Naveh, Zev

Transdisciplinary Challenges in Landscape Ecology and Restoration Ecology

Naveh, Zev - Transdisciplinary Challenges in Landscape Ecology and Restoration Ecology, ebook


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Table of contents

A.. Mediterranean Issues

1. Mediterranean Ecosystems and Vegetation Types in California and Israel Ecology 48: 445–459.
Z. Naveh

2. Structural and Floristic Diversity of Shrub-lands and Woodlands in Northern Israel and Other Mediterranean Areas Vegetation 4: 171–190
Z. Naveh, R.H. Whittaker

3. Fire in the Mediterranean – A Landscape Ecological Perspective In: Goldammer, J.F., Jenkins M.J. (Eds.) Fire in Ecosystems Dynamics. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium in Freiburg, FRG, May 1989. SPB Academic Publishing by, the Hague, the Netherlands, pp. 1–20
Z. Naveh

4. From Biodiversity to Ecodiversity: A Landscape-Ecology Approach to Conservation and Restoration. Restoration Ecology 2: 180–189
Z. Naveh

5. Conservation, Restoration, and Research Priorities for Mediterranean Uplands Threatened by Global Climate Change. In: Moreno J, Oechel WE (Eds.) Global Change and Mediterranean–Type Ecosystems Ecological Studies Vol. 117. Springer, New York, pp. 482–508
Z. Naveh

6. From Biodiversity to Ecodiversity - Holistic Conservation of the Biological and Cultural Diversity of Mediterranean Landscapes. In: Rundel P., Montenegro G., Jaksic F.M. (Eds.) Landscape Disturbance and Biodiversity in Mediterranean - Type Ecosystems. Ecological Studies Vol. 136 Springer, Berlin pp. 23-50
Z. Naveh

7. The Role of Fire in the Evolution of the Mediterranean Cultural Landscape in the Pleistocene and Early Holocene with special reference to Mt. Carmel. (Based on: The Evolution of the Cultural Landscape in Israel as Affected by Fire, Grazing, and Human Activities. Z. Naveh and Y. Carmel. in: Wasser S. P. (Ed.) Papers in Honour of Eviatar Nevo. Evolutionary Theory and Processes: Modern Horizons. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht pp. 337–409)
Z. Naveh

B.. Global Issues

8. The Development of Tanzania Masailand. A Sociological and Ecological Challenge. African Soils: 499–518
Z. Naveh

9. The Role of Landscape Ecology in Development Environmental Conservation 5: 57–63
Z. Naveh

10. Culture and Landscape Conservation: A Landscape-Ecological Perspective. In: Gopal B.P., Pathak P., Sayena K.G. (Eds.) Ecology Today: An Anthology of Contemporary Ecological Research International Scientific Publications, New Delhi, pp. 19–48
Z. Naveh

11. Ecological and Cultural Landscape Restoration and the Cultural Evolution towards a Post-Industrial Symbiosis between Human Society and Nature. Restoration Energy 6: 135–143
Z. Naveh

12. Ten Major Premises for a Holistic Conception of Multifunctional Landscapes Landscape and Urban Planning 57: 269–284
Z. Naveh

13. Multifunctional, Self-Organizing Biosphere Landscapes and the Future of Our Total Human Ecosystem. World Futures 60: 469–503
Z. Naveh

C.. Recapitulation

14. The Transformation of Landscape Ecology and Restoration Ecology into Transdisciplinary Sciences of Holistic Landscape Study, Management and Planning, Conservation and Restoration
Z. Naveh

Keywords: Life Sciences, Landscape Ecology, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Environmental Management

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