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Acoustic Sensing Techniques for the Shallow Water Environment

Caiti, Andrea - Acoustic Sensing Techniques for the Shallow Water Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On the assessment of geoacoustic parameters in shallow water environments
Jean-Claude Gac, Yann Steéphan, Thierry Garlan, Nicholas Weber

2. Bayesian inversion of seabed reflection data
Stan E. Dosso, Charles W. Holland

3. Backpropagation techniques in ocean acoustic inversion: time reversal, retrogation and adjoint model – A review
Matthias Meyer, Jean - Pierre Hermand

4. Acoustic inversion at low kHz frequencies using an active, vertical line array
Paul C. Hines, Matt Coffin

5. Dispersion of broadband acoustic normal modes in the context of long range sediment tomography
Gopu Potty, James Miller

6. Characterization of local seabed properties using synthesized horizontal array data
Peter L. Nielsen, Mark Fallat, Christopher Harrison

7. Characterization of a range-dependent environment from towed array data
Mark Fallat, Peter Nielsen, Stan E. Dosso, Martin Siderius

8. Accounting for bias in horizontal wavenumber estimates due to source motion
Kyle M. Becker

9. Acoustic clutter from buried submarine mud volcanoes
Charles W. Holland, Anthony L. Gerig, Piero Boni

10. Nonlinear acoustical methods in the detection of gassy sediments
Jaroslaw Tegowski, Zygmunt Klusek, Jaromir Jakacki

11. Acoustic scattering from submerged and buried objects
Ilkka Karasalo, Patrik Skogqvist

12. High-frequency bistatic scattering experiments using proud and buried targets
Philippe Blondel, Peter F. Dobbins, Nic Jayasundere, Mario Cosci

13. A sediment probe for the rapid assessment of seabed characteristics
John Osler, Arnold Furlong, Harold Christian

14. Continuous acoustic monitoring of physiological and environmental processes in seagrass prairies with focus on photosynthesis
Jean - Pierre Hermand

15. Shallow water tomography in a highly variable scenario
Cristiano Soares, Sergio M. Jesus, Emanuel Coelho

16. Inversions of reflection loss measurements of a smooth water/sand interface
Marcia J. Isakson, Tracianne Neilsen, Andrew Worley

17. Estimation of transmission loss and its uncertainty
Peter Gerstoft, Chen-Fen Huang, William Hodgkiss

18. A forward model for geoacoustic inversion based on ray tracing and plane-wave reflection coefficients
Jens M. Hovem, Hefeng Dong, Xiukun Li

19. Inversion of the propeller harmonics from a light aircraft for the geoacoustic properties of marine sediments
Michael J. Buckingham, Eric M. Giddens, Fernardo Simonet

20. Inversion of shallow water ambient noise data by means of differential evolution as a global search method
Dick G. Simons, Camiel Moll, Chris H. Harrison

21. Reflection loss and sub-bottom profiling with ambient noise
Chris Harrison

22. Inversion of geoacoustic model parameters using ship radiated noise
N. Ross Chapman, Reza M. Dizaji, R. Lynn Kirlin

23. Matched-field processing of humpback whale song off eastern Australia
Aaron Thode, Peter Gerstoft, Melani Guerra, M. Dale Stokes, Michael Noad, Douglas C. Cato

24. Inversions of horizontal and vertical line array data for the estimation of geoacoustic model parameters
Dag Tollefsen, Michael J. Wilmut, Ross Chapman

25. Issues of environmental variability in inverse problems in ocean
David P. Knobles, Mason Gray, Robert A. Koch, Adam Cook

Keywords: Geosciences, Oceanography, Acoustics, Geophysics/Geodesy, Offshore Engineering, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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