Equation for Phase Transitions in a Slender Circular Elastic Cylinder
H. H. Dai

21. Effect of Phase Transition on the Unusual Microwear Behavior of Superelastic NiTi SMA
L. M. Qian, Q. P. Sun, X. D. Xiao

22. Homogenization Method for Strength and Inelastic Behavior of Nanocrystalline Materials
L. Capolungo, M. Cherkaoui, J. Qu

23. Instability and Hysteresis in Thermoelastic Tension Strips
Y. J. He, Q. P. Sun

24. Effective Elastic Modulus of Nano-Particles
R. Dingreville, J. Qu, M. Cherkaoui

25. Nanoindentations and Theory of Strain Gradient Viscoelasticity
L. H. Keung, D. C. C. Lam, P. Tong


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