Buerstedde, Jean-Marie

Reviews and Protocols in DT40 Research

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Table of contents

1. DT40 gene disruptions: a how-to for the design and the construction of targeting vectors
Hiroshi Arakawa, Jean-Marie Buerstedde

2. Immunoglobulin gene conversion or hypermutation: that's the question
Jean-Marie Buerstedde, Hiroshi Arakawa

3. Genome resources for the DT40 community
Randolph B. Caldwell, Andrzej M. Kierzek

4. Chromosome engineering in DT40 cells and mammalian centromere function
William R. A. Brown, Margaret C. M. Smith, Felix Dafhnis-Calas, Sunir Malla, Zhengyao Xu

5. Function of RECQ family helicase in genome stability
Masayuki Seki, Shusuke Tada, Takemi Enomoto

6. Genetic analysis of apoptotic execution
Sandrine Ruchaud, Kumiko Samejima, Damien Hudson, Scott H. Kaufmann, William C. Earnshaw

7. The DT40 system as a tool for analyzing kinetochore assembly
Masahiro Okada, Tetsuya Hori, Tatsuo Fukagawa

8. Analysing the DNA damage and replication checkpoints in DT40 cells
Michael D. Rainey, George Zachos, David A. F. Gillespie

9. Using DT40 to study clathrin function
Frank R. Wettey, Antony P. Jackson

10. Genetic analysis of B cell signaling
Hisaaki Shinohara, Tomohiro Kurosaki

11. DT40 mutants: a model to study transcriptional regulation of B cell development and function
Jukka Alinikula, Olli Lassila, Kalle-Pekka Nera

12. Transcription and RNA processing factors play complex roles in DT40 cells
Stephanie Bush, James L. Manley

13. Participation of histones, histone modifying enzymes and histone chaperonesin vertebrate cell functions
Hidehiko Kikuchi, Hirak Kumar Barman, Masami Nakayama, Yasunari Takami, Tatsuo Nakayama

14. Analysis of gene expression, copy number and palindrome formation with a DT40 enriched CDNA microarray
Paul E. Neima, Joan Burnside, Katrina Elsaesser, Harry Hwang, Bruce E. Clurman, Robert Kimmel, Jeff Delrow

15. Calcium signaling, ion channels and more
Anne-Laure Perraud, Carsten Schmitz, Andrew M. Scharenberg

16. Analysis of DNA replication damage bypass and its role in immunoglobulin repertoire development
Julian E. Sale, Anna-Laura Ross, Laura J. Simpson

17. The fanconi anemia pathway promotes homologous recombination repair in DT40 cell line
Minoru Takata, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Nobuko Matsushita, Hiroyoki Kitao, Sciki Hirano, Masamichi Ishaiai

18. Phenotypic analysis of cellular responses to DNA damage
Helfrid Hochegger, Shunichu Takeda

19. ATM, a paradigm for a stress-responsive signal transducer in higher vertebrate cells
Ken-ichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Kobayashi, Hiroko Shimizu

20. Stable non-targeted transfection of DT40
Julian E. Sale

21. Basic cell culture conditions
Huseyin Saribasak, Hiroshi Arakawa

22. Excision of floxed-DNA sequences by transient induction of MER-CRE-MER
Hiroshi Arakawa

23. Immunoglobulin gene conversion and hypermutation assay by facs
Hiroshi Arakawa

24. Target screening by PCR
Hiroshi Arakawa

25. Mitotic index determination by flow cytometry
David A. F. Gillespie, Mark Walker

26. Centrifugal elutriation as a means of cell cycle phase separation and synchronisation
David A. F. Gillespie, Catarina Henriques

27. Preparation of genomic DNA for microarray-based comparative genome hybridization
Robert Kimmel, Amalia Icreverzi, Paul Neiman

28. Analysis of cellular Mg2+ in DT40 cells
Anne-Laure Perraud, Carsten Schmitz, Andrew M. Scharenberg

29. Transient transfection of DT40
Roger Franklin, Julian E. Sale

30. Retroviral transduction of DT40
Felix Randow, Julian E. Sale

31. Colony survival assay
Laura. J. Simpson, Julian E. Sale

32. Subcloning DT40 by limiting dilution
Jean-Marie Buerstedde

33. Subnuclear immunofluorescence
Dávid Szüts, Julian E. Sale

34. Sister chromatid exchange assay
Laura J. Simpson, Julian E. Sale

35. 2D cell cycle analysis
Roger Franklin, Julian E. Sale

36. Purification of tap-tagged proteins by two-step pull down from DT40 cells
Hiroyuki Kitao, Minoru Takata

37. Synchronization of cells
Eiichiro Sonoda

38. Targeted transfection of DT40 cells
Huseyin Saribasak, Hiroshi Arakawa

39. Luciferase reporter assay
Frank R. Wettey, Antony P. Jackson

40. Indirect immunofluorescence microscopy
Frank R. Wettey, Antony P. Jackson

41. Quantification of receptor-mediated endocytosis
Frank R. Wettey, Antony P. Jackson

42. Measurement of DNA synthesis and strand breaks using alkaline sucrose density gradient centrifugation
Kouichi Yamada, Jun Takezawa

43. Isolation of nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins from DT40 cell lines
Yan-Dong Wang, Randolph B. Caldwell

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Cancer Research, Biochemistry, general, Life Sciences, general, Vertebrates

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