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Aquatic Biodiversity II

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Table of contents

1. The study of biodiversity in freshwater habitats: societal relevance and suggestions for priorities in science policy
Luc Meester, Steven Declerck

2. Biodiversity: a resource with a monetary value?
Henri J. Dumont

3. Linking science and policy for biodiversity
Anne Franklin

4. Relevance and policy dimensions of research on biodiversity in freshwater ecosystems: a developing country perspective
Brij Gopal

5. Conservation of freshwater biodiversity: does the real world meet scientific dreams?
C. Lévêque, E.V. Balian

6. Taxonomy and systematics in biodiversity research
Koen Martens, Hendrik Segers

7. Future priorities in science policy for biodiversity studies: a comment on the target review by Luc De Meester and Steven Declerck
Christian Sturmbauer

8. Towards a coherent and high-quality science policy on biodiversity
Aline Werf

9. An assessment of animal species diversity in continental waters
C. Lévêque, E.V. Balian, K. Martens

10. Does inland aquatic biodiversity have a future in Asian developing countries?
Brij Gopal

11. Recovery in diversity of fish and invertebrate communities following remediation of a polluted stream: investigating causal relationships
S. M. Adams, M. G. Ryon, J. G. Smith

12. Ecological remarks on Mastigodiaptomus nesus Bowman, 1986 (Copepoda: Calanoida) in a Mexican karstic sinkhole
Adrian Cervantez-Martínez, Manuel Elías-Gutiérrez, Martha A. Gutiérrez-Aguirre, Alexey A. Kotov

13. Consumptive and non-consumptive effects of turbellarian (Mesostoma sp.) predation on anostracans
Els R. M. Roeck, Tom Artois, Luc Brendonck

14. Changes in functional biodiversity in an invaded freshwater ecosystem: the Moselle River
Simon Devin, Jean-Nicolas Beisel, Philippe Usseglio-Polatera, Jean-Claude Moreteau

15. The impact of stocking on the genetic structure of European grayling (Thymallus thymallus, Salmonidae) in two alpine rivers
Nina Duftner, Stephan Koblmüller, Steven Weiss, Nikolaus Medgyesy, Christian Sturmbauer

16. Connectivity and nestedness of the meta-community structure of moss dwelling bdelloid rotifers along a stream
Diego Fontaneto, Giulio Melone, Claudia Ricci

17. Implications of taxonomic modifications and alien species on biological water quality assessment as exemplified by the Belgian Biotic Index method
W. Gabriels, P. L. M. Goethals, N. Pauw

18. A large-scale stream benthic diatom database
Véronique Gosselain, Michel Coste, Stéphane Campeau, Luc Ector, Claude Fauville, François Delmas, Markus Knoflacher, Magdalena Licursi, Frédéric Rimet, Juliette Tison, Loïc Tudesque, Jean-Pierre Descy

19. A review on the present status and management of mangrove wetland habitat resources in Bangladesh with emphasis on mangrove fisheries and aquaculture
Md. Shahidul Islam, Md. Abdul Wahab

20. Coexistence of two similar copepod species, Eudiaptomus gracilis and E. graciloides: the role of differential predator avoidance
C.D. Jamieson

21. Native and exotic Amphipoda and other Peracarida in the River Meuse: new assemblages emerge from a fast changing fauna
Guy Josens, Abraham Bij Vaate, Philippe Usseglio-Polatera, Roger Cammaerts, Frédéric Chérot, Frédéric Grisez, Pierre Verboonen, Jean-Pierre Vanden Bossche

22. Phylogeography and speciation in the Pseudocrenilabrus philander species complex in Zambian Rivers
Cyprian Katongo, Stephan Koblmüller, Nina Duftner, Lawrence Makasa, Christian Sturmbauer

23. Short term spatial and temporal variation of phytoplankton in a shallow tropical oligotrophic reservoir, southeast Brazil
Maria Rosélia Marques Lopes, Carlos E. M. Bicudo, M. Carla Ferragut

24. The female reproductive organ in podocopid ostracods is homologous to five appendages: histological evidence from Liocypris grandis (Crustacea, Ostracoda)
Renate Matzke-Karasz, Koen Martens

25. Daphnia species diversity in Kenya, and a key to the identification of their ephippia
Joachim Mergeay, Dirk Verschuren, Luc Meester

26. Some aspects of water filtering activity of filter-feeders
S.A. Ostroumov

27. Recent ostracods (Crustacea, Ostracoda) found in lowland springs of the provinces of Piacenza and Parma (Northern Italy)
Giampaolo Rossetti, Valentina Pieri, Koen Martens

28. Representation of aquatic invertebrate communities in subfossil death assemblages sampled along a salinity gradient of western Uganda crater lakes
Bob Rumes, Hilde Eggermont, Dirk Verschuren

29. Life history strategies of cladocerans: comparisons of tropical and temperate taxa
S. S. S. Sarma1, S. Nandini, R. D. Gulati

30. Phylogeographic history of the genus Tropheus, a lineage of rock-dwelling cichlid fishes endemic to Lake Tanganyika
Christian Sturmbauer, Stephan Koblmüller, Kristina M. Sefc, Nina Duftner

31. Plankton richness in a eutrophic reservoir (Barra Bonita Reservoir, SP, Brazil)
Takako Matsumura-Tundisi, José Galizia Tundisi

32. The effect of turbidity state and microhabitat on macroinvertebrate assemblages: a pilot study of six shallow lakes
Frank Meutter, Robby Stoks, Luc Meester


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