Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa

Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos. Book Three

Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa - Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos. Book Three, ebook


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Table of contents

Section I. Toward Phenomenology of History

1. Phenomenological History and Phenomenological Historiography
Mark E. Blum

2. Phenomenology and the Challenge of History
Kathleen Haney

3. Phenomenology, History and Historicity in Karl Jaspers’ Philosophy
Filiz Peach

4. Does History Have a Purpose?; History Theory of Merleau-Ponty in the Latter Half of the 1940S
Shoichi Matsuba

5. History as the Unveiling of the Telos. the Husserlian Critique of the Wel Tanschauungen
Nicoletta Ghigi

Section II. Time, Consciousness, Historicity

6. Husserl and Bergson on Time and Consciousness
Rafael Winkler

7. The Historicity of Nature
Konrad Rokstad

8. The Enlightenment and Early Romantic Concepts of Nature and the Self
Oliver W. Holmes

9. Inhabited Time: Couperin’ Passacaille
Jessica Wiskus

10. Social Imagination and History in Paul Ricoeur
Mariá Avelina Cecilia Lafuente

11. Anxiety and Time in the Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Heidegger
Marta Figueras I Badia

12. Principle of Historicity in the Phenomenology of Life
Maija Küle

Section III. Time, Alerity and Subjectivity: Reflections on the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas

13. Emmanuel Levinas and the Deformalization of Time
Richard I. Sugarman

14. Emmanuel Levinas: Non-Intentional Consciousness and the Status of Representational Thinking
Roger Duncan

15. The Phenomenology of Time in the Philosophy of Levinas: Temporality and Otherness in the Hebraic Tradition
Shmuel Wygoda

Section IV. Time-Space and the Worlds, External and Internal

16. Lifeworld Between Scientific and Cultural Experience: On “European Crisis”
Andrina Tonkli Komel

17. Time, Space and the Individual Being in the Internal and External Worlds During the Lifecourse
Judith A. Glonek

18. Space Travel: When “Space” is a Metaphor
Richard Webster

19. Phenomenology of Life of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka and Some Issues of Contemporary Georgian Philosophy
Mamuka G. Dolidze

20. The Philosophical Sense is the Mature Sense — Husserl’s Reflection on the Measure of Philosophy
Wlodzimierz Pawliszyn

21. Language, Time and Otherness
Julia Ponzio

22. Virtual Decadence
Martin Holt

Section V. World of Life, Communication and Culture

23. Some Considerations Concerning the Question of Measure in the Phenomenology of Life
Carmen Cozma

24. The Interfacing of Language and World
Erkut SezgiIn

25. De L’idée de la Forme Phénoménologique
Jozef Sivák

26. Husserl and the Crisis of Philosophy
John Murungi

27. Phenomenological Hermeneutics of Intermediacy and the Constitution of Intercultural Sense
Dean Komel

28. Arendt’s Revision of Praxis: On Plurality and Narrative Experience
William D. Melaney

29. Phenomenology in Mongolia
Danzankhorloo Dashpurev

30. Phenomenology of Lifelong Learning
Kiymet Selvi

31. From the Station to the Lyceum
Matti Itkonen


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