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Longer Life and Healthy Aging

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Zeng Yi, Eileen Crimmins, Yves Carrière, Jean-Marie Robine

Part I. Disability and Healthy Life Expectancy

2. Can We Live Longer, Healthier Lives?
Carol Jagger

3. Aging and Disability in Taiwan: Prevalence and Transitions from a Panel Study
Ming- Cheng Chang, Zachary Zimmer

4. Disability Patterns for Us Elderly Nursing Home Residents Over Two Decades: Findings from the 1973 to 1997 National Nursing Home Surveys
Yongyi Li, Elizabeth H. Corder, Larry S. Corder

5. A Method for Correcting the Underestimation of Disabled Life Expectancy, with an Empirical Application to Oldest-Old in China
Zeng Yi, Gu Danan, Kenneth C. Land

6. Effects of Diabetes on Healthy Life Expectancy: Shorter Lives with More Disability for Both Women and Men
James N. Laditka, Sarah B. Laditka

7. Increasing Longevity: Causes, Consequences, and Prospects
Russell V. Luepker

Part II. Individual Healthy Aging

8. Age Differences in Allostatic Load: An Index of Frailty
Eileen M. Crimmins, Melanie L. Johnston, Mark Hayward, Teresa Seeman

9. Aging without Dementia
Pascale Barberger-Gateau, Luc Letenneur, Valérie Deschamps, Catherine Helmer, Colette Fabrigoule, Jean-François Dartigues

10. Does Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism Determine the Survivability of Vascular Accidents at Advanced Ages? Implications for Mortality Differentials
Elizabeth H. Corder, Lars Lannfelt, Matti Viitanen, Larry S. Corder, Bengt Winblad

11. The Danish Longitudinal Centenarian Study
Karen Andersen-Ranberg, Bernard Jeune

12. Gender and Healthy Aging
Emily Grundy

13. Female Disadvantages Among the Elderly in China
Zeng Yi, Liu Yuzhi, Linda K. George

14. The Relationship Between Occupational Status, Mobility, and Mortality at Older Ages
Emmanuelle E. Cambois

Part III. The Family and Healthy Aging

15. Impact of Longer Life on Care Giving from Children
Jenny De Jong Gierveld, Pearl A. Dykstra

16. Living Arrangement of the Oldest Old in China
Guo Zhigang

17. Longevity Among Chinese Consanguines
Yun Zhou, Qiang Ren

Part IV. Community Effects on Healthy Aging

18. Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with the Use of Formal and Informal Support Networks among Elderly Canadians
Yves Carrière, Laurent Martel, Jacques Légaré, Lucie Morin

19. Variation in Cohort Size and Lower Mortality in the Elderly: Implications for Pay-As-You-Go Healthcare Systems
Jacques Légaré, Robert Bourbeau, Bertrand Desjardins, Chad Deblois

20. Successful Aging Amongst the Very Old—Evidence from a Longitudinal Study of Aging
Gary Andrews, Michael Clark, Sam Davis

21. Needs, Provision, and Financing of Care for Elderly
Madeleine Rochon


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