Hill, James M.

Mathematics and Mechanics of Granular Materials

Hill, James M. - Mathematics and Mechanics of Granular Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Mathematics and mechanics of granular materials
J.M. Hill, A.P.S. Selvadurai

2. The incremental response of soils. An investigation using a discrete-element model
F. Alonso-Marroquín, H.J. Herrmann

3. Initial response of a micro-polar hypoplastic material under plane shearing
Erich Bauer

4. Some theoretical results about second-order work, uniqueness, existence and controllability independent of the constitutive equation
René Chambon

5. Perturbation solutions for flow through symmetrical hoppers with inserts and asymmetrical wedge hoppers
G.M. Cox, S.W. Mccue, N. Thamwattana, J.M. Hill

6. Micromechanical constitutive modelling of granular media: Evolution and loss of contact in particle clusters
B.S. Gardiner, A. Tordesillas

7. A hyperbolic well-posed model for the flow of granular materials
D. Harris, E.F. Grekova

8. Towards a theory of granular plasticity
Shaun C. Hendy

9. Formulation of non-standard dissipative behavior of geomaterials
Mohammed Hjiaj, Wenxiong Huang, Kristian Krabbenhøft, Scott W. Sloan

10. Bifurcation analysis for shear localization in non-polar and micro-polar hypoplastic continua
Wenxiong Huang, Mohammed Hjiaj, Scott W. Sloan

11. Large-strain dynamic cavity expansion in a granular material
V.A. Osinov

12. Generalised homogenisation procedures for granular materials
E. Pasternak, H.-B. Mühlhaus

13. Some fundamental aspects of the continuumization problem in granular Media
John F. Peters

14. Compression and shear of a layer of granular material
A.J.M. Spencer

15. An assessment of plasticity theories for modeling the incrementally nonlinear behavior of granular soils
Claudio Tamagnini, Francesco Calvetti, Gioacchino Viggiani

16. Incompressible granular flow from wedge-shaped hoppers
Graham J. Weir

17. Micromechanic modeling and analysis of unsteady-state granular flow in a cylindrical hopper
H.P. Zhu, A.B. Yu


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Physics SCI055000

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Natural Sciences

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