Blitz, Jonathan P.

Surface Chemistry in Biomedical and Environmental Science

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Table of contents

1. Water structuring at colloidal surfaces
M. Chaplin

2. Microgels and core-shell particles
B. Vincent

3. Microencapsulation: fundamentals, methods and applications
D. Poncelet

4. The molecular layering method: progress in science and practical works for creation of functional nanomaterials
A. A. Malygin

5. Analysis of surface structures using XPS with external stimuli
G. Ertas, S. Suzer

6. Modification and coating of polymer surfaces
O. Gershevitz, P. Silickas, C. N. Sukenik

7. Is it possible to generalize the problems of porous materials formation, study and exploitation?
M. S. Mel'gunov, V. B. Fenelonov

8. Theoretical analysis of surface pressure of monolayers formed by nano-particles
V. B. Fainerman, V. I. Kovalchuk, D. O. Grigoriev, M. E. Leser, R. Miller

9. Oxide, carbon, and carbon/mineral adsorbents for toxic, explosive, and narcotic compounds – synthesis, properties, and applications
V. Gun'ko, R. Leboda, V. Turov, V. Zarko, A. Chuiko†

10. Porous polymeric nanocomposites filled with chemically modified fumed silicas
Y. Bolbukh, V. Tertykh, B. Gawdzik

11. Ion-electrostatic interaction in systems of inorganic nanoparticles and biological cells in electrolyte solution
L. G. Grechko, L. B. Lerman, O. Pokotylo, N. G. Shkoda, A. A. Chuiko†, K. W. Whites

12. Structural and adsorption characteristics of pyrocabon-mineral adsorbents
J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, R. Leboda, V. M. Gun'ko, B. Charmas

13. Synthesis and structural/adsorption characteristics of unmodified and modified hybrid carbon/mineral adsorbents
J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, R. Leboda, V. M. Gun'ko, O. Seledets

14. Surface Functionalization for Biomedical Applications
H. J. Mathieu, X. Gao, Y. Chevolot, D. J. Balazs

15. Surface modifications to influence adhesion of biological cells and adsorption of globular proteins
W. Norde

16. Fundamentals of nanosilica applications for human protection
V. M. Gun'ko, V. V. Turov, A. A. Chuiko†

17. Medical aspects of application of highly disperse amorphous silica
A. Chuiko†, A. Pentyuk, E. Shtat'ko, N. Chuiko

18. The interaction of nanostructured biomaterials with human cell cultures. The choice of cell cultures for use as biocompatability probes
S. L. James, M. Illsley, S. E. James, E. Mendoza, S. R. P. Silva, P. Vadgama, P. Tomlins, S. V. Mikhalovsky

19. Physical characterisation of a polycaprolactone tissue scaffold
P. V. Grant, C. M. Vaz, P. E. Tomlins, L. Mikhalovska, S. Mikhalovsky, S. James, P. Vadgama

20. Nanostructured and nanocomposite hydrogels for biomedical applications
A. Spanoudaki, D. Fragiadakis, K. Vartzeli-Nikaki, P. Pissis, J. C. R. Hernandez, M. M. Pradas

21. An overview on the toxicity of inhaled nanoparticles
B. Fubini, I. Fenoglio, G. Martra, R. Ceschino, M. Tomatis, R. Cavalli, M. Trotta

22. Detection of V-type nerve agent degradation products using a polypyrrole/pyrroloquinoline quinone-modified electrode
O. V. Shulga, C. Palmer

23. Biological applications of functionalized carbon nanoparticles
J. Barkauskas

24. Interaction of cells with nanoparticles
V. A. Pokrovskiy, N. P. Galagan, A. A. Chuiko†

25. The role of nature and structure of surface sites in the biological response to silica particles
I. Fenoglio, M. Ghiazza, R. Ceschino, F. Gillio, G. Martra, B. Fubini

26. Magnetically sensitive nanocomposites for medical and biological applications
P. P. Gorbik, L. P. Storozhuk, A. A. Chuiko†, L. Vergun, V. F. Chekhun

27. Hydrophobized silica nanocomposites with immobilized antioxidants (vitamins C an d E)
P. Kuzema, O. Stavinskaya, O. Kazakova, I. Laguta

28. Interaction of some biomolecules with modified nanosilica surfaces studied by quantum chemistry
O. Tsendra, A. Datsyuk, V. Lobanov, A. Grebenyuk, A. Chuiko†

29. Synthesis and characterization of ordered mesoporous materials for removal of heavy metal ions
M. Jaroniec, O. Olkhovyk

30. Functionalized surfaces: silica structure and metal ion adsorption behavior
I. P. Blitz, J. P. Blitz, V. M. Gun'ko, D. J. Sheeran

31. Heterogeneously catalyzed alkane isomerization ? towards 100% selectivity
H. Knözinger

32. Low temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide over alkali-metal promoted palladium-tin oxide catalysts
B. Mirkelamoglu, G. Karakas

33. Nanoparticles of aluminium salts hydrolysis products in water treatment and disinfection
S. Barany, J. Gregory, A. Shcherba, I. Solomentseva

34. Co-adsorption of the low molecular carboxylic acids and cadmium ions at the metal oxide/electrolyte interface
W. Janusz, M. Matysek

35. Interaction of Phenolic Pollutants with PNIPA hydrogels
K. László, K. Kosik, E. Wilk, E. Geissler

36. Nanoscale oxides as destructive sorbents for halogenated hydrocarbons
A. M. Volodin, A. F. Bedilo, D. S. Heroux, V. I. Zaikovskii, I. V. Mishakov, V. V. Chesnokov, K. J. Klabunde

37. Dynamic adsorption of tert-butylbenzene, cyclohexane and water vapours on fixed activated carbon/molecular sieve beds
D. Palijczuk, R. Szmigielski, V. M. Gun'ko, R. Leboda

38. Influence of pre-adsorbed NaCl on breakthrough dynamics of TBB and DMMP on activated carbon at different airstream humidities
R. Szmigielski, D. Palijczuk, R. Leboda, V. M. Gun'ko, J. Skubiszewska-Zieba, V. I. Zarko

39. Influence of the nature of active surface sites of highly disperse oxides on adsorption of heavy metal ions
V. I. Zarko, V. M. Gun'ko, L. S. Andriyko, E. V. Goncharuk, M. Matysek, E. Skwarek, W. Janusz


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