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Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum

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Table of contents

I. General issues

1. Experiments on Space Diversity Effect in MIMO Channel Transmission with Maximum Data Rate of 1 Gbps in Downlink OFDM Radio Access
K. Higuchi, H. Taoka, N. Maeda, M. Sawahashi

2. Reduced-complexity Maximum-Likelihood Detection in Multiple-antenna-aided Multicarrier Systems
J. Akhtman, L. Hanzo

3. On Coding for OFDM and the Broadcast Channel
M. Bossert

4. Adaptivity in MC-CDMA Systems
I. Cosovic, Stefan Kaiser

5. Parameter Estimation for Interference Cancellation in Power-controlled MC-CDMA Downlink Transmissions
M. Morelli, L. Sanguinetti, U. Mengali

6. Performance Evaluation and Parameter Optimization of MC-CDMA
M. Guenach, H. Steendam

7. A Novel Algorithm of Inter-subchannel Interference Cancellation for OFDM Systems
M. X. Chang

8. Comparative Multicarrier System Performance in Jamming and Fading
D. W. Matolak, W. Xiong, I. Sen

9. CDMA in the Context of OFDM and SC/FDE – A Comparative Study
H. Witschnig, M. Huemer, R. Stuhlberger, A. Springer

II. Cellular aspects

10. Impact of the Intercell Interference in DL MC-CDMA Systems
X. G. Doukopoulos, R. Doukopoulos

11. Quantifying the Impact of the MC-CDMA Physical Layer Algorithms on the Downlink Capacity in a Multi-cellular Environment
A. M. Mourad, A. Guéguen, R. Pyndiah

12. Radio Resource Management for MC-CDMA over Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels
S. Plass, A. Dammann

13. Throughput of Heterogeneous Multi-Cell Multi-User MIMO-OFDM Systems
B. Mielczarek, W. A. Krzymien

14. Real-link Performance of a SS-MC-MA High Frequency Radio Modem
H. Santana-Sosa, I. Raos, S. Zazo-Bello, I. A. Pérez-Álvarez, J. López-Pérez

III. Spreading and detection

15. Analysis of Iterative Successive Interference Cancellation in SC-CDMA Systems
P. Weitkemper, V. Kühn, K.-D. Kammeyer

16. Bandwidth and Power Efficient Digital Transmission using Sets of Orthogonal Spreading Codes
W. G. Teich, P. Kaim, J. Lindner

17. Simplified Realization of Pseudo-Orthogonal Carrier Interferometry OFDM by FFT Algorithm
K. Anwar, M. Saito, T. Hara, M. Okada, H. Yamamoto

18. Exploiting Rotated Spreading Features for CDM-OFDMA
R. Raulefs, A. Dammann, S. Ayaz

19. Detection of Pre-coded OFDM by Recovering Symbols on Degraded Carriers
S. Tamura, M. Fujii, M. Itami, K. Itoh

20. Semi-blind Multiuser Detection in Zero-padded OFDM-CDMA Systems
R. Boloix-Tortosa, F. J. Payan-Somet, J. J. Murillo-Fuentes

21. A Study on Adaptive Successive Detection using M Algorithm based on ML Criterion for Down-link MC-CDMA Systems
Y. Morishige, M. Fujii, M. Itami, K. Itoh

IV. Channel estimation

22. Channel Estimation in the Presence of Timing Offsets for MC-CDMA Uplink Transmissions with Combined Equalization
T. Mazzoni, L. Sanguinetti, M. Morelli

23. Iterative Channel Estimation for MIMO MC-CDMA
S. Sand, R. Raulefs, A. Dammann

24. Performance Investigation of Improved Channel Estimation Exploiting Long Term Channel Properties
T. Weber, I. Maniatis, M. Meurer, W. Zirwas

25. Pilot Symbol-Aided Channel Estimation for MC-CDMA Systems
Y. Lee, Y. Kang, H. Park, M. Noh

26. Superimposed Pilot-based Channel Estimation for MIMO OFDM Code Division Multiplexing Uplink Systems
L. Cariou, J.-F. Hélard

27. Pilot Time-Frequency Location Adjustment in OFDM Systems Based on the Channel Variability Parameters
F. Bader, R. Gonzalez

V. Mimo and adaptivity

28. Reduced Feedback Closed-Loop Spatial Multiplexing for B3G Systems
R. Malik, T. P. Yew

29. A MIMO-OFDM Transmission Scheme Employing Subcarrier Phase Hopping
S. Suyama, K. Tochihara, H. Suzuki, K. Fukawa

30. Multicarrier SDMA System with Reduced Intra-user Cross-correlations
N. H. Dawod, R. Hafez, I. Marsland

31. Effect of Adaptive Modulation and Error Correction on Multi-Band OFDM-MIMO System
M. Ohkawa, R. Kohno

32. Near Optimal Performance for High Data Rate MIMO MC-CDMA Scheme
P.-J. Bouvet, M. Hálard

33. STBC-TCM for MC-CDMA Systems with SOVA-based Decoding and Soft-interference Cancellation
L. A. Paredes Hernández, M. García Otero

34. OFDMA with Subcarrier Sharing
S. Pfletschinger, F. Bader

35. New Loading Algorithms for Adaptive SS-MC-MA Systems over Power Line Channels: Comparisons with DMT
M. Crussière, J.-Y. Baudais, J.-F. Hélard

36. An Investigation of Optimal Solution for Multiuser Sub-carrier Allocation in OFDMA Systems
Y. Peng, S. Armour, A. Doufexi, J. McGeehan

37. Optimal Solution to Adaptive Subcarrier-and-bit Allocation in Multiclass Multiuser OFDM System
K. Zhou, Y. H. Chew, Y. Wu

38. Dynamic and Scalable Bandwidth Allocation for Beyond 3G CDMA Systems
M.-H. Fong, G. Wu, W. Tong, J. Li, T. A. Gulliver, V. K. Bhargava

39. Effective SINR Mapping for an MC-CDMA System
R. Elliott, A. Arkhipov, R. Raulefs, W. A. Krzymien

40. Combination of H-ARQ and Iterative Multi-user Detection for OFDMA CDM
A. Arkhipov, R. Raulefs, M. Schnell

VI. System performance and implementation aspects

41. A Comparative Analysis of CDM-OFDMA and MC-CDMA Systems
W. Zhang, J. Lindner

42. Multi-User Transmit Power Control for Multi-carrier Modulation Systems in Quasi-synchronous Uplink Channel
M. Fujii, M. Itami, K. Itoh

43. On the Compensation of IQ Imbalance in an SC/FDE System
C. Wicpalek, H. Witschnig, A. Springer

44. On Implementation Aspects of Uplink MC-CDMA Multi-user Detection
A. Happonen, F. Bauer, A. Burian

45. Analytical Performance of a Frequency Offset Multi-user Multi-array System
A. Renoult, I. Fijalkow, M. Chenu-Tournier

46. Effects of Subcarrier Interleaving on LDPC Coded MC-CDMA Systems
Y. Lee, K. Kim, H. Park, D. Kwon

47. One-shot and Iterative Symbol Predistortion Techniques for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
S. Sezginer, H. Sari

48. Iterative Correction and Decoding of OFDM Signals Affected by Clipping
W. Rave, P. Zillmann, G. Fettweis

49. PAPR Reduction of MC-CDMA Signals by Selected Mapping with Interleavers
M. Saito, A. Okuda, M. Okada, H. Yamamoto

50. Iterative Nonlinear Channel Compensation in MC-CDMA Systems
V. Lottici, F. Giannetti

51. Sidelobe Suppression in OFDM Systems
I. Cosovic, V. Janardhanam

52. Blind Phase Noise Estimation in OFDM Systems by Sequential Monte Carlo Method
E. Panayirci, H. A. Çirpan, M. Moeneclaey, N. Noels

53. Sensitivity Comparison of Multi-carrier and Spread Spectrum Systems to Phase Noise
C. Garnier, M. Loosvelt, Y. Delignon

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Systems and Information Theory in Engineering

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