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IUTAM Symposium on Mechanics and Reliability of Actuating Materials

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Table of contents

1. A Switching Rule for Local Domain Wall Motions and for Macroscopic Material Response of Ferroelectrics
H. Kessler, P. Bürmann, H. Balke

2. The Effects of Sieving Method and Poling Approach on the Internal Bias Field in Donor Doped PZT Ceramics
D. N. Fang, F. X. Li

3. Interaction between Defects and Domain Walls in Piezoelectric Materials
D. Gross, R. Mueller

4. In-Situ Observation of Electrically Induced Fatigue Crack Growth for Ferroelectric Single Crystals
F. Fang, W. Yang, F. C Zhang, H. S. Luo

5. Crack Initiation and Crack Propagation under Cyclic Electric Loading in PZT
I. Westram, D. C. Lupascu, J. Rödel

6. Multiaxial Behavior of Ferroelectric Ceramic PZT53
Q. Wan, C. Q. Chen, Y. P. Shen

7. Stability Analysis of 180° Domains in Ferroelectric Thin Films
Biao Wang, C. H. Woo, Yue Zheng

8. Stress Analysis in two Dimensional Electrostrictive Material under General Loading
Zhen-Bang Kuang, Quan Jiang

9. Effect of Electric Fields on Fracture of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Materials
Naotake Noda, Cun-Fa Gao

10. The Charge-Free Zone Model for Conductive Cracks in Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics
Tong-Yi Zhang

11. Electrical Potential Drop Across a Crack in Piezoelectrics
Y. H. Chen, Z. C. Ou

12. Elastic Sv-Wave Scattering by an Interface Crack Between a Piezoelectric Layer and an Elastic Substrate
Bin Gu, Shou-Wen Yu, Xi-Qiao Feng

13. A Micro-Macro Approach to Design Active Piezoelectric Fiber Composites
H. Berger, S. Kari, N. Bohn, R. Rodriguez, U. Gabbert

14. Fem-Techniques for Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Crack Analyses in Smart Structures
M. Kuna

15. Trefftz Plane Element of Piezoelectric Plate with p-Extension Capabilities
Qing-Hua Qin

16. On Piezoelectric Actuator Layers in Plates and Shells at Large Deflections
Sven Lentzen, Rüdiger Schmidt

17. Electric Charge Loading of a Piezoelectric Solid Cylinder
Y. Chen, R. K. N. D. Rajapakse

18. Oblique Propagation of Time Harmonic Waves in Periodic Piezoelectric Composite Layered Structures
M. Urago, F. Jin, Y. Mochimaru, K. Kishimoto

19. Scattering Behaviour of Elastic Waves in 1–3 Piezoelectric Ceramics/Polymer Composites
F. Jin, K. Kishimoto, Z. Qian, Z. Wang

20. Stress Analysis for an Anisotropic Solid with Variable Off-Axis of Anisotropy
Kazumi Watanabe

21. Deformation Instability and Pattern Formation in Superelastic Shape Memory Alloy Microtubes
Q. P. Sun, P. Feng

22. Theoretical Consideration on the Fracture of Shape Memory Alloys
Wenyi Yan, Yiu-Wing Mai

23. 3D Finite Element Simulation for Shape Memory Alloys
L. H. Han, T. J. Lu

24. Constitutive Models for Magnetostrictive Materials
Xiao-Jing Zheng, Xin-En Liu

25. Vibration Analysis of a Nonlinear Magnetostrictive Acutator
Z. Zhong, Y. P. Wan

26. Test Study of the Feed-Support System for a Large Radio Telescope
G. X. Ren, W. B. Zhu, H. Zhang, L. C. Zhu, Q. H. Lu

27. Biofilm Growth: Perspectives on Two-Phase Mixture Flow and Fingerings Formation
S. Hao, B. Moran, D. Chopp

28. Damage and Fatigue of Actuating Heart Muscles
Xiang-Ming Zhang, Nina-Ke Ma, Fan Yang, Yong Zhao, Wei Yang


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