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Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls

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Table of contents

1. An Overview of Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Functions and Applications
Hugo Scheer

2. Synthesis, Reactivity and Structure of Chlorophylls
Mathias O. Senge, Arno Wiehe, Claudia Ryppa

3. Chlorophyll c Pigments: Current Status
Manuel Zapata, José L Garrido, Shirley W. Jeffrey

4. Unusual Tetrapyrrole Pigments of Photosynthetic Antennae and Reaction Centers: Specially-tailored Chlorophylls
Masami Kobayashi, Machiko Akiyama, Hideo Kise, Tadashi Watanabe

5. [Heavy metal]-Chlorophylls Formed in Vivo During Heavy Metal Stress and Degradation Products Formed During Digestion, Extraction and Storage of Plant Material
Hendrik Küpper, Frithjof C. Küpper, Martin Spiller

6. Spectroscopy and Structure Determination
Masami Kobayashi, Machiko Akiyama, Hiromi Kano, Hideo Kise

7. Spectrometric Assays for Plant, Algal and Bacterial Chlorophylls
Robert J. Porra

8. Chlorophyll Analysis by New High Performance Liquid Chromatography Methods
José L. Garrido, Manuel Zapata

9. Large Scale Chlorophyll Preparations Using Simple Open-Column Chromatographic Methods
Yuzo Shioi

10. Chlorophyll Metabolism, an Overview
Wolfhart Rüdiger, Bernhard Grimm

11. Biosynthesis of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid
Samuel I. Beale

12. Transfer RNA-Dependent Aminolevulinic Acid Formation: Structure and Function Of Glutamyl-tRNA Synthetase, Reductase and Glutamate-1-Semialdehyde-2,1-Aminomutase
Dieter Jahn, Jürgen Moser, Wolf-Dieter Schubert, Dirk W. Heinz

13. The Pathway from 5-Aminolevulinic Acid to Protochlorophyllide and Protoheme
Elena Yaronskaya, Bernhard Grimm

14. Biosynthesis of Chlorophylls a and b: The Last Steps
Wolfhart Rüdiger

15. Bacteriochlorophyll Biosynthesis in Green Bacteria
Niels-Ulrik Frigaard, Aline Gomez Maqueo Chew, Julia A. Maresca, Donald A. Bryant

16. Involvement of Tetrapyrroles in Cellular Regulation
Christoph F. Beck, Bernhard Grimm

17. Chlorophyll Catabolites and the Biochemistry of Chlorophyll Breakdown
Bernhard Kräutler, Stefan Hörtensteiner

18. The Evolution of Chlorophylls and Photosynthesis
Anthony W. D. Larkum

19. The Infl uence of Protein Interactions on the Properties of the Bacteriochlorophyll Dimer in Reaction Centers
James P. Allen, JoAnn C. Williams

20. Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of the Chlorosomes
Ido de Boer, Huub J. M. de Groot

21. Single Molecule Spectroscopy of Pigment Protein Complexes from Purple Bacteria
Jürgen Köhler, Thijs J. Aartsma

22. Effects of Axial Coordination, Electronic Excitation and Oxidation on Bond Orders in the Bacteriochlorin Macrocycle, and Generation of Radical Cation on Photo- Excitation of in vitro and in vivo Bacteriochlorophyll a Aggregates: Resonance Raman Studies
Yasushi Koyama, Yoshinori Kakitani, Leenawaty Limantara, Ritsuko Fujii

23. Mapping the Global Ring Currents in Porphyrins and Chlorins
Erich Steiner, Patrick W. Fowler

24. Bacteriochlorophyll Protein Maquettes
Dror Noy, Christopher C. Moser, P. Leslie Dutton

25. Molecular Assembly of Bacteriochlorophyll Complexes Using Synthetic Light-Harvesting Model Polypeptides
Mamoru Nango

26. Reconstitution and Pigment Exchange
Harald Paulsen

27. Assembly of Model Bacteriochlorophyll Proteins in the Native Lipid Environment
Adela Garcia-Martin, Lee Gyan Kwa, Mathias von Jan, C. Neil Hunter, Paula Braun

28. Photosynthetic Functions of Chlorophylls
Alexander N. Melkozernov, Robert E. Blankenship

29. Excitation Energy Transfer Between (Bacterio)Chlorophylls—the Role of Excitonic Coupling
Dieter Leupold, Heiko Lokstein, Hugo Scheer

30. Mechanisms of Carotenoid-to-Bacteriochlorophyll Energy Transfer in the Light Harvesting Antenna Complexes 1 and 2: Dependence on the Conjugation Length of Carotenoids
Yasushi Koyama, Yoshinori Kakitani

31. Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers
Josef Wachtveitl, Wolfgang Zinth

32. Chlorophyll Sensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy
Alexander S. Brandis, Yoram Salomon, Avigdor Scherz

33. Bacteriochlorophyll Sensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy
Alexander S. Brandis, Yoram Salomon, Avigdor Scherz

34. Metal-substituted Bacteriochlorophylls: Novel Molecular Tools
Roie Yerushalmi, Idan Ashur, Avigdor Scherz

35. Chlorophyll Fluorescence as a Reporter on in vivo Electron Transport and Regulation in Plants
Ladislav Nedbal, Michal Koblížek

36. Meeting the Challenge of Monitoring Chlorophyll in the Ocean from Outer Space
André Morel

37. Geochemistry of Chlorophylls
Brendan J. Keely

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Biochemistry, Biophysics/Biomedical Physics, Plant Physiology, Marine Ecology, Cancer Research

Publication year
Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration
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641 pages
Natural Sciences

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