Gray, Tim S.

Participation in Fisheries Governance

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Table of contents

1. Theorising about Participatory Fisheries Governance
Tim S Gray

2. What Role for Public Participation in Fisheries Governance?
Clare Coffey

3. Engaging Stakeholder Preferences Through Deliberative Democracy in North Sea Fisheries Governance
Jenny Hatchard

4. The Role of Partnerships in the Governance of Fisheries Within the European Union
Tony Hawkins

5. Regionalisation of Fisheries Governance: An Empty Vessel or a Cornucopia of Opportunity?
David Symes

6. Fisheries Governance, Social Justice and Participatory Decision-Making
Hans-Kristian Hernes, Svein Jentoft, Knut H. Mikalsen

7. Between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Governance: Dutch Beam Trawl Fishermen’s Engagement with Fisheries Management
Rob Ginkel

8. Co-Management at the Eleventh Hour? Participation in the Governance of the New England Groundfish Fishery
Madeleine Hall-Arber

9. Pparticipatory Governance in Inshore Fisheries Co-Management in England and Wales
Paul Knapman

10. A Comparative Analysis of two Forms of Stakeholder Participation in European Aquaculture Governance: Self-regulation and Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Selina M Stead

11. The Role of UK Statutory Nature Conservation Agencies in the Environmental Governance of Fisheries
N Clare Eno, Mark Gray

12. The Role of Environmental NGOs in Fisheries Governance
Euan Dunn

13. The Participatory Role of the Media in Fisheries Governance
Tim Oliver

14. The Role of Marine Science in Participatory Fisheries Governance
Chris Frid

15. Bringing Experiential Knowledge into Fisheries Science Advisory Processes: Lessons Learned from the Canadian Experience of Participatory Governance
Jake Rice

16. Local Ecological Knowledge, Science, Participation and Fisheries Governance in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Complex, Contested and Changing Relationship
Grant Murray, Dean Bavington, Barbara Neis

17. A Comparative Analysis of Three Modes of Collaborative Learning in Fisheries Governance: Hierarchy, Networks and Community
Kelly Vodden, Rosemary Ommer, David Schneider

18. Getting the Scale(s) Right in Ocean Fisheries Management: An Argument for Decentralised, Participatory Governance
James Wilson

19. Scientific Knowledge and Participation in the Governance of Fisheries in the North Sea
Douglas Clyde Wilson, Alyne Elizabeth Delaney

20. Participatory Fisheries Governance — Three Central Themes
Tim S Gray


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