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Astrophysics and Space Science

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Table of contents

1. A unified model for black hole X-ray binary jets?
Rob Fender, Tomaso Belloni, Elena Gallo

2. On the relationship between the jets from X-ray binaries and AGN
Sebastian Heinz, Andrea Merloni, Tiziana Matteo, Rashid Sunyaev

3. A transition in the accretion properties of AGN
Annalisa Celotti

4. Jet-disc coupling in the accreting black hole XTE J1118+480
Julien Malzac, Andrea Merloni, Andrew C. Fabian

5. Are 3C 120 and other active galactic nuclei overweight microquasars?
Alan P. Marscher

6. A fundamental plane of black hole activity: Pushing forward the unification scheme
Andrea Merloni, Sebastian Heinz, 3Tiziana Matteo

7. Magnetically dominated accretion flows (MDAFS) and jet production in the lowhard state
David L. Meier

8. Black hole systems seen at high spectral resolution: Inflow and outflow
Julia C. Lee

9. Black hole spin in AGN and GBHCs
Christopher S. Reynolds, 1Laura W. Brenneman, David Garofalo

10. The Seyfert-liner galaxy NGC 7213: An XMM-Newton observation
R. L. C. Starling, M. J. Page, G. Branduardi-Raymont, A. A. Breeveld, R. Soria, K. Wu

11. Observational effects of strong gravity
Kris Beckwith, Chris Done

12. Broad iron lines in AGN and X-ray binaries
A. C. Fabian

13. The evolution of black hole states
Jeroen Homan, Tomaso Belloni

14. Rapid X-ray variability of Seyfert 1 Galaxies
S. Vaughan, A. C. Fabian, K. Iwasawa

15. Epicyclic frequencies derived from the effective potential: Simple and practical formulae
M. A. Abramowicz, W. Kluzniak

16. X-ray periodicity in AGN
Karen M. Leighly

17. Resonant oscillations of accretion flow and KHZ QPOS
W. Kluzniak, M. A. Abramowicz

18. Comparing black hole and neutron star variability
M. Klis

19. X-ray and radio monitoring of GX 339-4 and CYG X-1
Michael Nowak

20. Accretion in strong gravity: From galactic to supermassive black holes
Chris Done, Marek Gierlinski

21. Low-luminosity accretion in black hole X-ray binaries and active galactic nuclei
Ramesh Narayan

22. Exploring the jet/accretion flow relationship in low disk luminosity sources
Sera Markoff

23. What can we learn from neutron star X-ray binaries’ jets?
Simone Migliari, Rob Fender

24. A unifying scheme for low-luminosity XRBs and AGN
Elmar Körding, Heino Falcke

25. “Low-state” black hole accretion in nearby galaxies
Luis C. Ho

26. Present evidence for intermediate mass black holes in ULXs and future prospects
J. M. Miller

27. Finding faint intermediate-mass black holes in the radio band
T. J. MacCarone, R. P. Fender, A. K. Tzioumis

28. Formation and evolution of intermediate mass black hole X-ray binaries
Simon F. Portegies Zwart, Jasinta Dewi, Tom Maccarone

29. TeV gamma rays from the galactic center direct and indirect links to the massive black hole in Sgr A*
Felix Aharonian, Andrii Neronov

30. AGNS and microquasars as high-energy ?-ray sources
Josep M. Paredes

31. Large scale jets in microquasars
Stéphane Corbel

32. Is GRS 1915+105 a microquasar?
Christian R. Kaiser, J. L. Sokoloski, Katherine F. Gunn, Catherine Brocksopp


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