Leszczynski, Jerzy

Non-Linear Optical Properties of Matter

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Table of contents

1. Microscopic Theory of Nonlinear Optics
Patrick Norman, Kenneth Ruud

2. Accurate Nonlinear Optical Properties for Small Molecules
Ove Christiansen, Sonia Coriani, Jürgen Gauss, Christof Hättig, Poul JØrgensen, Filip Pawlowski, Antonio Rizzo

3. Determination of Vibrational Contributions to Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties
B. Kirtman, J.M. Luis

4. SOS Methods in Calculations of Electronic NLO Properties
Wojciech Bartkowiak, Robert Zalesny

5. Kohn–Sham Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory with Applications to Linear and Nonlinear Properties
Dan Jonsson, Olav Vahtras, Branislav Jansik, Zilvinas Rinkevicius, Pawel Salek, Hans Ågren

6. Non-Linear Pulse Propagation in Many-Photon Active Isotropic Media
A. Baev, S. Polyutov, I. Minkov, F. Gel’mukhanov, H. Ågren

7. Collective and Cooperative Phenomena in Molecular Functional Materials
Anna Painelli, Francesca Terenziani

8. Multiconfigurational Self-Consistent Field-Molecular Mechanics Response Methods
Kurt V. Mikkelsen

9. Solvatochromism and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Donor-acceptor p-Conjugated Molecules
Wojciech Bartkowiak

10. Symmetry Based Approach to the Evaluation of Second Order NLO Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
L. Dominicis, R. Fantoni

11. Atomistic Molecular Modeling of Electric Field Poling of Nonlinear Optical Polymers
Megan R. Leahy-Hoppa, Joseph A. French, Paul D. Cunningham, L. Michael Hayden

12. Nonlinear Optical Properties of Chiral Liquids
Peer Fischer, Benoît Champagne

13. Recent Progress in Molecular Design of Ionic Second-order Nonlinear Optical Materials
Paresh Chandra Ray

14. Characterization Techniques of Nonlinear Optical Materials
Inge Asselberghs, Javier Pérez-Moreno, Koen Clays

15. Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Response of Metal Nanoparticles
Bruno Palpant

16. From Dipolar to Octupolar Phthalocyanine Derivatives: The Example of Subphthalocyanines
Christian G. Claessens, Gema Torre, Tomás Torres

17. NLO Properties of Metal Alkynyl and Related Complexes
Joseph P.L. Morrall, Mark G. Humphrey, Gulliver T. Dalton, Marie P. Cifuentes, Marek Samoc

18. Ruthenium Complexes as Versatile Chromophores with Large, Switchable Hyperpolarizabilities
Benjamin J. Coe

19. Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Selected Rotaxanes and Catenanes
Jacek Niziol, Kamila Nowicka, Francois Kajzar

20. Second Harmonic Generation from Gold and Silver Nanoparticles in Liquid Suspensions
Jérôme Nappa, Guillaume Revillod, Gaelle Martin, Isabelle Russier-Antoine, Emmanuel Benichou, Christian Jonin, Pierre-François Brevet


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Natural Sciences

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