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Electron Crystallography

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Table of contents

1. What is Electron Crystallography?
Xiaodong Zou

2. Exploiting Sub-Ångstrom Abilities:
C. Kisielowski

3. The Way Forward for Electron Crystallography
Jonh C. H. Spence

4. Symmetry and Structure
Magdolna Hargittai, István Hargittai

5. Introduction to Electron Diffraction
Jean-Paul Morniroli

6. Symmetry Determinations by Electron Diffraction
Jean-Paul Morniroli

7. Electron Diffraction Structure Analysis
Vera Klechkovskaya

8. Quantitative Electron Diffraction Structure Analysis (EDSA)
A. S. Avilov

9. Quantification of Texture Patterns
Peter Oleynikov, Sven Hovmöller, Xiaodong Zou

10. Quantitative Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
J. M. Zuo

11. New Instrumentation for TEM Electron Diffraction Structure Analysis: Electron Diffractometry Combined with Beam Precession
Stavros Nicolopoulos, Alexey Kuligin, Kiril Kuligin, Boulahya Khalid, Gregory Lepeshov, Jean Luc DelPlancke, Anatoly Avilov, Maximilian Nickolsky, Arturo Ponce

12. Role of Electron Powder Diffraction in Solving Structures
János L. Lábár

13. Gas-Phase Electron Diffraction for Molecular Structure Determination
István Hargittai

14. Phase Identification by Combining Local Composition from EDX with Information from Diffraction Database
János L. Lábár

15. Analysis of Local Structure, Chemistry and Bonding by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Joachim Mayer

16. From Fourier Series Towards Crystal Structures
Thomas E. Weirich

17. Crystal Structure Determination by Image Deconvolution and Resolution Enhancement
Hua Jiang, Fang-hua Li, Esko. I. Kauppinen

18. Structure Determination from HREM by Crystallographic Image Processing
Xiaodong Zou, Sven Hovmöller

19. 3D Reconstruction of Inorganic Crystals
Xiaodong Zou, Sven Hovmöller

20. Solving and Refining Crystal Structures from Electron Diffraction Data
Christopher J. Gilmore, Andrew Stewart

21. The Maximum Entropy Method of Solving Crystal Structures from Electron Diffraction Data
C. J. Gilmore

22. Structure Refinement by Taking Dynamical Diffraction into Account
J. Jansen

23. TrueImage
C. Kübel, A. Thust

24. New Insights into the Nanoworld of Functional Materials
Gerhard Cox, Thomas Breiner, Hartmut Hibst, Ulrich Müller

25. Electron Crystallography on Polymorphs
U. Kolb, T. Gorelik

26. Electron Crystallography in Mineralogy and Materials Science
D. Nihtianova, Jixue Li, U. Kolb

27. Structures of Zeolites and Mesoporous Crystals Determined by Electron Diffraction and High-resolution Electron Microscopy
Osamu Terasaki

28. Hrtem Investigation of Nanocrystalline Materials
Andjelka M. Tonejc

29. Electron Crystallography on Beam Sensitive Materials
Masaki Tsuji

30. Characterisation of Catalysts by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Di Wang

31. Structural Investigations of Cold Worked Iron Based Alloys after Nitriding
L. Demchenko, V. Nadutov, D. Beke, L. Daroczi

32. Structural Refinement of Nanocrystalline TiO2 Samples
I. Djerdj, A. M. Tonejc, A. Tonejc

33. Relation between Magnetic Properties and the Structure of Iron-based Amorphous Alloys Determined by Electron Diffraction
O. V. Hryhoryeva

34. Selected Issues in Quantitative Structure Analysis of Nanocrystalline Alloys
D. M. Kepaptsoglou, M. Deanko, D. Janickovic, E. Hristoforou, P. Švec

35. Charge Ordering and Tilt Modulation in Multiferroic Fluorides with TTB Structure by Electron Diffraction and Single Crystal XRD
E. Montanari, S. Fabbrici, G. Calestani, A. Migliori

36. Electron Diffraction by Distorted Nanocrystals
M. B. Shevchenko, O. V. Pobydaylo

37. Electron Microscopy Investigations of Glassy-Like Carbon
T. G. Shumilova, J. Akai, Ye. A. Golubev

38. Image Deconvolution on Crystals with Interfaces
C. Y. Tang, F. H. Li

39. Crystal Structure Determination by Maximum Entropy Image Deconvolution in Combination with Image Simulation
Y. M. Wang, H. B. Wang, F. H. Li


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Natural Sciences

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