Mauricio, Rodney

Genetics of Adaptation

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Table of contents

1. Natura non facit saltum
Rodney Mauricio

2. Theories of adaptation: what they do and don’t say
H. Allen Orr

3. Testing hypotheses regarding the genetics of adaptation
Patrick C. Phillips

4. QTL mapping and the genetic basis of adaptation: recent developments
Zhao-Bang Zeng

5. Sex differences in recombination and mapping adaptations
Patrick D. Lorch

6. Genetics and adaptation in structured populations: sex ratio evolution in Silene vulgaris
Matthew S. Olson, David E. McCauley, Douglas Taylor

7. Studying genetics of adaptive variation in model organisms: flowering time variation in Arabidopsis lyrata
Mona Riihimäki, Robert Podolsky, Helmi Kuittinen, Hans Koelewijn, Outi Savolainen

8. Ontogenetics of QTL: the genetic architecture of trichome density over time in Arabidopsis thaliana
Rodney Mauricio

9. Epistasis and genotype-environment interaction for quantitative trait loci affecting flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana
Thomas E. Juenger, Sáunak Sen, Kirk A. Stowe, Ellen L. Simms

10. Evolution in heterogeneous environments and the potential of maintenance of genetic variation in traits of adaptive significance
Diane L. Byers

11. The genetic basis of adaptation: lessons from concealing coloration in pocket mice
Michael W. Nachman

12. The genetics of adaptation in Drosophila sechellia
Corbin D. Jones

13. Back to the future: genetic correlations, adaptation and speciation
Sara Via, David J. Hawthorne

14. Parallel genotypic adaptation: when evolution repeats itself
Troy E. Wood, John M. Burke, Loren H. Rieseberg

15. Hybridization as a source of evolutionary novelty: leaf shape in a Hawaiian composite
Stacy Jørgensen, Rodney Mauricio

16. Discovery and utilization of QTLs for insect resistance in soybean
H. Roger Boerma, David R. Walker

17. Polyploidy, evolutionary opportunity, and crop adaptation
Andrew H. Paterson

18. Quantitative trait loci and the study of plant domestication
Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra

19. Can ecology help genomics: the genome as ecosystem?
Rodney Mauricio


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