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Water and the Cell

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Table of contents

1. A Convergence of Experimental and Theoretical Breakthroughs Affirms the PM theory of Dynamically Structured Cell Water on the Theory’s 40th Birthday
Gilbert N. Ling

2. Molecular Basis of Articular Disk Biomechanics: Fluid Flow and Water Content in the Temporomandibular Disk as Related to Distribution of Sulfur
Christine L. Haskin, Gary D. Fullerton, Ivan L. Cameron

3. Coherent domains in the streaming cytoplasm of a giant algal cell
V.A. Shepherd

4. The glassy state of water: A ‘stop and go’ device for biological processes
S.E. Pagnotta, F. Bruni

5. Information Exchange within Intracellular Water
Martin F. Chaplin

6. Biology’s Unique Phase Transition Drives Cell Function
Dan W. Urry

7. The Effects of Static Magnetic Fields, Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields and Mechanical Vibration on some Physicochemical Properties of Water
Sinerik N. Ayrapetyan, Armine M. Amyan, Gayane S. Ayrapetyan

8. Solute Exclusion and Potential Distribution Near Hydrophilic Surfaces
Jianming Zheng, Gerald H. Pollack

9. Vicinal Hydration of Biopolymers: Cell Biological Consequences
W. Drost-Hansen

10. The Liquid Crystalline Organism and Biological Water
Mae-Wan Ho, Zhou Yu-Ming, Julian Haffegee, Andy Watton, Franco Musumeci, Giuseppe Privitera, Agata Scordino, Antonio Triglia

11. The Unfolded Protein State Revisited
Patricio A. Carvajal, Tyre C. Lanier

12. Some Properties of Interfacial Water: Determinants for Cell Architecture and Function?
Frank Mayer, Denys Wheatley, Michael Hoppert

13. Donnan Potential in Hydrogels of Poly(Methacrylic Acid) and its Potassium Salt
Alexander P. Safronov, Tatyana F. Shklyar, Vadim S. Borodin, Yelena A. Smirnova, Sergey Yu. Sokolov, Gerald H. Pollack, Felix A. Blyakhman

14. Biological Significance of Active Oxygen-Dependent Processes in Aqueous Systems
Vladimir L. Voeikov

15. The Comprehensive Experimental Research on the Autothixotropy of Water
Bohumil VybÍral

16. Non-Bulk-Like Water on Cellular Interfaces
Ivan L. Cameron, Gary D. Fullerton

17. The physical nature of the biological signal, a puzzling phenomenon: the critical contribution of Jacques Benveniste
Yoléne Thomas, Larbi Kahhak, Jamal Aissa

18. Freezing, Flow and Proton NMR Properties of Water Compartments in the Temporomandibular Disc
Christine L. Haskin, Gary D. Fullerton, Ivan L. Cameron

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Human Physiology, Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films, Fluids

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363 pages
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