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A Changing World

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Table of contents

1. Change and Transformation: A Synthesis
Felix Kienast, Otto Wildi, Sucharita Ghosh

2. Value Systems: Drivers of Human-landscape Interactions
Matthias Buchecker, Susanne Kianicka, Berit Junker

3. The Role of Value Systems in Biodiversity Research
Peter Duelli, Priska Baur, Matthias Buchecker, Felix Gugerli, Rolf Holderegger, Thomas Wohlgemuth

4. The Meaning of “Landscape” – An Exegesis of Swiss Government Texts
Peter Longatti, Thomas Dalang

5. Space and Place – Two Aspects of the Human-landscape Relationship
Marcel Hunziker, Matthias Buchecker, Terry Hartig

6. Modern Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring of Landscape States and Trajectories
Niklaus E. Zimmermann, Robert A. Washington-Allen, Robert D. Ramsey, Michael E. Schaepman, Lukas Mathys, Benjamin Kötz, Mathias Kneubühler, Thomas C. Edwards

7. A Large-scale, Long-term view on Collecting and Sharing Landscape Data
Adrian Lanz, Martin Brändli, Andri Baltensweiler

8. On Selected Issues and Challenges in Dendroclimatology
Jan Esper, David C. Frank, Jürg Luterbacher

9. Using the Past to Understand the Present Land Use and Land Cover
Matthias Bürgi, Anna M. Hersperger, Marcus Hall, Emiliy W. B. (Russell) Southgate, Nina Schneeberger

10. Integrating Population Genetics with Landscape Ecology to Infer Spatio-temporal Processes
Rolf Holderegger, Felix Gugerli, Christoph Scheidegger, Pierre Taberlet

11. Landscape Permeability: From Individual Dispersal to Population Persistence
Werner Suter, Kurt Bollmann, Rolf Holderegger

12. Identifying and Quantifying Landscape Patterns in Space and Time
Janine Bolliger, Helene H. Wagner, Monica G. Turner

13. Essay on the Study of the Vegetation Process
Otto Wildi, László Orlóci

14. Statistical Analysis of Landscape Data: Space-for-time, Probability Surfaces and Discovering Species
Sucharita Ghosh, Otto Wildi

15. Memory, Non-stationarity and Trend: Analysis of Environmental Time Series
Sucharita Ghosh, Jan Beran, Siegfried Heiler, Donald Percival, Willy Tinner

16. Model Up-scaling in Landscape Research
Heike Lischke, Thomas J. Löffler, Peter E. Thornton, Niklaus E. Zimmermann

17. Dynamic Spatio-temporal Landscape Models
Heike Lischke, Janine Bolliger, Ralf Seppelt

Keywords: Life Sciences, Landscape Ecology, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Environmental Management

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Landscape Series
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9 pages
Natural Sciences

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