Hecker, Jens-Martin

Modelling water and nutrient dynamics in soil–crop systems

Hecker, Jens-Martin - Modelling water and nutrient dynamics in soil–crop systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Modelling water and nutrient dynamics in soil–crop systems: a comparison of simulation models applied on common data sets
Kurt Christian Kersebaum, Jens-Martin Hecker, Wilfried Mirschel, Martin Wegehenkel

2. The performance of the model AMBAV for evapotranspiration and soil moisture on Müncheberg data
Hans Friesland, Franz-Josef Löpmeier

3. Performance of the model SIMWASER in two contrasting case studies on soil water movement
Elmar Stenitzer, Heiko Diestel, Uwe Franko, Reinhild Schwartengräber, Thomas Zenker

4. Application and validation of the models Theseus and Opus with two field experimental data sets
Martin Wegehenkel, Wilfried Mirschel

5. Integrating a spatial micrometeorological model into the risk assessment for arable crops in hilly terrain
Marco Acutis, Gianfranco Rana, Patrizia Trevisiol, Luca Bechini, Mario Laudato, R. Ferrara, Goetz Michael Richter

6. Modelling soil–crop interactions with AGROSIM model family
Wilfried Mirschel, Karl-Otto Wenkel

7. Crop simulation model of the second and the third productivity levels
Ratmir Aleksandrovich Poluektov, Vitaly Viktorovich Terleev

8. The NDICEA model, a tool to improve nitrogen use efficiency in cropping systems
Geert Jan H. M. Burgt, Gerard J. M. Oomen, A. S. J. Habets, Walter A. H. Rossing

9. Simulation of water and nitrogen flows on field scale; application of the SWAP–ANIMO model for the Müncheberg data set
Joop Kroes, Jan Roelsma

10. Evaluation of water and nutrient dynamics in soil–crop systems using the eco-hydrological catchment model SWIM
Joachim Post, Anja Habeck, Fred Hattermann, Valentina Krysanova, Frank Wechsung, Felicitas Suckow

11. Modelling nitrogen dynamics in soil–crop systems with HERMES
Kurt Christian Kersebaum

12. Calibration and validation of CERES model for simulating
Ajeet Singh Nain, Kurt Christian Kersebaum

13. The impact of crop growth model choice on the simulated water and nitrogen balances
Eckart Priesack, Sebastian Gayler, Hans P. Hartmann

14. Simulating trends in crop yield and soil carbon in a long-term experiment – effects of rising CO2, N deposition and improved cultivation
Jørgen Berntsen, Bjørn Molt Petersen, Jørgen E. Olesen

15. Comparison of methods for the estimation of inert carbon suitable for initialisation of the CANDY model
Martina Puhlmann, Katrin Kuka, Uwe Franko

16. Müncheberg field trial data set for agro-ecosystem model validation
Wilfried Mirschel, Karl-Otto Wenkel, Martin Wegehenkel, Kurt Christian Kersebaum, Uwe Schindler, Jens-Martin Hecker

17. Dynamics of water, carbon and nitrogen in an agricultural used Chernozem soil in Central Germany
Uwe Franko, Martina Puhlmann, Katrin Kuka, Frank Böhme, Ines Merbach

18. The lysimeter station at Berlin-Dahlem
Heiko Diestel, Thomas Zenker, Reinhild Schwartengraeber, Marco Schmidt


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Environmental Science SCI026000

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Natural Sciences

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