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Advances in Engineering Structures, Mechanics & Construction

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Table of contents

1. Forty Years of Engineering Structures, Mechanics and Construction Research at the University of Waterloo
Mircea Z. Cohn, Donald E. Grierson

2. Isospectral Vibrating Systems
G. M. L. Gladwell

3. Cold-formed Steel Research at The University of Waterloo
R. M. Schuster

4. Sulphide, Sulphate and Sulphuric Acid a Corrosion of Concrete in Laboratory Tests
V. Assaad Abdelmseeh, J. C. Jofriet, S. C. Negi, G. Hayward

5. Summary of Development and Use of CSA 2004 Shear Design Provisions
Evan C. Bentz

6. Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks Using TAM Network
Hitoshi Furuta, Hiroshi Hattori, Dan M. Frangopol

7. An Approximate Damage Model for Concrete Under Finite Deformation
S. Khajehpour, G. D. Morandin, R. G. Sauvé

8. Dynamic Response Analysis for a Large-scale RC Girder Under a Falling-weight Impact Loading
N. Kishi, T. Ohno, H. Konno, A. Q. Bhatti

9. Damage States for Reinforced CMU Masonry Shear Walls
Jia Li, Terence A. Weigel

10. Seismic Behaviour of Precast Column-to-foundation Grouted Sleeve Connections
Paolo Riva

11. Air-void Stability in Fresh Self-consolidating Concretes Incorporating Rice Husk Ash
Md. Safiuddin, G. R. FitzGerald, J. S. West, K. A. Soudki

12. Behavior of Concrete Bridge Decks Reinforced with MMFX Steel
Hatem Seliem, Gregory Lucier, Sami Rizkalla, Paul Zia

13. Evaluation of Shear Design Methods for Large, Lightly-reinforced Concrete Beams
E. G. Sherwood, E. C. Bentz, M. P. Collins

14. FRP Repair of Corrosion-damaged Concrete Beams — Waterloo Experience
Khaled A. Soudki

15. Compressive Strength Testing of Earthen Plasters For Straw Bale Wall Application
Brendon Taylor, Stephen Vardy, Colin MacDougall

16. GBT-based Structural Analysis of Thin-walled members: Overview, Recent Progress and Future Developments
D. Camotim, N. Silvestre, R. Gonçalves, P. B. Dinis

17. Evolutionary Optimization of Braced Steel Frameworks for Tall Buildings Using a Hybrid OC-GA Method
C. -M. Chan, K. -M. Wong

18. Fundamental Characteristics of New High Modulus CFRP Materials for Strengthening Steel Bridges and Structures
Mina Dawood, Emmett Sumner, Sami Rizkalla

19. Modeling of Axially Loaded HSS Slender Steel Members Retrofitted with Composites
Amr Shaat, Waleed Safwat Sayed Fahmy, Amir Fam

20. Quantifying Inherent Robustness in Structural Steel Framing Systems
Christopher M. Foley, Kristine Martin, Carl Schneeman

21. Stainless Steel Rebar for Seismic Applications
Alberto Franchi, Pietro Crespi, Aldo Bennani, Marco Farinet

22. Spread of Plasticity: An Adaptive Gradual Plastic-hinge Approach for Steel Frames
Yanglin Gong

23. Empirical Analysis of Memetic Algorithms for Conceptual Design of Steel Structural Systems in Tall Buildings
Rafal Kicinger, Tomasz Arciszewski

24. Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Prying of Top and Seat-Angle Connections
M. Komuro, N. Kishi, A. Ahmed

25. Fully Stressed Seismic Design of Dampers in Framed Structures
Robert Levy, Oren Lavan

26. Inelastic Analysis of Semirigid Frameworks
Y. Liu, L. Xu, D. E. Grierson

27. A New Method for Analysis of Structures INcluding Nonlinear Semirigid Connections
Hamid Moharrami

28. Evaluation of a Forty-Year Old T.Y. Lin DEsigned Elliptical Post-Tensioned Cable-Supported Roof
Randall W. Poston

29. Story Based Ductility Models for Displacement Based Design of Steel Frames
Mohammad Safi

30. ”Plastique“ — A Computer Program For 3D Inelastic Analysis Of Multi-Storey Buildings
Vlasis K. Koumousis, Eleni N. Chatzi, Savvas P. Triantafillou

31. Analytical Predictions Of Strength and Deflection Of Light Gauge Steel Frame/Wood Panel Shear Walls
C. Y. Chen, A. F. Okasha, C. A. Rogers

32. Innovative Cold-Formed Steel I-Joist
R. A. LaBoube

33. Determination Of The Lateral Strength Of Shear Wall Panels With Cold-Formed Steel Frames
Joel Martínez, Lei Xu

34. Modal Decomposition For Thin-Walled Member Stability Using The Finite Strip Method
B. W. Schafer, S. Á;dány

35. Study On Shear Resistance Of Cold-Formed Steel Stud Walls In Residential Structure
Zhou Xuhong, Shi Yu, Zhou Tianhua, Liu Yongjian, Di Jin

36. Learning, Self-Diagnosis And Multi-Objective Control Of An Active Tensegrity Structure
Bernard Adam, Ian F. C. Smith

37. Micro- And Macro-Mechanical Approaches for Modelling of Polyethylene Material for Pipes
J. A. Alvarado-Contreras, H. Liu, M.A. Polak, A. Penlidis

38. The Mechanics of Early Embryo Development: Insights from Finite Element Modeling
Xiaoguang Chen, G. Wayne Brodland

39. Applications Of Random Field Models In Stochastic Structural Mechanics
Christian Bucher

40. Relative NDT Evaluation Of The Side Walls Of A Brick Channel
Giovanni Cascante, Homayoun Najjaran, Paola Ronca

41. Crack Induced Stress Field in an Elastic-Plastic Plate
R. N. Dubey

42. Micro/Meso-Analysis of Polymer Composites with Damage Evolution
Fernand Ellyin, Zihui Xia, Yunfa Zhang

43. Galerkin Method for Stochastic Algebraic Equations and Plates on Random Elastic Foundation
Mircea Grigoriu

44. Hypercube Point Concentration Sampling Technique
H. P. Hong

45. Asymptotically-Correct Structural Modelling Of Thin-Walled Anisotropic Closed Cross-Section Rotating Slender Beams
F. Khouli, F. F. Afagh, R. G. Langlois

46. Dynamic Sensitivities Using Efficient Reanalysis Of Structures
U. Kirsch, M. Bogomolni, I. Sheinman

47. Symmetrization Of Some Linear Conservative Nonself-Adjoint Systems
B. L. Ly

48. Interactive Knowledge-Based Assistance For Conceptual Design of Building Structures
Rodrigo Mora, Hugues Rivard, Steve Parent, Claude Bédard

49. High Performance Computational Modelling of Microstructural Phenomena in Polycrystalline Metals
K. Inal, K. W. Neale

50. Interactive Visualisation Systems for Conceptual Building Design: A Practical Approach
M. Y. Rafiq, M. Beck, I. Packham

51. Assessing Alternative Prefabrication Methods: Logistical Influences
Robert Seaker, Sang-Hoon Lee

52. A Study of Quasi-Static Delamination in Sandwich Structures
Srinivasan Sridharan, Yupeng Li

53. On the Monte Carlo Simulation of Moment Lyapunov Exponents
Wei-Chau Xie, Qinghua Huang

54. Mathematical Programming in Structural Mechanics — The Past and the Future
Adam Borkowski

55. Optimization Method of Pile Foundations
Anthony J. Hurd, Kevin Z. Truman

56. Gradient Based Optimization of Added Viscous Damping in Seismic Applications
Oren Lavan, Robert Levy

57. Strategies for Computational Efficiency in Continuum Structural Topology Optimization
Colby C. Swan, Salam F. Rahmatalla

58. Damage Detection Using Static Response Data and Optimality Criterion
Kevin Truman, Gus Terlaje

59. System Reliability Assessment of Steel Girder Bridges
Artur A. Czarnecki, Andrzej S. Nowak

60. Reliability Of Bilinear SDOF Systems Subjected to Earthquake Loading
H. P. Hong, P. Hong

61. Risk-Based Maintenance Optimization of Aging Highway Bridge Decks
Zoubir Lounis

62. A Comparison of Probabilistic Models of Deterioration for Life Cycle Management of Structures
M. D. Pandey, X. -X. Yuan

63. Time-Variant Reliability Analysis for Series Systems With Log-Normal Vector Response
Sayan Gupta, Pieter Gelder, Mahesh Pandey

64. In-Pipe Ground Penetrating Radar for Non-Destructive Evaluation of PVC Lined Concrete Pipe
Samuel T. Ariaratnam, Noel Guercio

65. Freeform Construction Application Research
R. A. Buswell, R. C. Soar, A. G. F. Gibb, A. Thorpe

66. Risk Identification and Response Methods: Views of Large Scale Contractors Working in Developing Countries
A. Samer Ezeldin, Wallied Orabi

67. Better Visualization for Multiple-Site Infrastructure Programs Using GIS
Tarek Hegazy

68. Glass-Plastic Hybrid Construction
J. Hildebrand, F. Werner

69. Development Of New Bridge Restrainer Using Laminated Fiber Reinforced Rubber
Nobutaka Ishikawa, Yasushi Nishimoto, Toru Ukishima

70. Collapse Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Slabs: Are the Up and Down Roads One and the Same?
David Johnson

71. Decision Support System for Bridge Network Maintenance Planning
Ming Liu, Dan M. Frangopol

72. Antimicrobial Treated Construction Materials and Air Filters Reduce Facility Bioburden and Improve Air Quality in a Healthcare Environment
G. M. McNeice, O. Z. Tyler, D. W. Blackhurst

73. Comprehensive Strategy for HSC Best Performance in Extensive Applications of Landmarkworks in Italy
A. Migliacci, P. Ronca, P. Crespi, G. Franchi

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Construction Management

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