Iacomelli, Aldo

Renewable Energies for Central Asia Countries: Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts

Iacomelli, Aldo - Renewable Energies for Central Asia Countries: Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Renewable Energy (RE), Energy Efficiency (EE) & Energy Services: The Energy Market Transformation
Aldo Iacomelli

2. Promoting Effective and Efficient Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Aldo Iacomelli

3. The Clean Development Mechanism: New Instrument in Financing Renewable Energy Technologies
Romeo Pacudan

4. International Co-Operation on Energy Technologies Research and Development
Alicia Mignone

5. Market Deployment of Renewable Energy in Central Asia: Implications for Energy Diversification
Teresa Malyshev

6. World Energy Outlook 2004: Key Findings and Messages
Marco Baroni

7. Main Achievements of the IEA Programme on Hydropower Technologies
Frans H. Koch

8. Renewable Resources to Hydrogen: Appropriated Technologies for Developing Countries
V. Naso, E. Bocci, F. Orecchini, D. Marcelo

9. The Conception of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and Their Role in the Energy Balance of Uzbekistan
T. P. Salikhov, T. H. Nasyrov

10. Current State and Prospects of Renewable Energy Technology in Russia
Sergey Molodtsov

11. The Hybrid Solar — Wind Source of the Electro Energy and Prospect of Its Application
R. I. Isaev, D. A. Abdullaev

12. New Methods for Improvement of Efficiency of Solar Cells on the Basic Si-Monocrystals
R. A. Muminov, O. M. Tursunkulov

13. Design of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Solar Cell Application
L. Nosova, S. Gavrilov, I. Sieber, A. Belaidi, L. Dloczik, Th. Dittrich, A. A. Saidov, P. K. Khabibullaev

14. Utilization Possibilities of Renewable Sources of Energy in Southern Kazakhstan by the Example of Karatausko-Ugamski Energy Complex
T. K. Koishiyev

15. Renewable Energy: Environmental and Nature Protection Aspects
Kulsina Kachkynbaeva

16. To the Problem of Production and Using of Biofuel in Conditions of Uzbekistan
O. V. Lebedev, R. K. Musurmanov, K. A. Sharipov, A. S. Azizov


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