Beaudouin-Lafon, Michel

ECSCW 2005

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Table of contents

1. Ways of the Hands
David Kirk, Andy Crabtree, Tom Rodden

2. A Design Theme for Tangible Interaction: Embodied Facilitation
Eva Hornecker

3. Supporting High Coupling and User-Interface Flexibility
Vassil Roussev, Prasun Dewan

4. A Groupware Design Framework for Loosely Coupled Workgroups
David Pinelle, Carl Gutwin

5. Formally Analyzing Two-User Centralized and Replicated Architectures
Sasa Junuzovic, Goopeel Chung, Prasun Dewan

6. Working Together Inside an Emailbox
Michael J. Muller, Daniel M. Gruen

7. Emergent Temporal Behaviour and Collaborative Work
Lesley Seebeck, Richard M Kim, Simon Kaplan

8. Managing Currents of Work: Multi-tasking Among Multiple Collaborations
Victor M. González, Gloria Mark

9. The Duality of Articulation Work in Large Heterogeneous Settings — a Study in Health Care
Louise Færgemann, Teresa Schilder-Knudsen, Peter H. Carstensen

10. Maintaining Constraints in Collaborative Graphic Systems: The CoGSE Approach
Kai Lin, David Chen, Chengzheng Sun, Geoff Dromey

11. Empirical Investigation into the Effect of Orientation on Text Readability in Tabletop Displays
Daniel Wigdor, Ravin Balakrishnan

12. An Evaluation of Techniques for Reducing Spatial Interference in Single Display Groupware
Theophanis Tsandilas, Ravin Balakrishnan

13. Cellular Phone as a Collaboration Tool that Empowers and Changes the Way of Mobile Work: Focus on Three Fields of Work
Eriko Tamaru, Kimitake Hasuike, Mikio Tozaki

14. Representations Can be Good Enough
Jacki O’Neill, Stefania Castellani, Antonietta Grasso, Frederic Roulland, Peter Tolmie

15. Using Empirical Data to Reason about Internet Research Ethics
James M. Hudson, Amy Bruckman

16. Community-based Learning: Design Patterns and Frameworks
John M. Carroll, Umer Farooq

17. Expertise Sharing in a Heterogeneous Organizational Environment
Tim Reichling, Michael Veith

18. Local Expertise at an Emergency Call Centre
Maria Normark, Dave Randall

19. Context Grabbing: Assigning Metadata in Large Document Collections
Joachim Hinrichs, Volkmar Pipek, Volker Wulf

20. Between Chaos and Routine: Boundary Negotiating Artifacts in Collaboration
Charlotte P. Lee

21. Coordination and Collaboration Environments for Production Lines: A User Acceptance Issue
François Laborie, Stéphane Chatty, Claude Reyterou

22. Sharing the square: Collaborative Leisure in the City Streets
Barry Brown, Matthew Chalmers, Marek Bell, Malcolm Hall, Ian MacColl, Paul Rudman

23. Informing Public Deliberation: Value Sensitive Design of Indicators for a Large-Scale Urban Simulation
Alan Borning, Batya Friedman, Janet Davis, Peyina Lin

24. The Work to Make a Home Network Work
Rebecca E. Grinter, W. Keith Edwards, Mark W. Newman, Nicolas Ducheneaut


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Keywords: COMPUTERS / Computer Science COM014000

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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