Hitchcock, David

Arguing on the Toulmin Model

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
David Hitchcock, Bart Verheij

2. Reasoning in Theory and Practice
Stephen E. Toulmin

3. A Citation-Based Reflection on Toulmin and Argument
Ronald P. Loui

4. Complex Cases and Legitimation Inference: Extending the Toulmin Model to Deliberative Argument in Controversy
G. Thomas Goodnight

5. A Metamathematical Extension of the Toulmin Agenda
Mark Weinstein

6. Toulmin's Model of Argument and the Question of Relativism
Lilian Bermejo-Luque

7. Systematizing Toulmin's Warrants: An Epistemic Approach
James B. Freeman

8. Warranting Arguments, the Virtue of Verb
James F. Klumpp

9. Evaluating Inferences: The Nature and Role of Warrants
Robert C. Pinto

10. ‘Probably’
Robert H. Ennis

11. The Voice of the Other: A Dialogico-Rhetorical Understanding of Opponent and of Toulmin's Rebuttal
Wouter H. Slob

12. Evaluating Arguments Based on Toulmin's Scheme
Bart Verheij

13. Good Reasoning on the Toulmin Model
David Hitchcock

14. The Fluidity of Warrants: Using the Toulmin Model to Analyse Practical Discourse
Olaf Tans

15. Artificial Intelligence & Law, Logic and Argument Schemes
Henry Prakken

16. Multiple Warrants in Practical Reasoning
Christian Kock

17. The Quest for Rationalism without Dogmas in Leibniz and Toulmin
Txetxu Ausín

18. From Arguments to Decisions: Extending the Toulmin View
John Fox, Sanjay Modgil

19. Using Toulmin Argumentation to Support Dispute Settlement in Discretionary Domains
John Zeleznikow

20. Toulmin's Model and the Solving of Ill-Structured Problems
James F. Voss

21. Arguing By Question: A Toulminian Reading of Cicero's Account of the Enthymeme
Manfred Kraus

22. The Uses of Argument in Mathematics
Andrew Aberdein

23. Translating Toulmin Diagrams: Theory Neutrality in Argument Representation
Chris Reed, Glenn Rowe

24. The Toulmin Test: Framing Argumentation within Belief Revision Theories
Fabio Paglieri, Cristiano Castelfranchi

25. Eight Theses Reflecting on Stephen Toulmin
John Woods


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