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EQ-5D concepts and methods: A developmental history

EQ-5D concepts and methods: A developmental history


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Table of contents

1. The EuroQol Instrument
Alan Williams

2. The descriptive system of the EuroQol Instrument
Claire Gudex

3. The number of levels in the descriptive system
Heleen Agt, Gouke Bonsel

4. First steps to assessing semantic equivalence of the EuroQol Instrument: Results of a questionnaire survey to members of the EuroQol Group
Julia Fox-Rushby

5. Comparing general health related quality of life (HRQoL) questionnaires; EuroQol, Sickness Impact Profile and Rosser Index
Stefan Björk, Ulf Persson

6. Influence of self-rated health and related variables on EuroQol-valuation of health states in a Spanish population
Xavier Badia, Esteve Fernandez, Andreu Segura

7. Observations on one hundred students filling in the EuroQol questionnaire
Jan Busschbach, Dick Hessing, Frank Charro

8. Eliciting EuroQol descriptive data and utility scale values from inpatients
Caroline Selai, Rachel Rosser

9. Test-retest reliability of health state valuations collected with the EuroQol questionnaire
Heleen Agt, Marie-Louise Essink-Bot, Paul Krabbe, Gouke Bonsel

10. Hypothetical valuations of health states versus patients’ self-ratings
Erik Nord, Xavier Badia, Montserrat Rue, Harri Sintonen

11. Inconsistency and health state valuations
Paul Dolan, Paul Kind

12. Issues in the harmonisation of valuation and modeling
Paul Krabbe, Frank Charro, Marie-Louise Essink-Bot

13. Estimating a parametric relation between health description and health valuation using the EuroQol Instrument
Ben Hout, Joseph McDonnell

14. Some considerations concerning negative values for EQ-5D health states
Frank Charro, Jan Busschbach, Marie-Louise Essink-Bot, Ben Hout, Paul Krabbe

15. Health states considered worse than ‘being dead’
Stefan Björk, Rikard Althin

16. The effect of duration on the values given to the EuroQol states
Arto Ohinmaa, Harri Sintonen

17. Applying paired comparisons models to EQ-5D valuations - deriving TTO utilities from ordinal preference data
Paul Kind

18. The use and usefulness of the EuroQol EQ-5D: Preliminary results from an international survey
Rosalind Rabin, Paul Kind, Frank Charro

19. Not a quick fix
Martin Buxton

20. Postscript
Alan Williams


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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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