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Sustainable Metals Management

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Table of contents

1. Sustainability and Metals

1. Outlines of a Sustainable Metals Industry
Arnim Gleich

2. Metallic Raw Materials — Constituents of Our Economy
Friedrich-Wilhelm Wellmer, Markus Wagner

2. Economy, Thermodynamics, and Sustainability

3. Aluminium
W. Kuckshinrichs, W. R. Poganietz

4. Prospects for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry
P. N. Martens, M. Mistry, M. Ruhrberg

5. Towards a Sustainable Copper Industry?
Frank Messner

6. An Application of Exergy Accounting to Five Basic Metal Industries
Robert U. Ayres, Leslie W. Ayres, Andrea Masini

7. Entropy as a Measure for Resource Consumption — Application to Primary and Secondary Copper Production
Stefan Gößling-Reisemann

8. Dematerialization of the Metals Turnover
Sten Karlsson

9. Sustainability Strategies in Field Trial
A. Gleich, M. Gottschick, D. Jepsen, K. Sanders

3. Metals Materials Flows

10. Limits of Metal Recycling
Georg Rombach

11. Secondary Materials in Steel Production and Recycling
D. Janke, L. Savov, M. E. Vogel

12. Optimisation Possibilities of Copper Smelting and -Processing
Joachim Krüger

13. The Hamburger Aluminium-Werk GMBH’s Contribution to a Sustainable Closed Loop Aluminium System
Hans-Christof Wrigge, Hans Albers

14. Sustainable Use of Copper
Michael Scharp, Lorenz Erdmann

4. Ecological, Social, Toxicological, and Cultural Effects

15. Heavy Metals in the Netherlands
Ester Voet, Jeroen B. Guinée, Helias A. Udo de Haes

16. Toxic Effects of Metals and Metal Compounds
Peter Wardenbach

17. Metallurgical Plants and Chemicals Industry as Challenges to Environmental Protection in the 19th Century
Arne Andersen

18. Copper Mining and Metallurgy in Prehistoric and the More Recent Past
Joachim Krüger

19. Social and Ecological Consequences of the Bauxite-Energy-Aluminium Product Line
Clarita Müller-Plantenberg

20. The Ok Tedi Pages
Klaus Baumgardt

5. Product Design and Use

21. Metals and Plastics - Competition or Synergy?
Martin Baitz, Marc-Andree Wolf

22. Sustainability-Optimised Material Selection and Product Design at Audi
Siegfried Schäper

23. Recycling of Electronic Waste Material
Matthias Teller

24. Sustainable Development of Microelectronics Industry
Hansjoerg Griese, Jutta Müller, Herbert Reichl, Karl Heinz Zuber

25. The Role of Metals for Designing Products and Solutions in the Context of a Sustainable Society
Walter R. Stahel


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