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Flood Risk Management in Europe

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Table of contents

Section I. Flood Risk Management Practice

1. Decision-Making for Flood-Threatened Properties
I. Kelman

2. The Influence of Floodplain Compartmentalization on Flood Risk Within the Rhine-Meuse Delta*
D. Alkema, H. Middelkoop

3. Osiris – an Example of Citizen-Oriented Technology Development in the area of Dissemination of Information on Flood Risk Management
M. Erlich

4. Evolving Concepts in Flood Risk Management: Searching for a Common Language
K.M. De Bruijn, C. Green, C. Johnson, L. McFadden

5. Comrisk – A transnational project of public authorities on coastal risk management
J.L.A. Hofstede

6. Dike Investigations Using Geophysical Methods – Techniques for the Future?
R. Morawetz, J. Schön, C. Wohlfahrt, M. Röck

Section II. Flood Events and Impacts

7. The Environmental Impact of Flooding of The Dutch ‘Delta-Metropole’
L.C.P.M. Stuyt, J.E.A. Reinders, E.E. Hoek, E.G.M. Hermans, M. Muinck Keizer, J. Icke

8. Structural Economic Effects of Large-Scale Inundation
M. Bockarjova, A.E. Steenge, A. Veen

9. A Method to Estimate Loss of Life Caused by Large-Scale Floods in the Netherlands
N.E.M. Asselman, S.N. Jonkman

10. Automation Of Flood Contingency Plans
J.J. Flikweert, C. Coremans, K. De Gooijer, L. Wentholt

Section III. Flood Analysis and Modelling

11. The Impact European Research Project on Flood Propagation in Urban Areas: Experimental and Numerical Modelling of the Influence of Buildings on the Flow
S. Soares Frazão, F. Alcrudo, J. Mulet, B. Noël, G. Testa, Y. Zech

12. Sustainable Development and Flood Risk – Reducing Uncertainty (Bristol City Re-Development Case Study)
M. Pinnell

13. Flood Risk Mapping At The Local Scale: Concepts and Challenges
B. Merz, A.H. Thieken, M. Gocht

14. Flood Modelling and the August 2002 Flood in the Czech Republic
P. Sklenár, E. Zeman, J. Špatka, P. Tachecí

15. Seasonal Rainfall and Flow Trends Within Three Catchments in South-West England
D. Han

16. Propagation of Discharge Uncertainty in a Flood Damage Model For the Meuse River
Y.P. Xu, M.J. Booij, A.E. Mynett

17. A Stochastic Model for Simulating Long Time Series of River-Mouth Discharge and Sediment Load
R.M. Hoogendoorn, G.J. Weltje

Section IV. Flood Forecasting

18. Forecasting Flash Floods with an Operational Model
P.A. Ayral, S. Sauvagnargues-Lesage, S. Gay, F. Bressand

19. Flood Forecasting for the Upper and Middle Odra River Basin
M. Butts, A. Dubicki, K. Stronska, G. JØrgensen, A. Nalberczynski, A. Lewandowski, T. van Kalken

20. Flood forecasting in the anglian region
D.E. Cadman, D.A. Price, M.B. Butts

21. Flood Forecasting Model Selection
K.A. Tilford, K.J. Sene, R. Khatibi

22. Numerical Modelling in Coastal Flood Forecasting and Warning in England and Wales
K. Hu, C. Wotherspoon

Section V. Flood Risk Management Policy

23. Reflections on the Challenges of Eu Policy-Making with View to Flood Risk Management
A.L. Vetere Arellano, A. De Roo, J.-P. Nordvik

24. On the Flood Risk in the Netherlands
L.M. Bouwer, P. Vellinga

25. Planning for River Induced Floods in Urban Areas
D. Thorsteinsson, A. Semadeni-Davies, R. Larsson

26. Interregional and Transnational Co-Operation in River Basins – Chances To Improve Flood Risk Management?*
B. Haupter, P. Heiland, J. Neumüller


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