Barnes, Ian

Environmental Simulation Chambers: Application to Atmospheric Chemical Processes

Barnes, Ian - Environmental Simulation Chambers: Application to Atmospheric Chemical Processes, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Overview on the Development of Chambers for the Study of Atmospheric Chemical Processes
Karl H. Becker

2. The UCR EPA Environmental Chamber
William P. L. Carter

3. Investigations of Secondary Organic Aerosol in the UCR EPA Environmental Chamber
David R. Cocker III, Chen Song

4. Field Measurement and Modelling Motivated Design of a Programme of Aerosol Chamber Experiments
Gordon McFiggans

5. Chamber Simulations of Cloud Chemistry: The AIDA Chamber
Robert Wagner, Helmut Bunz, Claudia Linke, Ottmar Möhler, Karl-Heinz Naumann, Harald Saathoff, Martin Schnaiter, Ulrich Schurath

6. New On-line Mass Spectrometer for Identification of Reaction Products in the Aqueous Phase: Application to the OH-oxidation of N-methylpyrrolidone under Atmospheric Conditions
Laurent Poulain, Anne Monod, Henri Wortham

7. Dynamic Chamber System to Measure Gaseous Compounds Emissions and Atmospheric-Biospheric Interactions
Viney P. Aneja, Jessica Blunden, Candis S. Claiborn, Hugo H. Rogers

8. Chamber Studies on the Photolysis of Aldehydes Environmental
John C. Wenger

9. Determination of Photolysis Frequencies for Selected Carbonyl Compounds in the EUPHORE Chamber Environmental
Romeo-Iulian Olariu, Marius Duncianu, Cecilia Arsene, Klaus Wirtz

10. Remote Sensing of Glyoxal by Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS): Advancements in Simulation Chamber and Field Experiments
R. Volkamer, I. Barnes, U. Platt, L. T. Molina, M. J. Molina

11. Aromatic Hydrocarbon Oxidation: The Contribution of Chamber Oxidation Studies
Claire Bloss, Michael E. Jenkin, William J. Bloss, Andrew R. Rickard, Michael J. Pilling

12. FT-IR Kinetic Study on the Gas-Phase Reactions of the OH Radical with a Series of Nitroaromatic Compounds
Iustinian Bejan, Ian Barnes, Romeo Olariu, Karl Heinz Becker, Raluca Mocanu

13. Atmospheric Fate of Unsaturated Ethers
A. Mellouki

14. Atmospheric Oxidation of the Chlorinated Solvents, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene
Lorraine Nolan, Anne-Laure Guihur, Marcus Manning, Howard Sidebottom

15. Simulation Chamber Study of the Oxidation of Acetic Acid by OH Radicals: Detection of Reaction Products by CW-CRDS in the Near-Infrared Range
Sabine Crunaire, Christa Fittschen, Bernard Lemoine, Alexandre Tomas, Patrice Coddeville

16. Kinetics, Products and Mechanism of O(3P) Atom Reactions with Alkyl Iodides
Ian Barnes

17. Kinetics of the Reaction between CF2O and CH3OH
Maximiliano A. Burgos Paci, Gustavo A. Argüello

18. New Kinetic and Spectroscopic Measurements in the CF3Ox + NOx System
M. S. Chiappero, F. E. Malanca, G. A. Argüello, S. Nishida, K. Takahashi, Y. Matsumi, M. D. Hurley, T. J. Wallington

19. Kinetic Study of the Temperature Dependence of the OH Initiated Oxidation of Dimethyl Sulphide
Mihaela Albu, Ian Barnes, Raluca Mocanu

20. Environmental Chamber Studies of Ozone Formation Potentials of Volatile Organic Compounds
William P. L. Carter

21. Evaluation of the Detailed Tropospheric Chemical Mechanism, MCM v3, Using Environmental Chamber Data: Butane and Its Degradation Products
P. G. Pinho, C. A. Pio, M. E. Jenkin

22. Studies on Nitrate-Affected SO2 Oxidation and Their Perspectives
Wanda Pasiuk-Bronikowska, Tadeusz Bronikowski

23. Heterogeneous and Aqueous-Phase Transformations of Isoprene
Krzysztof J. Rudzinski

24. Investigation of Atmospheric Transformations of Diesel Emissions in the European Photoreactor (EUPHORE)
Barbara Zielinska, John Sagebiel, William Stockwell, Jake McDonald, JeanClare Seagrave, Peter Wiesen, Klaus Wirtz

25. Investigation of Real Car Exhaust in Environmental Simulation Chambers: Results from the INFORMATEX and DIFUSO Projects
Peter Wiesen

26. The EUROCHAMP Integrated Infrastructure Initiative Environmental
Peter Wiesen

27. Survey on Atmospheric Chemistry Research in Some New EU Member States and Candidate Countries
Ekaterina Batchvarova, Tatiana Spassova, Nedialko Valkov, Liliana Iordanova

28. New Measurements of NMVOC Concentrations in the City Air of Wuppertal, Germany: Input Data for Chemical Mass Balance Modelling
Anita Niedojadlo, Karl Heinz Becker, Ralf Kurtenbach, Peter Wiesen

29. Surface and Total Ozone Over Bulgaria
Staytcho Kolev, Vera Grigorieva

30. Heavy Metals Pollution: An Everlasting Problem
Raluca Mocanu, Simona Cucu-Man, Eiliv Steinnes

31. Atmospheric Wet Deposition Monitoring in Iasi, Romania
Cecilia Arsene, Nikos Mihalopoulos, Romeo-Iulian Olariu, Marius Duncianu

32. Problems of Air Quality in Tashkent City
G. A. Tolkacheva

33. Precipitation Quality in Different Zones of the Tashkent Region in Relation to Photo-Chemical Reactions
Tatyana Smirnova, Galina Tolkacheva

34. Influence of Atmospheric Aerosol Contamination on the Regional Climate in Central Asia
Boris B. Chen, Valery M. Lelevkin

35. Assessment of Air Pollution and Ecosystem Buffer Capacity in the Industrial Regions of Ukraine
Mykola M. Kharytonov, Larisa B. Anisimova, Natalia P. Gritsan, Andriy P. Babiy

36. Two Neural Network Methods in Estimation of Air Pollution Time Series
Hikmet Kerem Cigizoglu, Kadir Alp, Müge Kömürcü


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