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Table of contents

Section One. Globalization and Diversity: Promise or Problem?

1. Teacher Education in a New Millennium: Pressures and Possibilities
Tony Townsend, Richard Bates

2. Learning and Leading in a Globalized World: The Lessons from South Africa
Jonathan Jansen

3. The Interplay between Culture, Teacher Professionalism and Teachers' Professional Development at Times of Change
Ahmed M. Al-Hinai

4. Partnerships for Progressing Cultural Democracy in Teacher Education in Pacific Island Countries
Konai Helu Thaman

5. The Treaty, the Institution and the Chalkface: An Institution-wide Project in Teacher Education
Janinka Greenwood, Liz Brown

6. Where have all the Teachers Gone? Gone to be Leaders, Everyone
Ivan Reid, Kevin Brain, Louise Comerford Boyes

Section Two. Standards and Accountability: What Does It Mean to be a Good Teacher and How Can We Make It Happen?

7. Quality in Teacher Education: Seeking a Common Definition
David G. Imig, Scott R. Imig

8. Standards and Professionalism: Peace Talks?
Mike Newby

9. Regulation and Autonomy in Teacher Education: System or Democracy?
Richard Bates

10. Globalisation and the Reshaping of Teacher Professional Culture: Do We Train Competent Technicians or Informed Players in the Policy Process?
Lawrence Angus

11. Academics' Perceptions of Private University Establishment Standards and Teaching Quality
Aysen Bakioglu, Ozge Hacifazlioglu

Section Three. Teacher Preparation: Getting the Brightest and Making them the Best

12. Mentoring in Teacher Education: An Experience that Makes a Difference for Fledgling University Students
Beverley Jane

13. Exploring ‘Lifewide Learning’ as a Vehicle for Shifting Pre-service Teachers' Conceptions of Teaching and Learning
Janette Ryan

14. Productive Pedagogies: Seeking a Common Vocabulary and Framework for Talking about Pedagogy with Pre-service Teachers
David Zyngier

15. From Performing to Performance: Can the Repositioning of Teacher Candidates Create a Measurable Impact on Children's Achievement While Developing Positive Teaching Dispositions?
Robert P. Pelton

16. Maori Student Retention and Success: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Relationships
Ruth Gorinski, Gloria Abernethy

17. The Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation Programs in Jordan: A Case Study
Mahmoud Al-Weher, Majed Abu-Jaber

18. Mentoring as the Key to a Successful Student Teaching Practicum: A Comparative Analysis
Lydia Pungur

19. Preparing Pre-service Teachers and Meeting the Diversity Challenge through Structured Service-learning and Field Experiences in Urban Schools
Teri C. Davis, Barbara Moely

20. Teaching Internships and the Learning Community
Lorelei Carpenter, Bette Blance

Section Four. Teacher Induction: From Neophyte To Professional in Three Easy Steps

21. Workplace Contexts of New Teachers: An American Tradition of “Paying One's Dues”
Iris Riggs, Ruth Sandlin

22. Re-thinking the Basis for “High Quality” Teaching: Teacher Preparation in Communities
H. James Mclaughlin, Gail E. Burnaford

23. The Transition Process: The Early Years of Being a Teacher
Zachariah O. Wanzare

24. The Knowledge Building Community Program: A Partnership for Progress in Teacher Education
Julie Kiggins, Brian Cambourne

25. Newly Qualified Teachers in Hong Kong: Professional Development or Meeting one's Fate?
Victor Forrester, Janet Draper

26. Meeting the Standard? The New Teacher Education Induction Scheme in Scotland
Janet Draper, Fiona Christie, Jim O'Brien

Section Five. Continuous Development of Teachers: The Challenge to Change

27. Teacher Professional Learning, Teaching Practice and Student Learning Outcomes: Important Issues
Marion Meiers

28. Defining the Meaning of Teacher Success in Hong Kong
Cheng May Hung, Au Kit Oi, Pang King Chee, Cheung Lai Man

29. Networked Learning Communities: Joined up Working?
Ivan Reid, Kevin Brain, Louise Comerford Boyes

30. Lesson study: An Opportunity for Teacher Led Professional Development
Charles Podhorsky, Douglas Fisher

31. An Alternative Approach to CPD: an Evaluation of the Impact on Individual and Institutional Development of an Action Learning Programme Run in Partnership by an HE institution (HEI) and a Sixth Form College (SFC)
Michael Aiello, Kevin Watson

32. Building Leadership Capability through Professional Development: A New Zealand Case Study Analysis
Ruth Gorinski

33. A Case Study: The Dilemmas of Biculturalism in Education Policy and Visual Arts Education Practice in Aotearoa-New Zealand
Jill Smith

34. Professional Development through Transformation: Linking Two Assessment Models of Teachers' Reflective Thinking and Practice
Harrison Tse

35. Action Research and Tacit Knowledge: A Case of the Project Approach
Amy A.M. Yip

36. The Impact of a Collaborative Model for Curriculum Restructuring on Teachers' Professional Growth
Margaret Taplin, Dorothy Ng Fung Ping, Huang Fuqian

37. Teacher Educators' Collaborative Inquiry in a Context of Educational Innovation in China — A Case Study of Rich as a Learning Community
Danjun Ying

Section Six. The Reflective Practitioner: The Way Forward

38. Participation and the Question of Knowledge
Neil Hooley

39. Understanding the Social Self: The Role and Importance of Reflexivity in Schoolteachers' Professional Learning
Alex Moore

40. Teachers as Leaders: Building a Knowledge Base of Practice through Researching Practice
John Loughran

41. School Reform and Transitions in Teacher Professionalism and Identity
Christopher Day

42. Teachers Engaging in Research asProfessional Development
Eileen Honan

Section Seven. The Impact of Technology: Tool of the Trade or the Terror for Teachers?

43. ICTs and Tomorrow's Teachers: Informing and Improving the ICT Undergraduate Experience
Glenn Russell, Glenn Finger

44. Webfolios: Authentic of State and Accreditation Standards
Paul Gathercoal, Judith Crowe, Silva Karayan, Thomas McCambridge, Susanne Maliski, Douglas O. Love, Gerry W. Mckean

45. Collaborative Online Projects in a Global Community
Muriel Wells

46. Creating Thinking Professionals: Teaching and Learning about Professional Practice Using Interactive Technology
Manjula Waniganayake, Susan Wilks, Ron Linser

47. The Complexities of Learning to Teach: “Just What Is It That I Am Doing?”
Christine Gardner, John Williamson

48. Pre-Service Teachers Self-perceptions of ICTE: An Australian Perspective
Glenn Russell, Geoff Romeo


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