Bozhevolnaya, E.

Sandwich Structures 7: Advancing with Sandwich Structures and Materials

Bozhevolnaya, E. - Sandwich Structures 7: Advancing with Sandwich Structures and Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Sandwich Structures: Past, Present, and Future
Jack R. Vinson

2. Sandwich Structures Technology in Commercial Aviation
Axel S. Herrmann, Pierre C. Zahlen, Ichwan Zuardy

3. Damage Assessment and Damage Tolerance of FRP Sandwich Structures
Brian Hayman

4. Geometrical Non-Linear Response of Modern Sandwich Panels — Localized Effects
Y. Frostig

5. Global Buckling of Wide Sandwich Panels with Orthotropic Phases: An Elasticity Solution
George A. Kardomateas

6. Parametric Study of Structurally Graded Core Junctions
Anders Lyckegaard, Elena Bozhevolnaya, Ole Thybo Thomsen

7. Local Effects Induced by Core Junctions in Sandwich Beams under General Loading Conditions
Elena Bozhevolnaya, Anders Lyckegaard, Ole Thybo Thomsen

8. Material Characterization of PVC Foam under Static and Dynamic Loading
D.C. Loup, R.C. Matteson, A.W.J. Gielen

9. Dynamic Response of Anisotropic Sandwich Panels to Underwater and In-Air Explosions
Liviu Librescu, Sang-Yong Oh, Jörg Hohe

10. Enhancement of Blast Resistance of Sandwich Plates
George J. Dvorak, Yehia A. Bahei-El-Din

11. A Two-Property Yield, Failure (Fracture) Criterion for Isotropic Matrix Materials
Richard M. Christensen

12. On Crack Extension in Foam Cored Sandwich Fracture Specimens
R.C. Matteson, L.A. Carlsson, F. Aviles, D.C. Loup

13. Effect of Geometric Constraint on Fracture Toughness of PVC Foam Core Sandwich Beams
Kunigal Shivakumar, Huanchun Chen, Anil Bhargava

14. Damage Evaluation of Sandwich Structures Using Vibration and Thermal Signatures
Andres Cecchini, Frederick Just-Agosto, David Serrano, Basir Shafiq

15. Fatigue Performance and Size Effect in Sandwich Composites
Basir Shafiq, Amilcar Quispitupa, Frederick Just, Miguel Banos

16. Study of Fatigue Endurance of Conventional and Modified Core Junctions in Sandwich Beams
Elena Bozhevolnaya, Anders Lyckegaard, Ole Thybo Thomsen

17. Fatigue of Closed Cell Foams
Dan Zenkert, Andrey Shipsha, 1Magnus Burman

18. Fatigue of Pure and Nanophased Sandwich Composites under Shear Loading
Hassan Mahfuz, Shaik Zainuddin, Mohammed F. Uddin, Vijaya K. Rangari, Shaik Jeelani

19. Sea Water Effects on Polymeric Foams and Their Sandwich Layups
Y.J. Weitsman, X. Li, A. Ionita

20. Sandwich Plates: Stresses, Deflection, Buckling and Wrinkling Loads
H.-R. Meyer-Piening

21. Modelling of Viscoelastically Damped Sandwich Beams: A Comparative Study
H. Hu, S. Belouettar, E. Daya, M. Potier-Ferry

22. A Homogenization Based Theory for Laminated and Sandwich Beams
Jorn S. Hansen, Graeme Kennedy, Sergio F.M. Almeida

23. Modelling of Composite and Sandwich Plates by a Trigonometric Layerwise Theory and Multiquadrics
Carla M.C. Roque, António J.M. Ferreira, Renato M.N. Jorge

24. Stability Behaviour of Cylindrical and Conical Sandwich Shells with Flexible Core
Congying Zhong, Hans-G. Reimerdes

25. High Order Nonlinear Contact Effects in the Dynamic Behavior of Delaminated Sandwich Panels with a Flexible Core
H. Schwarts-Givli, O. Rabinovitch, Y. Frostig

26. Bending Behavior of Sandwich Panels with a “Soft” Core and Embedded Rigid Inserts
Oded Rabinovitch, Ehab Hamed

27. Elastic Behaviour of Z Reinforced Sandwich Beams
Marco Leite, Arlindo Silva, Manuel Freitas

28. Wrinkling of Shallow Sandwich Shells for the General Case of Multi-Axial Orthotropy, Curvature and Loading
Vitaly Skvortsov, Ole Thybo Thomsen

29. Transverse Stresses of a Filler under Multipoint Loadings of a Sandwich Panel
V.A. Polyakov, R.P. Shlitsa, V.V. Khitrov, V.I. Zhigun

30. A Triangular Finite Element for Sandwich Plates Accounting for Transverse Core Compressibility
Serkan Demiray, Wilfried Becker, Jörg Hohe

31. Finite Element for the Static and Stability Analysis of Sandwich Plates
Markus Linke, Wolfgang Wohlers, Hans-Günther Reimerdes

32. Two Fe Formulations for a Rapid 3D Stress Analysis of Composite Sandwich Structures
Anja Wetzel, Luise Kärger

33. Sandwich Materials Selection Charts
Jochen Pflug, Ignaas Verpoest

34. Optimal Design of Laminated Extended & Honeycomb Cores Sandwich Panels under Out-of-Plane Load with Simply Supported Boundary Conditions Using Genetic Algorithm
M.J. Jamali, I. Rajabi, M.H. Kadivar

35. Designing Sandwich Inserts and Core Junctions for Maximum Structural Stiffness Using Discrete Material Optimization
Jan Stegmann, Erik Lund

36. On Residual Compressive Strength Prediction of Composite Sandwich Panels after Low-Velocity Impact Damage
Zonghong Xie, Anthony J. Vizzini, Mao Yang

37. Investigation of Parameters Dictating Damage and Energy Absorption Characteristics in Sandwich Panels
G. Zhou, M. Hill, N. Hookham

38. Real-Time Damage Detection of Honeycomb Sandwich Structures using Small-Diameter Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Shu Minakuchi, Yoji Okabe, Nobuo Takeda

39. The Influence of Face Sheet Wrinkle Defects on the Performance of FRP Sandwich Structures
Brian Hayman, Christian Berggreen, Robert Pettersson

40. Residual Strength of Debonded Sandwich Panels Loaded with Lateral Pressure
Perttu Jolma, Sebastian Segercrantz, Christian Berggreen

41. Measurement of Interface Fracture Toughness of Sandwich Structures
Rasmus C. Østergaard, Bent F. Sørensen

42. Numerical Study of Fractured Sandwich Composites under Flexural Loading
E.E. Theotokoglou, L.A. Carlssson, C.D. Vrettos, H. Mahfuz

43. Dependence of Sandwich Damage Initiation and Crack Propagation on Core Material Fracture Properties
Lukas Berger, Markus Morgenthaler, Wesley Cantwell, Kurt Feichtinger, Russell Elkin

44. Dependence of Inplane Sandwich Shear Deformation on Core Material Type and Thickness
Markus Morgenthaler, Lukas Berger, Kurt Feichtinger, Russell Elkin

45. Residual Strength of In-Plane Loaded Debonded Sandwich Panels: Experimental Investigation
Christian Lundsgaard-Larsen, Christian Berggreen, Alexandros Nøkkentved

46. Residual Strength of In-Plane Loaded Debonded Sandwich Panels: Fracture Mechanical Modelling
Christian Berggreen, Bo Cerup Simonsen

47. Resistance of Fastenings of Sandwich Panels
Paavo Hassinen

48. Experimental Failure Mode Determination of GRP/PVC-Foam Sandwich T-Joints
Alexander W.J. Gielen, Wim Trouwborst, Douglas C. Loup

49. Flexural Behaviour of Aluminium Foam/Composite Structures
M. Styles, P. Compston, S. Kalyanasundaram

50. Repair Classification for Sandwich Panels with Hail Damage
M. Das, E. Madenci, H. Razi

51. Damage Tolerance Assessment of Repaired Composite Sandwich Structures
Richard Trask, Bob Cripps, Ajit Shenoi

52. Dynamical Transient Response of Shallowsandwich Panel Subjected to Pressure Field
Sergey Kadyrov, Vitalij Skvortsov

53. Effect of Transverse Core Compressibility on Dynamic Buckling of Sandwich Structures
Jörg Hohe, Liviu Librescu, Sang Yong Oh

54. Dynamic Characterisation of Marine Sandwich Structures
Mark Battley, Ivan Stenius, Johan Breder, Susan Edinger

55. Local Free Vibration Analysis of Initially Stressed Curved Sandwich Beams
W. Wang, R.A. Shenoi

56. Vibration Analysis of Composite Sandwich Plates and Layup Optimization
Hideki Sekine, Hiroshi Shirahata, Mariko Matsuda

57. Flexural Vibrations af A Three-Layer Sandwich Beam
Daniel Backström, Anders Nilsson

58. An Effective 2D Linear Elasticity Vibrational Model for Layered and Sandwich Clamped-Clamped Unidirectional Strips
Stanislaw Karczmarzyk

59. Minimization of Acoustic Radiation from Composite Sandwich Structures
H. Denli, J.Q. Sun

60. On Wave Propagation in Sandwich Plates Under Heavy Fluid Loading
Sergey Sorokin, Nigel Peake

61. Wave Propagation in A Sandwich Plate Loaded by A Viscous Compressible Fluid
A.V. Chubinskiy, S.V. Sorokin

62. Impact Damage on Lightweight Sandwich Panels
Daowu Zhou, W.J. Stronge

63. Ballistic Resistance of 2D & 3D Woven Sandwich Composites
Arun Shukla, Joseph Grogan, Srinivasan A. Tekalur, Alex Bogdanovich, Robert A. Coffelt

64. Impact and Indentation Behavior of Sandwich Panels
Carl-Johan Lindholm

65. A Comparison of Low Energy Impact Behaviour in Aluminium Foam and Polymer Foam Sandwich Structures
P. Compston, M. Styles, S. Kalyanasundaram

66. Numerical Modeling of Sandwich Panel Response to Ballistic Loading
Jørgen Kepler, Michael Rygaard Hansen

67. Low Velocity Impact Investigations of Sandwich Panels with Different Cores
Wilfried Göttner, Hans-G. Reimerdes

68. Mechanical Behavior of Rubberfilled Multifunctional Honeycomb Sandwich Composite
Huang Hao, Chee-Ryong Joe, Dong-Uk Kim

69. Stitching Effect on Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Sandwich Structures
B. Lascoup, Z. Aboura, K. Khellil, M. Benzeggagh

70. Continuous Manufacturing and Performance of 3D Reinforced Sandwich Structures
G. Roy, C. Binetruy, P. Krawczak

71. A Novel Extrusion-Welded Sandwich Structure for Thermoplastic Composite Storage Tanks
E. Lagardere, M.-F. Lacrampe, O. Skawinski, P. Krawczak, C. Ducret, M. Giletti

72. The Opportunities of Flexible Foam Processing for Rigid Foam Sandwich Cores
Henri Mispreuve, Leendert Haan

73. Formability of Lightweight, Vibration Damping and Medium Perfused Sandwich Sheets
Reiner Kopp, Marc Nutzmann, Johan Santen

74. Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Functionally Graded Micro Porous Metals by Mim-Base Powder Space Holder Method
Kazuaki Nishiyabu, Satoru Matsuzaki, Shigeo Tanaka

75. Sandwich Injection Moulding and Physical Properties of Cup-Stacked Carbon Nanotube / Polypropylene and Polypropylene
Kenji Okubo, Shigeo Tanaka, Naoyuki Oya, Kazuaki Nishiyabu, Takashi Yanagisawa, Masanori Tomita

76. New Rohacellê Development For Resin Infusion Processes
Jonas Scherble, Thorsten Jahn

77. Development and Validation of A Continuous Production Concept for Thermoplastic Honeycomb
J. Philipp Bratfisch, Dirk Vandepitte, Jochen Pflug, Ignaas Verpoest

78. Sandwich Panel With a Periodical and Graded Core
Jens Nygaard, Anders Lyckegaard, Jesper Christiansen

79. Investigation of the Cure Process for Thick Composite Sandwich Panels
Daniel K. Jensen

80. Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Large-Scale Sandwich Structures
Thomas Mathiasen Wulf

81. Evaluation of Sandwich Materials Using Ultrasonic Air-Coupled Scanning Technique
Kaj K. Borum

82. Structural NDE of CFRP Composite Materials Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Jinsong Leng, Yanju Liu, Xingli Xu, Shanyi Du

83. Study of the Hygro-Mechanical Behavior of Corrugated Cardboard
Allaoui Samir, Aboura Zoheir, Benzeggagh Malk

84. New Concepts for Sandwich Structures
Joachim L. Grenestedt

85. Magnesium Integral Foam — A New Metallic Sandwich Structure
Markus Hirschmann, Carolin Körner, Robert F. Singer

86. New Improved Foam Core Materials for Advanced Processing
Stefan Reuterlöv

87. Characterisation of Novel K-Cor Sandwich Structures
Pascal Casari, Denis Cartié, Peter Davies

88. Finite Element Analysis on Out-of-Plane Compression Properties of Thermoplastic Honeycomb
Xinyu Fan, Ignaas Verpoest, Dirk Vandepitte

89. Deformation of Foam Cores in Uniaxial Compression-Tension Cycle
Vitaly Koissin, Andrey Shipsha

90. Loading Rate Effects on Foam Cores for Marine Sandwich Structures
Eric Lolive, Pascal Casari, Peter Davies

91. Characterization of the Thermal Expansion Behaviour of a PVC Foam Core: Non-linearities and Gradients Across the Width
Pascal Casari, Carlos Ferreira, Frédéric Jacquemin

92. Determination of In-plane and Out-of-plane Elastic Constants For Medium-thickness Sandwich Composite Skins
Helmuth Toftegaard, Stergios Goutianos

93. Stochastic Homogenization of Polymeric Foams
Jörg Hohe

94. Stochastic Finite Element Models of Foam Materials
Stefan Hallström, Steven Ribeiro-Ayeh

95. Application of Load Carrying Sandwich Elements in Large Wind Turbine Blades
Jacob Fisker Jensen, Jacob Pagh Schultz, Christian Berggreen, Kim Branner

96. Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Structure for Sportive Applications
M.M. Sommer, M. Pä?ler, R. Schledjewski, M. Stack

97. Study of Snowboard Sandwich Structures
C. Borsellino, L. Calabrese, R. Passari, A. Valenza

98. Development and Evaluation of an RTM Bicycle Frame
Nikos G. Pantelelis

99. Development of New Reinforced Load Introductions for Sandwich Structures
M. Alexander Roth

100. Sandwich Structures with Composite Inserts: Experimental Studies
G. Nageswara Rao, Ullas Agrawal, N.K. Naik

101. Development and Evaluation of FRP Sandwich Beams Containing Glass Fibers Into Phenolic Foam Core
Goichi Ben, Akiko Shoji, Mituru Souma

102. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Hollow and Foam-Filled A-stringer/A-former Under Axial Compression Load and Bending Moment
René Krämer, M. Alexander Roth

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering, general, Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Machinery and Machine Elements

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