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Directions in Strong Motion Instrumentation

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Table of contents

Part 1. Seismic Hazard and Extreme Motions

1. Data Needs for Improved Seismic Hazard Analysis
John G. Anderson, James N. Brune, Abdolrasool Anooshehpoor, Matthew D. Purvance

2. Capturing and Limiting Groundmotion Uncertainty in Seismic Hazard Assessment
Julian J. Bommer, Frank Scherbaum

3. Long-Period Ground Motions from Digital Acceleration Recordings: A New Era in Engineering Seismology
David M. Boore

4. Observed Ground Motions, Extreme Ground Motions, and Physical Limits to Ground Motions
Thomas C. Hanks, N.A. Abrahamson, M. Board, David M. Boore, J.N. Brune, C.A. Cornell

Part 2. Engineering Uses of Strong Motion Seismograms

5. Raised Drift Demands for Framed Buildings during Near-Field Earthquakes
Polat Gülkan, U. Yazgan

6. Impact of Near-Fault Pulses on Engineering Design
Helmut Krawinkler, Babak Alavi, Farzin Zareian

7. Rapid Assessment of Building Response Using Generalized Interstory Drift Spectra
Eduardo Miranda, Sinan Akkar

8. Influence of Ground Motion Intensity on the Performance of Low- and Mid-Rise Ordinary Concrete Buildings
Sinan Akkar, Haluk Sucuoglu, Ahmet Yakut

Part 3. Arrays and Observations

9. Integrated Surface and Borehole Strong-Motion, Soil-Response Arrays in San Francisco, California
Roger D. Borcherdt, G. Glassmoyer, C. Dietel, R.E. Westerlund

10. Structural Monitoring Arrays — Past, Present and Future
Mehmet Çelebi

11. Development of Strong-Motion Observation Network Constructed by NIED
Shigeo Kinoshita

12. Dense Strong-Motion Array in Yokohama, Japan, and Its Use for Disaster Management
Saburoh Midorikawa

13. The Cosmos Virtual Data Center
Ralph Archuleta, Jamison Steidl, Melinda Squibb

14. Site-Dependent Ground-motion Data Recorded by German Taskforce in Turkey
Jochen Schwarz, Clemens Ende, Dominik H. Lang

15. Observation and Prediction of Strong Ground Motion in China
Tao Xiaxin, Zhou Zhenghua, Zhou Yongnian, Wang Haiyun

16. Strong Motion Instrumentation Programs in Taiwan
Yi-Ben Tsai, Chien-Ping Lee

17. Strong-Motion Data Acquisition, Processing and Utilization with Applications to Istanbul Strong Motion Network
Mustafa. Erdik, Y. Fahjan, E. Durukal


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