Cadotte, Marc William

Conceptual Ecology and Invasion Biology: Reciprocal Approaches to Nature

Cadotte, Marc William - Conceptual Ecology and Invasion Biology: Reciprocal Approaches to Nature, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Tracking the tractable: using invasion to guide the exploration of conceptual ecology
Sean M. Mcmahon, Marc W. Cadotte, Tadashi Fukami

2. Darwin to Elton: early ecology and the problem of invasive species
Marc W. Cadotte

3. Invasion biology 1958-2005: the pursuit of science and conservation
Mark A. Davis

4. Invasiveness in exotic plants: immigration and naturalization in an ecological continuum
Helen T. Murphy, Jeremy VanDerWal, Lesley Lovett-Doust, Jon Lowtt-Doust

5. Density dependence in invasive plants: demography, herbivory, spread and evolution
Yvonne M. Buckley, Jessica Metcalf

6. Stochasticty, nonlinearity and instability in biological invasions
Robert P. Freckleton, Peter M. Dowling, Nicholas K. Dulvy

7. Local interactions and invasion dynamics: population growth in space and time
David J. Murrell

8. A guide to calculating discrete-time invasion rates from data
Mark A. Lewis, Michael G. Neubert, Hal Caswell, James S. Clark, Katriona Shea

9. The role of evolutionary genetiocs in studies of plant invasions
Kristine A. Schierenbeck, Malika L. Ainouche

10. Contact experience, alien-native interactions, and their community consequences: a theoretical consideration on the role of adaptation in biological invasion
Michio Kondoh

11. Use of biological invasions and their control to study the dynamics of interacting populations
Frank Courchamp, Stephane Caut

12. Invasibility of seed prdators on synchronized intermittent seed production of host plants
Akiko Satake, Ottar N. Bjornstad, Yoh Iwasa

13. Invasion and the regulation of plant populations by pathogens
Gregory S. Gilbert, Ingrid M. Parker

14. Exploring the relationship between nichie breadth and invasion success
Diego P. Vazquez

15. Interactions between invasive plants and soil ecosystem: positive feedbacks and their potential to persist
Andrea S. Thorpe, Ragan M. Callaway

16. Invasion biology as a community process: messages from microbial microcosms
Philip H. Warren, Richard Law, Anita J. Weatherby

17. Understanding invasions in patchy habitats through metapopulation theory
Karin C. Harding, John M. McNamara, Robert D. Holt

18. Competition and the assembly of introduced bird communities
Richard P. Duncan, David M. Forsyth

19. Room for one more? Evidence for invasibility and saturation in ecological communities
Scott A. Smith, Jonathan B. Shurin

20. Ther biogeography of naturalized species and the species-area relationship: reciprocal insights to biogeography ans invasion biology
Dov F. Sax, Steven D. Gaines

21. Linking scale dependent processes in invasions
Marc W. Cadotte, Tadashi Fukami, Sean M. Mcmahon


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