Heinemann, H.-J.

IUTAM Symposium on One Hundred Years of Boundary Layer Research

Heinemann, H.-J. - IUTAM Symposium on One Hundred Years of Boundary Layer Research, ebook


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Table of contents

Session 1. Classification, Definition and Mathematics of Boundary Layers

1. Prandtl's Boundary Layer Concept and the Work in Göttingen
G. E. A. Meier

2. The Full Lifespan of the Boundary-Layer and Mixing-Length Concepts
Philippe R. Spalart

3. Rational Basis of the Interactive Boundary Layer Theory
J. Cousteix, J. Mauss

4. Symmetry Methods in Turbulent Boundary Layer Theory
M. Oberlack, G. Khujadze

5. Viscous/Inviscid Interaction Procedures for Compressible Aerodynamic Flow Simulations
Mohamed Hafez, Essam Wahba

Session 2. Instability of Boundary Layers and Transition

6. The Application of Optimal Control to Boundary Layer Flow
D. S. Henningson, A. Hanifi

7. Leading-Edge Boundary Layer Flow (Prandtl's Vision, Current Developments and Future Perspectives)
V. Theofilis, A. V. Fedorov, S. S. Collis

8. Application of Transient Growth Theory to Bypass Transition
Eli Reshotko, Anatoli Tumin

9. Routes of Boundary-Layer Transition
Yury S. Kachanov

10. Instabilities in Boundary-Layer Flows and their Role in Engineering
J. D. Crouch

11. In-Flight Investigations of Tollmien-Schlichting Waves
Arne Seitz, K.-H. Horstmann

12. The Influence of Roughness on Boundary Layer Stability
M. Gaster

13. Boundary-Layer Instability in Transonic Range of Velocities, with Emphasis on Upstream Advancing Wave Packets
Oleg S. Ryzhov, E. V. Bogdanova-Ryzhova

14. Laminar-Turbulent-Laminar Transition Cycles
Roddam Narasimha

Session 3. Boundary Layers Control

15. A Century of Active Control of Boundary Layer Separation: A Personal View
Israel J. Wygnanski

16. Boundary Layer Separation Control by Manipulation of Shear Layer Reattachment
P. R. Viswanath

17. Stability, Transition, and Control of Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers on Swept Wings
William Saric, Helen Reed

18. Transition to Turbulence in 3-D Boundary Layers on a Rotating Disk (Triad Resonance)
Thomas C. Corke, Eric H. Matlis

19. Control and Identification of Turbulent Boundary Layer Separation
Avi Seifert, LaTunia Pack Melton

Session 4. Turbulent Boundary Layers

20. The Near-Wall Structures of the Turbulent Boundary Layer
Javier Jiménez, Genta Kawahara

21. Turbulence in Supersonic and Hypersonic Boundary Layers
Alexander J. Smits, M. Pino Martin

22. The Role of Skin-Friction Measurements in Boundary Layers with Variable Pressure Gradients
Hans-Hermann Fernholz

23. The Mean Velocity Distribution near the Peak of the Reynolds Shear Stress, Extending also to the Buffer Region
K. R. Sreenivasan, A. Bershadskii

Session 5. Numerical Treatment and Boundary Layer Modelling

24. Turbulence Modelling for Boundary-Layer Calculations
Wolfgang Rodi

25. Instability and Transition in Boundary Layers: Direct Numerical Simulations
Hermann F. Fasel

26. Wall Modeling for Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layers
Parviz Moin, Meng Wang

27. Revisiting the Turbulent Scale Equation
F. R. Menter, Y. Egorov

28. Industrial and Biomedical Applications
Frank Smith, Nicholas Ovenden, Richard Purvis

29. Analysis and Control of Boundary Layers: A Linear System Perspective
John Kim, Junwoo Lim

30. The Development (and Suppression) of very Short-Scale Instabilities in Mixed Forced-Free Convection Boundary Layers
P. W. Duck, J. P. Denier, J. Li

31. Computational Studies of Boundary-Layer Disturbance Development
Christopher Davies

Session 6. Special Effects in Boundary Layers

32. Hypersonic Real-Gas Effects on Transition
Hans G. Hornung

33. Stabilization of Hypersonic Boundary Layer by Microstructural Porous Coating
Anatoly A. Maslov

34. The Asymptotic Structure of High-Reynolds Number Boundary Layers
Peter A. Monkewitz, Hassan M. Nagib

35. Instabilities near the Attachment-Line of a Swept Wing in Compressible Flow
Jörn Sesterhenn, Rainer Friedrich

36. Structure Formation in Marginally Separated Aerodynamic and Related Boundary Layer Flows
Alfred Kluwick, Stefan Braun

37. High Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layers Subjected to Various Pressure-Gradient Conditions
Hassan M. Nagib, Chris Christophorou, Peter A. Monkewitz

38. Analysis of Adverse Pressure Gradient Thermal Turbulent Boundary Layers and Consequence on Turbulence Modeling
T. Daris, H. Bézard

39. The Significance of Turbulent Eddies for the Mixing in Boundary Layers
Christian J. Kähler

40. Unstable Periodic Motion in Plane Couette System: The Skeleton of Turbulence
Genta Kawahara, Shigeo Kida, Masato Nagata

41. Some Classic Thermal Boundary Layer Concepts Reconsidered (and their Relation to Compressible Couette Flow)
B. W. Oudheusden

42. Vorticity in Flow Fields (in Relation to Prandtl s Work and Subsequent Developments)
Tsutomu Kambe

7. Poster-Presentation

43. An Experimental Investigation of the Brinkman Layer Thickness at a Fluid-Porous Interface
Afshin Goharzadeh, Arash Saidi, Dianchang Wang, Wolfgang Merzkirc, Arzhang Khalil

44. Experimental Investigations of Separating Boundary-Layer Flow from Circular Cylinder at Reynolds Numbers from 105 up to 107 three-dimensional Vortex Flow of a Circular Cylinder)
Burkhard Gölling

45. Scale-Separation in Boundary Layer Theory and Statistical Theory of Turbulence
Tomomasa Tatsumi

46. On Boundary Layer Control in Two-Dimensional Transonic Wind Tunnel Testing
Bosko Rasuo

47. Theory of Boundary Layer Instability: Particle or Wave?
Ka-Kheng Tan


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