Encrenaz, T.

The Outer Planets and their Moons

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Table of contents

1. A Comparative Study of the Outer Planets Before the Exploration of Saturn by Cassini/Huygens: Introduction
T. Encrenaz, R. Kallenbach, T.C. Owen, C. Sotin

I. Formation and Evolution of the Giant Planets

2. Formation of the Outer Planets
Jack J. Lissauer

3. Formation and Composition of Planetesimals
Daniel Gautier, Franck Hersant

4. Formation of the Cores of the Outer Planets
S. J. Weidenschilling

5. Structure and Evolution of Giant Planets
Isabelle Baraffe

6. Formation of Giant Planets — An Attempt in Matching Observational Constraints
Yann Alibert, Christoph Mordasini, Olivier Mousis, Willy Benz

II. Neutral Atmospheres of the Giant Planets and Their Satellites

7. Neutral Atmospheres of the Giant Planets: An Overview of Composition Measurements
Thérèse Encrenaz

8. Coupled Clouds and Chemistry of the Giant Planets — A Case for Multiprobes
Sushil K. Atreya, Ah-San Wong

9. Comparative Study of the Dynamics of the Outer Planets
Reta F. Beebe

10. Photochemistry in Outer Solar System Atmospheres
Darrell F. Strobel

11. Formation and Evolution of Titan’s Atmosphere
Athena Coustenis

12. Aerosols on the Giant Planets and Titan
Régis Courtin

13. The Changing Face of Titan’s Haze: Is It All Dynamics?
M. Roos-Serote

14. Io’s Atmosphere and Surface-Atmosphere Interactions
Emmanuel Lellouch

III. Aurorae and Magnetospheres

15. Solar System Magnetospheres
M. Blanc, R. Kallenbach, N.V. Erkaev

16. The Current Systems of the Jovian Magnetosphere and Ionosphere and Predictions for Saturn
Margaret Galland Kivelson

17. Giant Planet Ionospheres and Thermospheres: The Importance of Ion-Neutral Coupling
Steve Miller, Alan Aylward, George Millward

18. Energetic Particles in the Magnetosphere of Saturn and a Comparison with Jupiter
Norbert Krupp

19. Radio Wave Emission from the Outer Planets before Cassini
P. Zarka, W.S. Kurth, Philippe Zarka

IV. Satellites and Rings

20. Geology of the Icy Satellites
Torrence V. Johnson

21. Triton, Pluto, Centaurs, and Trans-Neptunian Bodies
Dale P. Cruikshank

22. Irregular Satellites in the Context of Planet Formation
David Jewitt, Scott Sheppard

23. Dynamics and Composition of Rings
Bruno Sicardy

24. Exo-Astrobiological Aspects of Europa and Titan: From Observations to Speculations
François Raulin


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