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The Economics of Forest Disturbances

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Table of contents

I. The Economics and Ecology of Forest Disturbances

1. An Introduction to the Economics of Forest Disturbance
Thomas P. Holmes, Jeffrey P. Prestemon, Karen L. Abt

2. Forest Economics, Natural Disturbances and the New Ecology
Thomas P. Holmes, Robert J. Huggett, John M. Pye

II. Forest Disturbance Processes

3. Natural Disturbance Production Functions
Jeffrey P. Prestemon, D. Evan Mercer, John M. Pye

4. Statistical Analysis of Large Wildfires
Thomas P. Holmes, Robert J. Huggett, Anthony L. Westerling

5. The Production of Large and Small Wildfires
David T. Butry, Marcia Gumpertz, Marc G. Genton

6. Climatology for Wildfire Management
Anthony L. Westerling

7. Wildland Arson Management
Jeffrey P. Prestemon, David T. Butry

III. Valuing the Economic Impacts of Forest Disturbances

8. Designing Economic Impact Assessments for USFS Wildfire Programs
Karen L. Abt, Robert J. Huggett, Thomas P. Holmes

9. Timber Salvage Economics
Jeffrey P. Prestemon, Thomas P. Holmes

10. Wildfire and the Economic Value of Wilderness Recreation
Jeffrey Englin, Thomas P. Holmes, Janet Lutz

11. Forest Disturbance Impacts on Residential Property Values
Robert J. Huggett, Elizabeth A. Murphy, Thomas P. Holmes

12. Contingent Valuation of Fuel Hazard Reduction Treatments
John B. Loomis, Armando González-Cabán

IV. Decision Making in Response to Forest Disturbances

13. Analyzing Trade-Offs Between Fuels Management, Suppression, and Damages from Wildfire
D. Evan Mercer, Robert G. Haight, Jeffrey P. Prestemon

14. A Review of State and Local Regulation for Wildfire Mitigation
Terry K. Haines, Cheryl R. Renner, Margaret A. Reams

15. Economic Analysis of Federal Wildfire Management Programs
Krista M. Gebert, David E. Calkin, Robert J. Huggett, Karen L. Abt

16. Incentives and Wildfire Management in the United States
Geoffrey H. Donovan, Thomas C. Brown, Lisa Dale

17. Forecasting Wildfire Suppression Expenditures for the United States Forest Service
Karen L. Abt, Jeffrey P. Prestemon, Krista Gebert

18. Toward a Unified Economic Theory of Fire Program Analysis with Strategies for Empirical Modeling
Douglas B. Rideout, Yu Wei, Andy Kirsch, Stephen J. Botti

19. Economic Aspects of Invasive Forest Pest Management
Thomas P. Holmes, Kathleen P. Bell, Brenna Byrne, Jeremy S. Wilson


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