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Marine Biodiversity

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Table of contents

1. The relationship between phytoplankton diversity and community function in a coastal lagoon
Pedro Duarte, Maria Filomena Macedo, Luís Cancela Fonseca

2. Ascendency as ecological indicator for environmental quality assessment at the ecosystem level: a case study
J. Patr#x00ED;cio, R. Ulanowicz, M. A. Pardal, J. C. Marques

3. Phytoplankton seasonality in a highly stratified karstic estuary (Krka, Adriatic Sea)
I. Cetinic, D. Vilicic, Z. Buric, G. Olujc

4. Factors controlling phytoplankton blooms in a temperate estuary: nutrient limitation and physical forcing
Renata Pilkaityte, Arturas Razinkovas

5. The near-bottom layer as an ecological boundary in marine ecosystems: diversity, taxonomic composition and community definitions
Jean-Claude Dauvin, Carole Vallet

6. Seasonal and spatial patterns of distribution of subtidal benthic invertebrate communities in the Mondego River, Portugal — a poikilohaline estuary
P. Chainho, J. L. Costa, M. L. Chaves, M. F. Lane, D. M. Dauer, M. J. Costa

7. Benthic ecology of semi-natural coastal lagoons, in the Ria Formosa (Southern Portugal), exposed to different water renewal regimes
Sofia Gamito

8. Inter-annual variability of soft bottom macrofaunal communities in two Ionian Sea lagoons
Artemis Nicolaidou, Konstantinos Petrou, Konstantinos Ar. Kormas, Sofia Reizopoulou

9. Spatial patterns of benthic macroinvertebrates in intertidal areas of a Southern European estuary: the Tagus, Portugal
Ana Maria Rodrigues, Sónia Meireles, Teresa Pereira, Alice Gama, Victor Quintino

10. Structure and dynamics of a benthic invertebrate community in an intertidal area of the tagus estuary, western portugal: a six year data series
Gilda Silva, José Lino Costa, Pedro Raposo Almeida, Maria José Costa

11. Spatial and environmental factors affecting the distribution of the main decapod crustacean prey species in the NW Mediterranean
Marta M. Rufino, Francesc Maynou, Pere Abelló, Francesc Sardá

12. Probing diversity in the plankton: using patterns in Tintinnids (planktonic marine ciliates) to identify mechanisms
John R. Dolan, Rodolphe Lemée, Stéphane Gasparini, Laure Mousseau, Céline Heyndrickx

13. Fish assemblages in different shallow water habitats of the Venice Lagoon
Anita Franco, Piero Franzoi, Stefano Malavasi, Federico Riccato, Patrizia Torricelli

14. The effect of zostera noltii, spartina maritima and scirpus maritimus on sediment pore-water profiles in a temperate intertidal estuary
A. I. Lillebø, M. R. Flindt, M. A. Pardal, J. C. Marques

15. Biogeographic patterns of intertidal macroinvertebrates and their association with macroalgae distribution along the Portuguese coast
Sílvia G. Pereira, Fernando P. Lima, Nuno C. Queiroz, Pedro A. Ribeiro, António M. Santos

16. Seasonal variations of cystoseira barbata (stackhouse) C. Agardh frond architecture
Annalisa Falace, Guido Bressan

17. Epifaunal inventory of two shipwrecks from the Belgian Continental Shelf
Vincent Zintzen, Claude Massin, Alain Norro, Jérôme Mallefet

18. Using asymmetrical designs for environmental impact assessment of unplanned disturbances
Nuno C. Queiroz, Fernando P. Lima, Pedro A. Ribeiro, Sílvia G. Pereira, António M. Santos

19. Mass mortality of coral reef ascidians following the 1997/1998 El NiñO event
Francisco Kelmo, Martin J. Attrill, Malcolm B. Jones

20. Changes in the range of some common rocky shore species In Britain — A Response To Climate Change?
N. Mieszkowska, M. A. Kendall, S. J. Hawkins, R. Leaper, P. Williamson, N. J. Hardman-Mountford, A. J. Southward

21. Effects of dredging activities on population dynamics of Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile in the Mediterranean sea: the case study of Capo Feto (SW Sicily, Italy)
Fabio Badalamenti, Giuseppe Carlo, Giovanni D’Anna, Michele Gristina, Marco Toccaceli

22. The colonisation of human-made structures by the invasive alga Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides in the north Adriatic Sea (Ne Mediterranean)
Fabio Bulleri, Marco Abbiati, Laura Airoldi

23. Immediate effects of experimental human trampling on mid-upper intertidal benthic invertebrates at the Asinara Island MPA (NW Mediterranean)
Daniela Casu, Giulia Ceccherelli, Alberto Castelli

24. Imposex in Hexaplex trunculus at some sites on the North Mediterranean Coast as a base-line for future evaluation of the effectiveness of the total ban on organotin based antifouling paints
F. Garaventa, F. Pellizzato, M. Faimali, A. Terlizzi, D. Medakovic, S. Geraci, B. Pavoni

25. Environmental effects of marine fish pond culture in the Ria Formosa (Southern Portugal)
François Noël Hubert, Marc Pellaud, Sofia Gamito

26. Time-series evolution of toxic organisms and related environmental factors in a brackish ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea
M. Leonardi, F. Azzaro, M. Galletta, M. G. Giacobbe, M. Masò, A. Penna

27. Assessing the sensitivity of seabed species and biotopes — the Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN)
Keith Hiscock, Harvey Tyler-Walters

28. Characterisation of the European Marine Sites in South West England: the Fal and Helford candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC)
W. J. Langston, B. S. Chesman, G. R. Burt, M. Taylor, R. Covey, N. Cunningham, P. Jonas, S. J. Hawkins

29. Macrobenthic colonisation of artificial reefs on the southern coast of Portugal (Ancão, Algarve)
Diana Boaventura, Ana Moura, Francisco Leitão, Susana Carvalho, João Cúrdia, Paula Pereira, Luís Cancela Fonseca, Miguel Neves Santos, Carlos Costa Monteiro

30. The benthic impacts of the Loch Linnhe Artificial Reef
Thomas A. Wilding


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